My First Experience Sharing

A Five Year-old Practitioner from Ontario, Canada

PureInsight | June 19, 2009

Experience Sharing from the 2009 Canada Fa Conference

[] Hello, my name is Lilly and I’m five years old. I have been studying the Fa and doing the exercises for as long as I can remember. When I was in my Mommy’s belly, my parents would study the Fa out loud in case I could hear them.

When I was three months old, I was fortunate enough to meet our Great Teacher. He smiled at me and patted my belly. Mommy thinks maybe he was installing Falun for me.

When I was almost three years old, my Dad accidently pulled my arm when he went to pick me up. Suddenly, it really hurt so I screamed loudly and started to cry. I couldn’t move my arm and when he went to touch it, I screamed even louder. It was a big test for my family because my parents were not sure whether they should keep me at home or bring me to the hospital because our family and friends would find it hard to understand. We decided to study the Fa together at home. While we were reading, I told Mom and Dad that I’m a practitioner. After reading together for quite a while, I started to use my arm when I reached for a snack. I suddenly realized that it didn’t hurt anymore so I said, “Teacher fixed my arm! It doesn’t hurt anymore!” It felt like it was broken before, but just after reading and sharing it all went away.

I have a younger brother and sister. Every night before bed my parents do the exercises with us and read the book with us. I often ask to read and exercise more than what we have time for. Even if we have read for an hour I still want to read more. I know that doing the exercises is better for me than sleeping, so sometimes I do more after my parents put me to bed. When we read together, I often have a lot of questions because there are a lot of words that I don’t know yet. My Mom says that she likes to read with me because it helps her to take in the Fa better when she has to explain things to me. Every night after we read and exercise together, my parents turn on a CD player in each of the children’s rooms so that we can each listen to a lecture as we go to sleep. I like to listen to Teacher at nighttime.

Almost every day when I come home from school, the first thing I do is tell my parents what I could have done better at school that day. Sometimes I don’t like it if someone had not been nice to me, or if they did something wrong, it would bother me and I would feel like I had to point it out to them. But after studying the Fa and talking with Mommy and Daddy I realized that those are tests! So the other day when I invited a friend to play and he answered with a mean voice telling me he was going home, I didn’t say anything. I went to my Mom and told her that I thought that was a test so I didn’t say anything even though he wasn’t nice. I thought that maybe he just didn’t have a good sleep.

Recently, my schoolteacher sent home a small box in my school bag with a note asking me to put something in it to bring to school to share with my class. I wanted to bring a toy and a Falun Dafa bookmark with a lotus flower attached to it, but my Mom told me that I could choose only one item. I said, “I will bring the bookmark because it’s more important.” I practiced what I wanted to say to the class ahead of time. At the “show-and-tell” presentation, I told them that Falun Dafa makes you healthy and it teaches you to be good. I also told them that there was a girl on the bookmark. Everyone in the class got to look at my Falun Dafa bookmark and the lotus flower hanging from it.

I really wanted to hand out fliers to people, but when I had the chance I got shy and didn’t do it. I will try to not get shy next time.

I help my parents to clarify the truth. My parents work on a music project together, and when they forget to give the music to a visitor who comes to the house, I remind my parents to give them a copy of the CD.

I also try to be a good girl and help my parents around the house. I help to make my bed, set the table for dinner, and do laundry and gardening. Mommy and Daddy say that it’s important that I learn to take care of myself and help the family.

I can recognize that I have some attachments. I’m attached to my brother and sister and my parents and to dessert. I’m trying to let go of my attachment to dessert. I try not to get excited about eating it and not think about it and maybe not eat it at all when its in front of me.

Recently, while riding my bike with my sister, I said, “I’m faster than you.” Then I realized that I was showing off and that I shouldn’t say that.

I think I could send forth righteous thoughts better. I don’t do it enough and can’t stop playing sometimes. I’m pretty good at the group practice and can focus, but at home I want to play, so sometimes I don’t like to stop what I’m doing. Because I haven’t done it much, I feel like I can’t do it well. But that’s kind of being lazy. I’m trying to do better with sending righteous thoughts now.

Sometimes I get mad when Mommy and Daddy don’t let me have what I want. I am trying to not do that anymore.

I just joined the Chinese Dance class with all of the other little disciple children. I had to give up a gymnastics class (which I loved so much) to join the Chinese Dance class, but I knew that the dance class was important so I didn’t complain and was happy to do it. We have to drive an hour to get to the class, and I’m the only westerner in the class but I really like going. Maybe I will get to learn some Chinese because the teacher and the kids speak in Chinese a lot. I hope that some day I can dance to clarify the truth.

I’m so happy to give my first experience sharing.

Thank you Teacher. Thank you everyone.

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