Step Forward From Humanness: Do the “Three Things” Well

A Dafa practitioner from China now living in Montreal

PureInsight | June 29, 2009

Experience sharing from the 2009 Canada Fa Conference

[] Greetings venerable Master! Greetings fellow practitioners!

I am from Montreal. After cultivating Dafa for more than 10 years in a rough ocean, I still feel that I have very low enlightenment quality and that Master has given me much benevolent care. Before, I had a notion that the sharing papers for a Fahui should always be written by those who have been doing the “three things” well. I once tried to write a paper for a local Fahui, but it was not accepted. Therefore, I was not confident about writing another. After sharing with some fellow practitioners recently, I enlightened to the fact that not writing sharing papers is an attachment to self and that the thought is related to the desire to only validate oneself. As this attachment was found, I decided to let it go. I thought that as long as I have a righteous heart and write my paper while looking inward, the process would be a good opportunity to improve myself. This is how my sharing came about.

1. Stepping Forward from Humanness

I obtained the Fa in 1998. After less than one year of not-so-solid personal cultivation, the persecution of Falun Dafa started. As I did not study the Fa sufficiently and I had the attachment of fear, I did not know what to do. Deep inside, I knew that Dafa was really good and I admired those practitioners who were able to go to Beijing to validate Dafa. However, I could not step forward. I was like that for about one year and behaved almost the same as an ordinary person. My knowing side was worried because I realized that this was almost like losing the chance to be tested. After Master’s poem, “The Knowing Heart” was published, I understood and participated in truth-clarification. However, my attachments were taken advantage of by the old forces, and I was kidnapped by the evil police a couple of times. I was detained for almost two years, and it was Master who went through everything for me. With my belief firmly rooted in Dafa, I recited Hong Yin and sent forth righteous thoughts intensively. “Remove your human thoughts and evil will naturally die out” (“Don't Be Sad,” Hong Yin II). I was then able to leave the detention center. I thought I did well at that time. In fact, I followed the old force’s arrangements, as I did not fundamentally negate the old forces. I did not do well, especially with regard to doing truth-clarification. At that time, I was so afraid of being watched by the evil and of the possibly of being detained by the evil that I feared for my family and for the tribulations they might encounter. With so many ordinary mentalities, I could not behave in an upright and dignified manner. I then contacted the Canadian Embassy in China, and I escaped from China in 2005.

With my arrival in Canada, my environment changed so much. However, as a new comer, I had to focus on how to make a living. Meanwhile, my family did not understand cultivation during the Fa-rectification period. They believed it was more important for me to work and make a stable living. I knew this to be a test for me, and I made it really clear to my family that Dafa always comes first. There is no such thing as choosing between Dafa and family. Only the Fa can rectify everything and only the Fa can harmonize everything. Without the Fa, nothing would exist. Whether one can live happily or not is not decided by humans, it is up to the Fa. During that time, I encountered many xinxing tests. They actually have their knowing sides as well, especially since they had witnessed the persecution I had gone through and knew nothing could stop me from cultivating. As a cultivator, it is my responsibility to step forward and expose the evil. I should use my experiences as real examples to speak out. Many ordinary people have a hard time believing what is happening in China, such as organ harvesting. Bearing this in mind, I was able to break through and attend a few hearings and use my own experience to clarify the truth.

Of course, when I deal with my family members who do not cultivate, I need to try my best to do well. I have to protect them from getting false information. For instance, I arranged for them to get information from a good source, such as NTDTV. I also try to let them know as early as possible when I need to participate in various Fa-rectification events and try to help arrange housework ahead of time. Gradually, my family was able to understand and support me more. Sometimes they helped clarify the truth to ordinary people. I enlightened that as long as our hearts are righteous, Master will help with everything. This is just like what Master said in Zhuan Falun: “The Buddha-light illuminates everywhere and rectifies all abnormalities.”

2. Fa Study and Exercises are Essential to Fa-Rectification

When I was held in the evil detention centre, I saw that some practitioners were able to recite Zhuan Falun. I admired them so much and hoped I could do the same some day. However, after I was out and came to Canada, the attachment to comfort often surfaced. Not only could I not recite the Fa, but I could not even read one chapter of Fa everyday. I realized that this was very dangerous. I remember that before I was persecuted, I could not keep up with doing the exercises and reading the Fa. I ate a lot and slept a lot, and as a result, gained some weight. Whenever I read the Fa, I felt so sleepy. For a certain period of time, I could not even finish one chapter within two weeks. I tried to listen to the Fa using an MP3 player but I would easily lose focus and become absent-minded. With this unrighteous state, it was very likely that the evil would take advantage of my loopholes. This was my lesson. Dafa disciples’ righteous thoughts only come with good Fa study. If we really melt into the Fa, the old forces will not find any excuse to persecute us.

Although the situation is not as harsh as in Mainland China, the old forces are still waiting for any possibility to take advantage of our shortcomings. They not only interfere with our doing the “three things,” but they will also try to pull us down. Human society is a big dye vat; it is not easy to cultivate in such a dimension. Cultivators can become lost in human society as well. Instead of trying one’s best to adapt to the situation of everyday people, one could find oneself totally following the situation of everyday people. In my view, the only way to avoid this is to study the Fa diligently. I found I could not even finish one chapter after studying for two hours at home. Group study seems to be very beneficial and effective. However, we only had group study once a week in Montreal. A few practitioners who live close to my home had similar concerns and decided to form a small-scale group study. A practitioner invited us to her living room. The practitioners even kept changing the group study time to accommodate my schedule. That helped me a great deal. After a few months, I found it was really good. For our small group, the quality of Fa study improved. We all felt uplifted and had stronger righteous thoughts. We even found we became more efficient when doing ordinary work. We truly experienced the immense compassion of the Buddha Fa.

3. Clarify the Truth Continuously

We all know that after July 20, 1999, evil lies were spread throughout Mainland China. In order to clarify the truth to ordinary people, Dafa disciples had to let go of the attachment to life and death. It is overseas practitioners’ responsibility to work hard and help Mainland Chinese practitioners save sentient beings. Chinese people have been badly poisoned by evil communism, so I tried to do whatever I was able to. I participated in the big-scale email team, as well as the “little helper” phone call team. On weekends, I tried to go to Chinatown to help at the “Quitting the CCP Centre” there. Although I have not done enough, I have kept it up in order to fulfill my vow.

I understand that the Epoch Times is a great weapon for clarifying the truth. For instance, when the Flushing, New York incident took place last year, with the evil communist party’s media misleading people, some students in my school also tried to defame Falun Dafa. They told me that they would never read the Epoch Times. I wasn’t moved by them; instead, I sent forth righteous thoughts intensively. I took the chance to tell them that the Epoch Times has published the fact that everything was plotted by the Chinese Embassy. I also mentioned that I was one of those who donated for the Sichuan earthquake. The next day, I saw that these Chinese students did not hate me anymore. I suppose they read the Epoch Times and learned the truth.

I also realized how important it is to maintain righteous thoughts and righteous actions when participating in Epoch Times work. In my understanding, the layout and editing are the most crucial parts. The Epoch Times is an international newspaper and it requires professionalism. Furthermore, most of the practitioners are doing this as volunteers. Under very difficult circumstances, it has developed very well and we really have to cherish it. On the other hand, with the old forces’ interference, it is always very difficult to sell advertisements. A few times, we lost customers because of mistakes I made on the layout. I felt deep regret. In recent years, as my cultivation has improved, I have found that I have made fewer and fewer mistakes. In order to continue to do quality layout work, I have to make sure I have a very righteous mind. During down time between different work phases, I use the time to study the Fa or do the exercises. Every time I finish the layout, it is always very late and I need to go to school the next day. With a righteous state of mind, I can handle all of these things very well. It is really my honor to be able to take part in projects that validate Dafa. It is Master’s compassion that gives me the opportunity to help save sentient beings.

Thank you Master!
Thank you fellow practitioners!

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