Some of My Experiences While Clarifying the Truth and Suggesting People Quit the CCP

A Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | July 24, 2009

Experience sharing from the 2009 Canada Fa Conference

[] Hello Master! Hello fellow practitioners!

1. When I am motivated to clarify the truth, opportunities will be provided by Master

Missing the streetcar

Last summer I bought a lot of stuff in east Chinatown, and I rushed to catch the streetcar as soon as I saw it coming. Unfortunately, I missed it and was dejected because I needed to go home and make phone calls to China to clarify the truth. At the same time, I saw a breathless young man who carried a big package and had also missed the streetcar. We looked at each other with a smile. I went straight to the point and asked him, ”Have you quit the CCP?” He didn’t understand, so I told him why he should quit the CCP and the truth about Dafa. After I had said that, he asked me surprised, “You are a Falun Gong practitioner?” I said, “Yeah!” He asked, “Why do Falun Gong practitioners disembowel themselves and commit self-immolation?” I thought it was good that he asked questions, so I thoroughly clarified the truth to him. After he understood, he quit the Youth League and Young Pioneers with pleasure. He also said that although he missed the streetcar, it was well worth it to have learned the truth.

A Christian friend

I know a young Christian man who lives in Dragon City, and one year ago I helped him to quit the CCP. One day he was chatting with some of his friends, and I went up to greet them and suggested that they quit the CCP. His friend, Mr. A said: “I only believe in one God.” Another friend, Mr. B said: “Quitting the CCP is none of my business.” I told them about the evil nature of the CCP and the harm it has caused by its vicious promises and about the mark of the beast. I pointed to the young man and said: “He quit long time ago. You should quit, too!” The young man also helped me to persuade them. Soon those two people agreed to quit. I also told them to bring to me their friends who had not yet quit the CCP and let me tell them the truth. They agreed with pleasure.

The owner of a laundry

One day in Chinatown, I suggested to three young men that they quit the CCP. Two quit, but the third said that he was not afraid of death and refused. I tried to move him with emotion, but he didn’t respond. Suddenly, he pointed ahead and said: “My master is coming. If he asks me to quit, I’ll quit.” It so happened that this young man’s master was the owner of the laundry, who had listened to me and knew the truth, and had a very positive view of Dafa. He understood the reason for quitting the CCP. So I said: “Young man, it's a deal.” Finally, the laundry owner said to the young man: “You should listen to my sister. She is correct!” So this playful young man quit as well.

I have experienced many such examples. I met high level intellectuals who only believe in science instead of God, and whom I got to know because they are from the same village as me. I also met people who sold vegetables and who listened to the truth when I bought things from them. I tried to get close to them and they finally quit. Some people not only quit, but also became friends of mine, and introduced me to their fellow villagers during a party, thus giving me an opportunity to tell them the truth about Dafa and the greatness of Dafa.

2. Changing the topic wisely

A practitioner once met a lady who was walking her dog and suggested that she quit the CCP, but failed to convince her. He wanted me to give it a try. I started to talk to her about having dogs, and when I talked about funny stories involving dogs, the lady laughed and asked me whether I still had dogs. I told her that after I began to practice I stopped keeping dogs because keeping dogs could cause attachments. I also told her the story about the cultivator who reincarnated into a deer because of his attachment to a deer. After she heard that she said: “I don’t want to be a dog. I’d better stop keeping dogs.” I told her to just treat every living being kindly. Then I changed the topic and told her the truth about Falun Gong and also about quitting the CCP. Finally, the lady accepted the truth and quit the Young Pioneers.

3. Cooperation and righteous thoughts when clarifying the truth and suggesting quitting the CCP

The righteous thoughts of a fellow practitioner are effective

One morning in January, a fellow practitioner and I were clarifying the truth in Dragon City. There was a man in front of an ATM, and I walked up to him and told him the truth. As soon as I began to speak, he got angry and yelled at me: “I’m a simple man and I don’t know much, but I know that the CCP’s satellite has been sent into space. That is science, and I believe in science, you’re a traitor…” He got angrier as he yelled. I told him that the true traitor is Jiang Zemin. Gradually, the anger disappeared from his face and was replaced by a smile. As I kept on talking, he even began to ask questions. I answered his questions, and finally he quit the Young Pioneers using a nick-name. At that time, I was a little bit confused about why he had changed so fast. It turned out that next to us was a fellow practitioner who was sending forth righteous thoughts. Looking back on these successful instances of persuading people to quit the CCP, I realized that fellow practitioners have helped a lot by sending forth righteous thoughts when I was clarifying the truth. It is essential that fellow practitioners cooperate with each other.

Finding deficiencies and cultivating righteous thoughts

Sometimes when I cooperate with other people, I am lacking righteous thoughts. On the 29th of last month, it was a Sunday, and I was clarifying the truth in Chinatown together with a few fellow practitioners. One of them explained the truth to three Chinese people. Unfortunately, one middle-aged man scolded him using malicious words, and then an elderly man began to scold him, too. I got very angry upon hearing this, and said in my heart “shut up” three times. But they did not stop and got even worse.

The scolded practitioner had neither anger nor hatred, but I was angry and was not able to send forth righteous thoughts. Finally, they stopped because the practitioner kept on telling the truth to them. My righteous thoughts had been very effective before, but why didn’t they work this time? I looked within and found that my attitude was not right. I was distracted by average people, and my mind was not pure and calm, and that was the reason why my righteous thoughts did not work.

No matter what kind of bad-mannered people this fellow practitioner meets, he continues to tell the truth and persuade these people to quit the CCP. On the other hand, when I tell the truth to someone, and that person glares at me or waves me away, I’d rather not look at him again, let alone tell him the truth. I found this gap between me and that fellow practitioner, and that I lack forbearance and benevolence. If I can do like that practitioner and never be distracted by bad words or bad people, but reclaim them with compassion, tell them the truth with patience, and suggest they quit the CCP unremittingly, then things that seem hopeless will turn around, and more people will awaken their conscience and let themselves be saved.

The above are my limited experiences in cultivation. Please give suggestions with compassion.



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