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A Falun Dafa practitioner from Vietnam

PureInsight | March 19, 2009

Experience sharing at the 2009 Los Angeles Fa Conference


To Respected Master and every practitioner in the conference,

This is a sharing written by a practitioner living in Vietnam. Since this article is rather long as originally written and we only have a limited time, I have summarized it and would like to share it with you in today’s conference.

I never thought that I would be a translator or writer of articles as I am a mathematician—used to solving problems with logic. I enjoy reading, learning and research.

I consider myself rather “successful” having a nice family and lovely children. My wife and I both have professional jobs and make a good living. However, it seems to me that being born into this world is not only just for seeking material things and with all of the things that I have done in my life, none have given me lasting satisfaction. My family, friends, relatives, career, money…that is, all that I have dreamed and strived for, have only lead to other worries and sadness. So, I began searching in the scriptures of Buddhism and cultivation, especially meditation. I read many books and learned many things, but could not get rid of my greed, displeasure, desire, ego, etc. My ears, eyes, nose, mouth, body and mind still belonged to that of an everyday person. I became very disappointed, but did not give up. I held the thought in my mind that I wanted to cultivate myself, and to find a practice to truly cultivate diligently and successfully.

A few days after, I went to work in the afternoon and received a Falun Dafa flyer. I took the flyer and put it in my pocket. After work, I read the information, went to, and read Zhuan Falun (English version) for the remainder of that day. I also contacted the local coordinator and began learning the exercises that same week.

I read Zhuan Falun for the first time with so many tears; I felt compassion for myself, for others and for all human lives that run around in circles and are sunken in the sea of delusion and hopelessness. Since then, everyday I went to the and websites to learn more about the sharings and experiences in the cultivation path of other Falun Dafa practitioners. I have been trying to write since then, because I want to share what I have come to know and have learned and observed while cultivating myself.

Dafa is so precious and I am so fortunate to have attained it, but many others don’t have the opportunity to know of Dafa, especially Vietnamese who cannot read Chinese or English. I feel very compassionate toward them and am determined to translate the Fa into Vietnamese for them to read and attain Dafa. Many times when I read a very good article, translated it into Vietnamese, and then when reading it again, I did not like it and thus erased it. Another time, I translated an article word for word, then reread and also erased it. Yet, now I regret my actions because many articles were so good and very valuable.

Every time when I go to to read, I become immersed in it. Every article seems to have its own power and within every sharing there seems to be another world as if I am living in that moment with another person of my own being. It seems that I am clearing out the impure things of everyday life.

I really want to live in every article that I read and translate; many times the feelings are so strong that my shoulders tremble because I admire the young, poor cultivators in China who save every penny to buy supplies to print truth-clarification materials. Many of them would rather be expelled from school than to have Dafa defamed, and many have become orphans because their parents have sacrificed their lives for Dafa. They certainly didn’t lose their human dignity just over the shortage of food, clothing, and shelter. I admire many brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers who take life lightly for “Zhen-Shan-Ren,” taking suffering lightly, and even forget about their own lives for the sake of others. So many knew what was waiting for them when they traveled to Beijing to explain about Falun Gong; when they cried out “Falun Dafa Hao” in the middle of the courtyard for the national anthem whilst detained in the forced labor camp; when they interrupted the broadcast of the “People’s Trial” on Chinese television with the documentary of Falun Gong; when they worked on the Internet in China to download articles from to print as truth-clarification materials; when they printed such materials in so many locations, when they clarified the truth to others directly, and when they sent the articles from China to so we could all have the opportunity to read of their experiences. How many precious lives have fallen? How much blood has been shed? How many people have become disabled? How many children have become orphaned? How many people have been jailed? Why did they do all of these things? All are for defending and protecting Dafa. I look at myself, feeling so small, meaningless and so selfish.

I continue to read and translate articles for my fellow countrymen so they can understand another practitioner’s experience sharing. This task is so meaningful. Some people might say “that those articles posted on are only for cultivators like us,” or “why should we read them as we only need to read the lectures from Master.” The Fa is immense and all-encompassing. Reading the experience sharings from other cultivators can help us cultivate ourselves more diligently, understand the Fa better, and help us all keep up with the pace of Fa-Rectification.

Our journey of cultivation is still long. I hope we all can cultivate diligently and make further progress together. Our benevolent Master is waiting for us from the other side of the shore.

Thank you Teacher. Thank you my fellow practitioners.



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