Clarify the Truth to Save Sentient Beings

A Chinese Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | March 17, 2009

Experience sharing at the 2009 Los Angeles Fa Conference


Greetings Master,
Greetings fellow practitioners:

I am a veteran practitioner who obtained Dafa in 1996. At the beginning, I didn’t study the Fa well and I didn’t understand the purpose of Fa study. I just thought that as long as I could improve my health then I’ll continue to study. But 10 years ago I was listening to Master’s Fa teaching here in L.A. at the Western U.S. Experience Sharing Conference, and it felt very familiar to me, like it was a dream. Master said in an answer to one of the questions: “There is one point to make: As long as you continue cultivating, and this includes those who’ve obtained the Fa, I don’t want to leave any one person behind. I will definitely find ways to have you return to where you were created.”

After that Fahui, I felt I had become another person. I knew Master had removed a lot of bad stuff that had kept me from being diligent, and I became very diligent ever since. I would recite “Lunyu” when I was walking or riding a bus. I would make the best use of my time, and I understood that the goal of Fa study is to return to one’s truth self. My responsibility was to save sentient beings, and to do the three things well.

Master said: “Clarifying the truth is what we need to do at this time. Do it on a large scale, do it with all the wisdom that you can, and as long as something can save the people, go do it. It doesn't matter if what you do is expose the evil, or if you use all sorts of approaches, be they direct, indirect, or from different angles—as long as you can have people recognize this persecution, you are saving them, and you are extraordinary.” (“Fa-Lecture at the Conference in Florida, U.S.A.”)

To validate the Fa and save sentient beings, I came out to clarify the truth when the persecution started. I don’t have many skills in ordinary society. Over the past ten years, I just held peaceful protests in front of the Chinese consulate and clarified the truth to save sentient beings. I would also clarify the truth to the Chinese tourists on the street. My experience is that it’s very important to create a righteous environment. The following is my experience of clarifying the truth in front of a restaurant for many years.

Because fellow practitioners and I have been distributing truth clarification materials to people from mainland China for a long time in front of this restaurant, the environment has been rectified and a lot of sentient beings have changed.

At the beginning, we placed a newspaper stand in front of the restaurant. Tourists from mainland China could take the Epoch Times and the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party any time they wanted, and it was very effective. However, most of the tour guides are controlled by the Chinese consulate. So they threatened the restaurant owner: “If you allow the Epoch Times newspaper stand, we will not bring people to eat here.” For business sake, the owner was forced to put the newspaper stand further away. So we just stood at the new spot to continue distributing the materials.

We silently sent forth righteous thoughts to clean up the interference in other dimensions. We used kindness and compassion to clean up the field and embraced everything with a smile. We cleaned up the nearby trash whenever we could, and the people saw it. Over a long time, our compassion and righteous behavior changed the ordinary people and the restaurant waiters often came out to take our flyers to learn the truth.

One waiter was very interested in the retribution stories I told him. During one period of time, almost everyday I would tell him a story that I read from Later, I gave him a book of cultivation stories. He was very happy. One day, he walked with me all the way into the restaurant lot, and started to shout: “Falun Dafa Hao (Falun Dafa is good).” I walked to him and said: “Good! Good! You’re blessed!” He said: “I don’t know why, as soon as I saw you I wanted to call ‘Falun Dafa Hao.’”

There are quite a few waiters. In the beginning, whenever I asked them to quit the CCP, they got scared and ran away. Recently, I was waiting for the tourists at the curb, and within 15 minutes three waiters came in turn and sat beside me to chat. Those who needed to quit the CCP eventually did it.

One day it was raining, and I carried the newspapers to the restaurant under an umbrella. A waiter told me: “At 6:30 [tonight], there will be three tourist groups. You sit here and take a rest. I’ll go back to work.” I was very touched because he waited at the door to tell me this and provided me with an environment to clarify the truth. One day, a waitress came out and said: “I want to learn Falun Gong. Could you help me find an exercise instruction tape?” I told her I’d bring her a DVD between 6:30pm and 7pm the day after tomorrow. That day, I arrived at 6:45pm as I had some other matters to take care of. She was very happy when she got the DVD. She told me she had come out to look for me three times. I told her: “You should learn the exercises at our practice site and buy the book Zhuan Falun at the World Journal Book Store.” She said: “I will.” I looked at her and thought: “Another sentient being is saved.” Half of the employees of this restaurant have righteous thoughts, and they have played a positive role in our truth clarifying. Our kindness and our truly thinking of them enlightened their Buddha nature.

In order to clarify the truth to the Chinese tourists, changing the attitude of the tour guide is very important. Oftentimes, if the tour guide says something bad, the tourists will return the flyers they took. So, whenever we see the tour guides, we try our best to make conversation with them, say hello and good luck on their trip. Because it’s been a long time, they have gradually felt we are good people and they stopped saying negative words. Some have even helped us.

One time, I was standing in front of the restaurant. The tour guide had gone in and most of the tourists would not take our materials. Then the guide came back and said: “Give me some newspapers. I’ll help you distribute them.” I saw her giving the paper to the tourists and came out to thank her. I said: “Thank you! Your business will be better. Those fellow Chinese people will have a better future after reading the newspaper.” She replied: “I see you work hard. It’s easier if I gave it to them.” Another tour guide often comes to my stand and takes newspapers—two copies of each kind. He will leave the paper in the bus and let the tourists take them by themselves.

When the environment is rectified, it’s easier for the tourists to take our materials. During the Chinese New Year, there are more tourists. They are very willing to read the Nine Commentaries and tell each other that this is from Falun Gong—meaning to take it quickly. Even if the group is composed of Chinese officials, they may decline our papers for many reasons but they would thank us without saying anything negative.

In “Lecture to Australia Practitioners,” Master said: “In Master’s mind, practitioners who have been distributing flyers in front of the Chinese consulates and on the streets for a long time are remarkable.” These words encouraged me to do better.

Thank you, Master! Thank you fellow practitioners!


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