Predestined Relationship with Heaven: The Long and Arduous Journey

Xiao Lian

PureInsight | February 16, 2009

[] Author’s Note: This is a story in which, after experiencing a long and arduous journey, a being was finally able to practice Falun Dafa. This is an adventure that may be hard to believe, yet, it is true and much can learned from it.

In a realm that is very distant from us, the understanding of life and matter are extremely different from that of ours.

This story happened over a time period that is beyond the description of time in our human world.

After this realm was created, it experienced a countless number of calamities. However, there was a long lasting prophecy—that the most original god left a large green jade the size of an adult’s foot to those later generations with high inborn quality. He warned that when a large-scale degeneration occurred in the future, the jade would appear. At that time, he would go with the being who obtained the jade to find a god that could fundamentally resolve the calamity—a god with a symbol of a wheel.

This prophecy lasted a very long time.

All gods within this realm were wondering about this. Some of them looked for this jade everywhere, but failed to find it. After a very long time and countless number of calamities, the jade still did not appear. Therefore, many gods thought this was just a story.

Later, a queen appeared. She was different from a Buddha or Bodhisattva, yet also different from ordinary beings. She had a similar role as the Jade Emperor that we are familiar with.

At that time, further degeneration occurred and this queen became very worried. She often called on many gods to discuss how to resolve this, but none of them had a good solution. One day, when she was thinking about this, a palace guard suggested for her to relax. Therefore, she took a heavenly vehicle to a very beautiful place. There, a river flowed and the water appeared green. Not far away was a pond with about a dozen birds like mandarin ducks swimming in it. Inside the pond were some tall and straight trees that also appeared green. Everything appeared peaceful. By the river, there was a well with a colored glaze and a transparent cover. The queen felt thirsty, so she climbed down from the heavenly vehicle and approached the well. She heard some beautiful music coming from the well, including a sound like a baby crying. She looked curiously inside the well discovering many palaces covered by clear water. Many fairies were dancing and they were playing their wonderful music. The queen being thirsty wanted to get some water using her supernormal abilities. As soon as she placed her hand in the well, something jumped up and landed in her hand. Then the sound like a baby crying disappeared.

Without hesitation, the queen withdrew from the well and examined what was in her hand. It was the size of an adult’s foot, flawless with a glowing green color. She examined it carefully and realized what had been prophesized in the legend had now appeared!

She knew this was very important. Wasting no time with drinking water, she took the heavenly vehicle and returned to the palace. Then she called on all of the gods to convene. After all the gods had arrived, she took out the jade and said seriously, “It seems that the long-lasting prophecy has now been fulfilled. Now it is time for us to find a way at last to solve the problems of our realm. We need to send someone to journey with this jade and find the god with the symbol of the wheel—relying on his compassion to save us. This is very critical, as all beings within our realm will be saved, including the most original god who created this level, if we are successful. Who can undertake such a journey?”

All of the gods fell silent. All of them knew that it was a very painful journey to leave this realm and the suffering was beyond one’s imagination. Then one god said to the queen, “Since you have obtained the jade, you are the best candidate. Please do not refuse.” Upon hearing this, the other gods also agreed. After pondering over this, the queen replied, “All right.”

Then the queen stood up and bowed three times to heaven and to all beings. She said, “As a queen, I am leaving here to look for the god—the only one who can truly save us., I will forever remember my vow!” By then, all of the beings were in tears. The queen was also in tears, and the tears became two rivers flowing under the palace.

She thus began her long and arduous journey with the jade.

The universe was boundless with countless different levels, different colossal firmaments, and different levels of beings. Where would she search?

At various levels, she was a god, Buddha, sentient being, heavenly beast, etc. In short, she embodied different manifestations. Her suffering was beyond description. However, no matter how much she suffered, she never forgot her solemn vow, as countless gods were waiting and it was also the hope for so many sentient beings. No matter how difficult it was, she had to find the only god who could truly save those sentient beings.

At various levels in the universe, there were different tribulations. At some levels she heard that the King of Kings would save the sentient beings in the universe. At other levels it was said that Maitreya would come to save sentient beings. She did not know that all of these referred to one and the same god —all the while looking for the one with a symbol of the wheel. Because of this, her journey was long.

Once, when feeling tired from her journey, she took out the jade, looked at it carefully and thought to herself, “Jade, where can I find this god?” Suddenly, she discovered that the jade had a different shape. When looking more closely she had found that the jade had become a sword that could be pulled out from its sheath. When pulling it out from the sheath, she saw several words on the sword, “The predestined journey is close to completion and I will be no longer needed.” To her surprise, the jade then returned to its original shape. It then suddenly flew toward a mountain and embedded itself in a giant rock, rendering itself unmovable. Initially, the queen was saddened, but then she realized that since “the predestined journey is close to completion,” it meant that she would be able to find the god soon.

She steadfastly continued her search through various realms.

Later, when almost losing hope to continue her search, she found me. I told her that I had once met this god and signed a contract to descend to the human world to cultivate as a Dafa disciple. So she decided to descend together with me. In this process, we met Master. At present, this queen has learned the truth, has begun to practice Falun Dafa, and is doing the things that she is supposed to do. After telling her the above story, we both cried.

Dear fellow practitioners, let us all cherish this unprecedented predestined relationship. Here, I would like to share a poem from Master (“To all Dafa disciples around the world and in mainland China, a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!”) to conclude this article:

     A Will That Ebbs Not
      (in Song Dynasty poetic form)

     Surpassing time and space,
          Fa-rectification dashes forward
     Massive is the challenge,
           but your will is firm
      Unbridled are the wicked,
           yet you keep your bearings
      Purging evil as if but whisking dust away

     My disciples,
          walk straight the path of Dafa
      May your radiance grace the human world,
           as you transcend the Three Realms
      Disciples of Fa,
           be diligent, with a will that ebbs not
      The countless years of hardship were all for this time

     Li Hongzhi
     Mid-Autumn Festival
      September 18, 2005

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