Assimilating to Dafa and Saving Sentient Beings in the Process of Selling Tickets for Shen Yun Performing Arts in Ottawa

A Dafa practitioner from Ottawa

PureInsight | August 12, 2009

Experience Sharing from the 2009 Canada Fa Conference

[] Greetings Revered Master, Greetings fellow practitioners!

From one show with 2,200 seats in 2007 to two shows with 4,400 seats in 2008 and four shows with 8,800 seats in 2009, Shen Yun Performing Arts (formerly known as Divine Performing Arts) has put on shows in Ottawa for three years. Every filled seat equates to a sentient being saved by Dafa. For the past few years, practitioners in Ottawa have taken selling tickets as an important way to save sentient beings.

Master said in “Teaching the Fa at the 2007 New York Fa Conference:”

At every show put on by Divine Performing Arts, there were many audience members who shed tears throughout, with many more having to constantly wipe tears from their eyes. Every show was like that. People were deeply stirred and moved. In this dimension it was young people who were performing, while in other dimensions, many of my Law Bodies and many divine beings were doing so. The strength of the impact on people, as with the changes it caused in them, were very similar to what happened back when I personally taught the Fa early on. So it has effected tremendous changes in people.

Ottawa is one of the cities that hosts Shen Yun Performing Arts shows. Therefore, local practitioners have regarded bringing people to the theatre to watch the show and be saved by Dafa as their responsibility in validating Dafa and offering salvation to sentient beings.

Every year, in late August or early September, the new school semester starts and people on holiday return to their busy work schedules. At this time, supermarkets, department stores and shopping centers become busy again. As one of our selling strategies, we started to sell tickets to the public on September 5, 2008.

In order for more people in Ottawa to know about Shen Yun, local practitioners began to promote the show to the public through the media starting in early September. To keep up with the pace of media promotion, almost all practitioners were assigned to sell tickets at shopping centers, large department stores, government buildings and wherever people gathered--in the east, west, south and north of the city. This way, people who had seen or heard about the show in the media and then saw us selling tickets at different locations would have a stronger impression of the show. The Ottawa public was deeply impressed by the costumes or suits that we wore and with our in-depth explanations of the show. In addition, the promotion of Shen Yun over the past two years here and all over the world has had a great impact on people. Therefore, when people saw us, they looked as if they regretted not having known us earlier. By October 12, 2008, after about five weeks, we had sold 1,754 tickets.

I. Get Rid of Human Mentality and Attachments in the Process of Selling Tickets
After we started to sell tickets to the public, every practitioner tried hard to do his or her best to bring people to the show. Some practitioners postponed their school studies; some postponed their work; some gave up what they were working on, and some stepped forward to sell tickets after finishing their housework, busy Dafa projects and everyday work. I also phoned those who had not participated in selling tickets during the week and then added their names to the list.

We went through the process of not being able to sell tickets to selling tickets quickly. During this process we shared our experiences, tried to get rid of attachments, believed in Master and the Fa, tried to change our human mentality, clarified the truth about Shen Yun and endured suffering.

After two weeks of ticket selling, I noticed that some practitioners sold lots of tickets while some could not sell any at all or sold only a few tickets, even though they stood in the mall for a whole day. The same situation had occurred the previous two years. However, in the past we did not have as many tickets as we did this year. Those who did not know how to sell and those who had difficulty selling had not been in the malls before. This year, I noticed again that practitioners showed different abilities in selling tickets. But why did this happen?

I realized that although our hearts were the same, we had different mentalities and had different mannerisms so the results were not the same. Therefore, I immediately called a training meeting. I thought that this was a chance for practitioners to upgrade in the Fa by exchanging experiences and learning from each other.

I had some photos showing how a practitioner sold tickets and I made them into a slide show for other practitioners. Happily, we observed the righteous thoughts the practitioner had and the strategies she used to sell tickets. We all opened our hearts and also shared our own experiences. For instance, one practitioner said that there were so many people in the chain store but she kept introducing Shen Yun to every person she had a chance to talk to. She spoke about Shen Yun’s content, achievements, and worldwide scale, as well as its grand performances in Ottawa during the past two years. She also shared comments made by well-known people and showed them photo albums prepared for each location. She patiently tried to find the most satisfactory seats for each customer. Because of that, many people bought tickets on the spot. Those who could not decide right away had the chance to know the truth about Shen Yun and obtain the show information. They promised to come back after discussing it with their family members or friends. With the power of Dafa, from morning till night, this practitioner did not let go of any chance to clarify the truth in the chain stores, and thus kept bringing sentient beings to the theatre.

During experience sharing, one practitioner suddenly realized that she had been using the methods she used in the past to distribute flyers. That is, allowing people to take the materials to read at home and then trying to make them buy tickets later on. After sharing, she realized that distributing the flyer is not the goal. We had the ability to explain the truth about Shen Yun and encourage people to buy tickets on the spot. By doing so, in fact, we provided a ‘step’ for sentient beings to enter the theatre more easily. Master told us how difficult it is for us to obtain the Fa: “Of course, it takes many, many predestined occurrences like these to make it happen, and only then can you obtain this Fa. It isn’t easy at all” (Lectures in the United States, “Teaching the Fa in New York City”). We had the opportunity to meet these sentient beings at the malls and introduce Shen Yun to them, which is also a predestined occurrence. Under no circumstances should we let go of the chance. Once the person left our booth, if he encountered a little interference, he might miss the opportunity.

Another practitioner also shared that when she stood on the opposite side of the practitioner mentioned above, this practitioner did not miss anyone who passed her. She handed a flyer to everyone. She treated herself as someone who promoted Shen Yun instead of someone who was just selling tickets. She did not take it for granted that people themselves would grasp the chance to be saved.

In “Teaching the Fa at the 2007 New York Fa Conference,” a practitioner asked,

When promoting tickets for the NTDTV shows, disciples have adopted an abbreviated expression, "tui," for "promoting" tickets. But in Chinese the word sounds similar to the term that means "returning for a refund" (tui). People have wondered if this will have a negative effect.

Master answered:

There is no negative effect. But since "promoting" tickets and "returning" tickets for a refund have the same sound, let's just change the expression. Let's stop calling it "promoting tickets" and call it "selling tickets" (mai) instead--won't that solve the problem? (Audience laughs) It's true--[you'd be saying,] "promoting tickets, promoting tickets," and at first I couldn't tell whether you were "promoting tickets" or "returning tickets for a refund." Calling it "selling tickets" is pretty good, right?

Through experience sharing, fellow practitioners realized that while selling tickets at the mall, we should change our mentality from “promoting” to “selling.” Of course, we were not attached to having tickets sold every time. But after we transformed our mentality, the process of ticket selling changed a lot. Sentient beings left with more information. Later on, I observed that ticket selling changed for our fellow practitioners.

Here is an example of one practitioner. At the beginning, since her English was not fluent, she focused on distributing flyers. But when she realized that she should “sell tickets” instead of “promote tickets,” she asked us to prepare a simple script that she could use to explain the truth about Shen Yun. She learned it by heart and constantly revised it and added more. Every time she was selling tickets she served customers with compassion. She started to explain the Shen Yun’s superb and precious performances, introduced ticket discounts, talked about which seats were available, and so on, until the customers bought tickets. As time went by, I found that her English remained the same during her daily life, but she spoke fluent English and answered questions properly and compassionately while selling tickets. Many customers were willing to listen to her. She was able to handle sales issues independently. I felt the great power of Dafa and felt that the practitioner was actually selling tickets with her supernormal abilities.

II. Study the Fa and Assimilate to the Fa – It is Dafa That Saves People
During experience sharing, I noticed that a practitioner who had a very good selling record did not say anything. I suggested that she share her experience with us. She thought for a while and said one simple sentence, “Master did everything.” We listened quietly. I felt these simple words penetrate my heart and I was shocked. Master is saving sentient beings on a large scale through Shen Yun Performing Arts. As Dafa disciples, no matter what we do – selling tickets, approaching media and so on – it is the manifestation of Master’s Law power in human society. Only when we assimilate to Dafa genuinely can the power of Dafa manifest in us; only then can we save sentient beings. Thus, we all realized that cultivation practice is the priority when hosting Shen Yun Performing Arts shows. If we do not cultivate ourselves, our personal attachments will affect the sentient beings’ ability to buy tickets and affect their ability to be saved.

Another practitioner shared how she let go of all notions while selling tickets. Once a human mentality came up, she would isolate it and get rid of it. She found that studying the Fa and doing the exercises before selling tickets was the foundation for keeping righteous thoughts. Otherwise, it was hard to sell tickets. She was a practitioner who was quite busy with other Dafa projects every day. She sometimes did not have time to study the Fa before going to sell tickets. If she had not studied the Fa, it might be that nobody was interested in buying tickets. When this occurred, she would take out Zhuan Falun and read the Fa. After a while, somebody would approach her and buy tickets. The practitioner also shared that it was best to study the Fa at home before coming out. By doing that the effect would be better.

After this sharing, every practitioner strengthened his confidence in his ability to sell tickets. Later, it was established that all practitioners should be able to sell tickets, which in turn made us feel more confident. We encouraged each other to make cultivation practice the priority and to make sure that sentient beings did not loose the chance to be saved because of our personal cultivation problems.

As the organizer of the experience sharing, my righteous thoughts and xinxing were strengthened and upgraded. It is like what Master requests of coordinators:

Assistants should try their best to be responsible in their assistant work and even take the initiative to do the demanding work. Some assistants who might be older and whose understanding of the Fa isn’t as good feel that the Fa is good but aren’t able to explain things well. They can find some people to help them with their assistant work—you should do this out of responsibility to the Fa, instead of weighing what you might gain or lose. Your own gains and losses are also closely linked to the Fa. When you do an assistant’s work, don’t mix in all kinds of self-interested thoughts, or else your own cultivation and the group’s cultivation will both be affected. (Explaining the Content of Falun Dafa)

III. Righteous Thoughts and Harmonizing the Whole Body
After one month of ticket selling, I noticed another problem. Since Shen Yun Performing Arts was not very well known locally, people responded to it differently. Upon seeing us, some people were very interested in it and they would come over and inquire about the show and about buying tickets. Some felt indifferent to it. Some liked it, but hesitated when it came to purchasing tickets. Some were interested in it, but could not make the decision themselves and had to consult with family members before buying tickets. Regarding these phenomena, we organized another training meeting. We discussed how to deal with different situations, such as how to get customers to buy tickets or make them come back for tickets. Fellow practitioners expressed their opinions and came to an agreement that the most important thing was to clarify the truth with righteous thoughts and with compassion.

One practitioner had little children so she did not have a job. She went to sell tickets four to five days a week. She said that every morning after she arrived at the shopping center and got everything ready, she stood in front of the booth. She said that she felt every cell in her body sending forth strong righteous thoughts and forming a compassionate field that penetrated to the highest realms. This made her energy field very positive and allowed every sentient being to feel the glory of Shen Yun. This practitioner tried to help every person fully understand the truth . Even if the person didn’t buy tickets on the spot, he got to know the truth, which would form a foundation for him to buy tickets later. No matter what shopping center this practitioner went to, she offered salvation to sentient beings like a god guarding one direction.

There is a practitioner who has been coordinating the shift arrangements in front of the Chinese Embassy. She is also the main force behind sending forth righteous thoughts in front of the Chinese Embassy. She is an elderly practitioner and cannot speak fluent English. But due to her righteous belief in Dafa, her solid foundation in cultivation practice, her deep understanding of Shen Yun and her compassionate heart to save people, she had very strong righteous thoughts. On different occasions, her heart to save people touched the customers. They came to buy tickets from her, and after purchasing tickets, they seemed to have become like her relatives. A little girl about ten years old leaned against her after the practitioner persuaded her mother to buy a ticket for her, as if she was leaning against her mom. That is the silent gratitude of having been saved.

A practitioner shared that it is essential to have righteous thoughts and form a harmonious and unbeatable whole body during team ticket selling at shopping centers. Usually we arranged to have two to four people at one shopping center. On the weekends, we either increased or decreased the number of people according to the size of the booth. We understood that our ticket selling teams were not doing everyday people things, but that they were saving sentient beings. The different levels that practitioners are at should be harmonized, strengthened with righteous thoughts and then brought together in cooperation. For about a month we had two booths at one small shopping center. The two booths shared one credit card machine and some tickets. When we harmonized everything with our righteous thoughts, there were no conflicts at all. At the same time, practitioners at the two booths formed a righteous field that covered a certain section of the shopping center. Practitioners who were selling tickets in the field felt very joyful and sentient beings who came into it were willing to listen to us. This shopping center is not big, but dozens of tickets were sold there every day. During the Christmas season, the highest record was about ninety tickets sold in one day. Fellow practitioners who lived one and a half hours away from Ottawa drove to the shopping center and joined us in ticket selling. All of us let go of self unconditionally, making up for each other’s deficiencies and learning from each other. We cooperated very harmoniously with each other. In another big shopping center, we had a booth there that sold tickets for two months. Some customers who went to the shopping center greeted us regularly like old friends.

It is worthy of mentioning that after practitioners who could speak English went to sell tickets at malls, elderly practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts at home silently. Some of them came to the shopping centers, sat on the long benches close to our booths, and sent forth righteous thoughts silently to clear the space around us so that more people could get to know Shen Yun and grasp the opportunity to be saved.

After we promoted the show and sold tickets at busy shopping centers, department stores and government buildings, we sold about 98% of our 8,800 tickets. At the same time, we planted many seeds and made a solid foundation for Shen Yun to become well-known to the public.

IV. Coordinating Ottawa Practitioners to Sell Tickets
In the past three years, I have been lucky enough to have the chance to coordinate ticket management and ticket selling arrangements for the Ottawa Shen Yun shows.

The first year, while preparing for the show to be hosted in Ottawa (it was called Chinese New Years Spectacular then), I made phone calls to almost every local practitioner, including those who did not come out much. I sincerely asked them for ideas about how to host Shen Yun shows in Ottawa. I asked for their opinions about ticket pricing, locations, ways to promote the shows, and how they could participate in it. I collected all kinds of suggestions. Some suggestions were in writing. After sharing with every practitioner, every one felt that they were an important part in hosting Shen Yun in our city. I also tried to find out the best way to engage every practitioner in promoting Shen Yun. Since there was only one show that year and 2,200 tickets, it turned out to be very smooth when plans were carried out later on. With the whole body in place and with Master’s help, we sold all the tickets five weeks before the show started. Then all of the standing room only tickets were sold. A good foundation was made for the following years.

The second year, we had two shows in Ottawa. Conflicts occurred at the very beginning. Probably one of the reasons was that it went too smoothly the first year. Selfishness started to appear. At the same time, when conflicts occurred, we did not look within ourselves immediately. Instead, we had complaints about each other and looked at others. A direct consequence was that we could not find big shopping centers to sell tickets. When there were only three months left, fellow practitioners in the coordination team realized that we had to cultivate ourselves and stop pointing fingers at each other. Finally, we found some small shopping centers with less traffic to sell tickets. The highest record we had was over a dozen tickets sold in one day. Since there were only two shows, after we rectified ourselves through cultivation the tickets were miraculously sold out.

The third year, we had four shows in Ottawa, a medium-sized capital city with a population of 880,000 people (if you include the surrounding cities, there are about 1,200,000 people). It is the center of politics in Canada, but not the capital of commerce or arts. Having four shows meant that one out of 100 people needed to buy a ticket. Thus, when making plans, I began to consult with practitioners. But at that time, due to the limitations of my cultivation level, my heart felt pained when I heard opinions that were opposed to my own. However, with the help of righteous thoughts gained by coordinating the whole body and successfully hosting Shen Yun in Ottawa, I forcibly got rid of the human mentality that made me feel pain. Gradually, we walked together. We updated practitioners on the details of our plans and, at the same time, more Falun Dafa Association members joined the coordination team. We shared the work and cooperated with one another—looking for shopping centers and sponsors, doing media promotion, putting up posters, and other work. We cooperated very harmoniously.

Our promotions were driven by a strategic momentum that allowed people in Ottawa to see us in every direction of the city—east, west, south and north—followed by a large amount of media promotion. By doing so, more fellow practitioners were needed to sell tickets at government buildings on weekdays and at shopping centers on weekends. If we calculated the number of practitioners who joined group Fa study, it was far less than what was needed. We understood what Master said, “For Dafa disciples as a whole, in the process of validating the Fa, when you work together in concert, the Fa power is great” (“Explaining the Fa During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference”). Shen Yun is an opportunity for all practitioners to save sentient beings and build up mighty virtue so it should not be done by only a few. For the good of every practitioner, I started to communicate with fellow practitioners who had different cultivation levels.

One practitioner had a baby. She wanted to join in ticket selling. However, her income was not high and it was not practical to send her child to daycare. Kids are beings who will obtain the Fa in the future. If we think kids are the most important thing, and cannot fulfill our responsibilities in Fa-rectification, the knowing side of the children will feel resentful. I thought of several practitioners who could help her take care of the baby, and I asked one of them whether she could look after the baby. (I thought that senior practitioners could not sell tickets but they could do supportive work.) In the end, the mother practitioner did very well. She sent the baby to a practitioner who was running a daycare. She herself was engaged in many weekdays’ ticket selling. Wherever she went, the number of tickets that were sold increased. Her thought was: everything is done by Master. She just kept talking so that more people would know the truth about Shen Yun.

Another practitioner usually only participates in big local events. She has three children ranging from four to sixteen years old. Her husband has not cultivated Dafa. She sincerely wanted to sell tickets, but she was too burdened by her family responsibilities. Therefore I told her, “Simply treat selling tickets as one of your jobs. If you come out one day on the weekend and form a habit, your family will know that you won’t be home that day of the week and eventually they will acknowledge that. But if you don’t step forward this week or next week, your family members will feel very comfortable about the day you are at home and they will always expect you to stay at home. Even though you spend more time at home, your family will complain about the period of time when you are not home.” As a result, this practitioner came out every Sunday. Every Sunday, even though there was only one shopping center that needed help, I would arrange for her to go. She organized everything well at home. We know that it is the safest to walk on the path of cultivation practice. As long as we follow the Fa, how our family members respond is something that happens along the path of cultivation and it is also the process of our cultivation practice.

An elder practitioner has everyday work and is involved in other Dafa projects. I did not plan to arrange for her to sell tickets. However, she let me know through other practitioners that she also wanted to sell tickets. I answered right away, “Great!” In the end, this practitioner had very strong righteous thoughts. Her heart to save people was so sincere and straightforward and her compassion made people feel the beauty of Shen Yun. People listened to her with great interest. She has a very good memory and could remember clearly to whom she had clarified the truth, to whom she hadn’t talked to yet, to what extend she had explained things, and how to continue if she ran across the person again.

A practitioner who has little kids and a heavy family burden did not know how to break through at the beginning. When I talked to her, I felt helpless. But when she saw more and more practitioners step forward to sell tickets, she sent her children to daycare and overcame many difficulties to arrange her schedule. Even though she could only come for two hours, I would arrange two hours for her. When her child developed a fever, she had to change her schedule. But I saw that she was trying hard to deal with things with righteous thoughts. Probably because of her pure heart, she could sell some tickets every time, even though it was at a government building with much less traffic.

More and more practitioners went to sell tickets wherever they were assigned. Many customers said when buying tickets, “I saw you at another mall.”

I had been trying to arrange the ticket selling schedule according to different personalities and the cultivation status of every practitioner, instead of just thinking about how to fill the space. No matter how tight manpower was, I would consider what team needed to be arranged at which location, since having reasonable arrangements (for instance, experience in ticket selling, personality, access to car, etc.) might form a stronger team, which would be helpful for ticket selling. At the same time, they cherished the chance and their time at each booth as a way for sentient beings to have a chance to buy tickets.

A few practitioners did not speak English well but they sent forth righteous thoughts frequently. They had strong righteous thoughts and could recite scripts. I arranged for them to work with a practitioner who could speak English well. As a result, that first day we were at one location, the practitioner who did not speak much English kept sending righteous thoughts. Once in a while, he would bring in somebody to buy tickets. The shopping center was not busy at all that day but they sold over 20 tickets. The practitioner who could speak English well was very happy and let go of many human mentalities. She changed a lot and asked to sell tickets with that practitioner. Of course, when the practitioner changed, she changed fundamentally. Later on, she voluntarily asked to sell tickets at different locations. Even though she was not with the practitioner who did not speak much English, she could still sell tickets. Then she also asked to go to more locations and to promote group tickets. I witnessed a great change in her.

There are many other examples. Once fellow practitioners built up confidence, upgraded their abilities and changed their mentality that had blocked ticket selling, their energy was huge, which is the manifestation of the power of Dafa in practitioners.

V. Upgrading My Xinxing in the Process of Selling Tickets

1. Getting rid of the heart of “being the leader”
While in charge of ticket management and staff management, I was also in charge of equipment. Before going to ticket selling locations, fellow practitioners went to my place to pick up the equipment and materials: costumes, television sets, poster boards, Shen Yun photos and albums. At the beginning, I was able to maintain a heart of compassion and be generous. In order to make things convenient for others, I printed signs and categorized materials. Gradually, I found that some practitioners placed the materials in tidy order after coming back from malls. Some even stayed a bit longer to put everything in order. However, some practitioners put things in a pile and left.

When I found some practitioners had put everything in a pile without categorizing it into different groups, I suddenly developed a desire to be strict. I thought the labels were very clear. How could they place everything in such disorder? I told myself, “Set up a regulation and keep them in order.” Therefore, I created a regulation about material management and thought about how to get “everyone to follow the regulation.” I printed two copies and was going to put them up on the wall. When I took out the first copy, the moment that I turned around, I couldn’t find that piece of paper. When I picked up the second copy, I don’t know how, but I got a deep paper cut. I suddenly realized that the heart of “strict management” was wrong. Words from Master’s scriptures rang in my mind. A student asked a question about coordinators in “Teaching the Fa at the Meeting with Asia-Pacific Students.” The disciple said, “They’ve become like the bureaucrats found among everyday people.” I said in my heart that I did not want to become a bureaucrat.

In fact, although coordination and management are needed while we work together in validating Dafa, we should have a heart of great forbearance and forgiveness. If we are responsible, we should silently remedy the different behavior of fellow practitioners. Perhaps, that remedy is what I am missing and is what needs to be improved. The different behavior of fellow practitioners is not right or wrong. We should not blame other practitioners using our own criteria and behavior. It is impossible for all practitioners to be the same. Maybe that practitioner had overcome a big difficulty to step forward to sell tickets and she needed to hurry back home. Doing well as a whole is achieved after everyone has upgraded his xinxing in the whole body, not by following strict regulations.

2. Upgrading my xinxing through suffering
I cannot endure much suffering. During Fa-rectification projects over the past few years, if something required me to endure more, I couldn’t do it. For the past two years that Ottawa had hosted Shen Yun, I had been in charge of ticket management, coordination among practitioners, and schedule arrangements and, at the same time, I participated in ticket selling directly. But, we did not have many tickets before and we didn’t feel it was very difficult to do. This year, the volume of our tickets doubled. Every day, other than everyday work, I had other Dafa projects to finish. On top of that, I had to update tickets, assign tickets, manage staff and deal with other details. Time arrangement was a direct test to my xinxing, and at the same time my xinxing level influenced my body’s ability to endure.

In the process, I often worked until after midnight to schedule staff and update tickets. Sometimes, I didn’t finish until 6 o’clock in the morning. After I finished work, I would sit down and do the sitting meditation. Then I slept for a while and went to work. When I did not have a strong human mentality, I could often feel that Master was by my side, pushing the Fa principles into my mind. After I shared this experience with a fellow practitioner, he sent me an email with the following words from Zhuan Falun:

As you know, a cultivator’s gong, along with his level of character especially, is what he’s cultivated by going through countless hardships and tempering himself under grueling conditions all his life. So it’s extremely precious, and eight tenths of that precious matter is used to enrich his world. And for this reason, when he succeeds in cultivation later on he’ll get whatever he wants just by extending his hand, he’ll have anything he wants, and he’ll be able to do whatever he wants to—he’ll have everything in his world. That’s his benevolent might, which he cultivated by bearing hardships.

That energy that he has can be easily transformed into anything. So whatever a Buddha wants, or whatever he’d like to eat or to play with, he has it all. That’s what he has cultivated for himself, that’s his Buddha Status, and without it he can’t complete his cultivation.

In this human world, we Dafa disciples have accomplished things through our efforts to validate the Fa. However, in other dimensions, Master has prepared supreme honor and mighty virtue for us. This is the manifestation of the boundless wisdom and mighty virtue of Dafa. Master said, “The truth is, I treasure you more than you treasure yourselves!” (Essentials for Further Advancement II, “Eliminate Your Last Attachment(s)”)

Therefore, although I was very busy coordinating ticket selling, I frequently felt happy. I understood better what Master said in “Fa-Lecture during the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference:” “Just on the one issue of cultivation alone it's so complex at the cosmos's lower levels. But it becomes simple at higher levels, where there's no longer any concept of cultivation but only the concept of karma elimination. At levels higher up, all troubles are to pave the way for ascending to Heaven. And at even higher levels, concepts like eliminating karma, enduring hardships, and cultivation no longer exist, and it's just a choice!”

I feel that when we whole-heartedly walk on the path of validating the Fa and saving sentient beings, it looks like we ‘sacrifice’ in the human world. However, it is not that we did something or sacrificed something, it is Master who gives us everything. Master chooses us and cleans us and takes us back to where we came from.

Through Shen Yun, which is led and directed by Master, Master has given us the Fa, eliminated the karma that we accumulated throughout our lives, and given us a chance to save sentient beings. Our responsibility, now and in the future, is to bring more people to watch the show to be saved and to harmonize what Master wants.

Thank you, Master!

Thank you, fellow practitioners!


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