Help People Support Falun Gong with Their Own Rationality

PureInsight | September 11, 2001

I think now that people are more aware of us, we can continue to improve people’s understanding of Falun Gong and practitioners.

Rather than presenting ourselves as “victims” who endure persecution, we should be aware that we are, in fact, noble beings who help to awaken and strengthen the rationality, righteousness and faith in human beings. I perceive that this is part of our role as Dafa disciples. If we have this understanding ourselves, I believe it will be conveyed to those we meet, strengthen their righteous thoughts and inspire them to support Falun Gong even more wholeheartedly. With this understanding, however, we must also have no attachments and not exhibit any sentimentality or sense of self-righteousness. What we are doing is solemn and magnificent, based on a clear and rational understanding of the Fa.

Thus when we speak with people, we should not only evoke human empathy (a sentiment), but also inspire people’s own rational understanding of the Fa at the human level. We should always use reason to validate the Fa and always use wisdom to clarify the truth. If we can clarify the truth thoroughly and responsibly, then the evil will be completely exposed, everyday people will immediately understand us, and they will immediately know how to respond to the situation with their own conviction and creativity. For example, government representatives will immediately issue resolutions, statements and policies of support. Journalists and writers will write with a surprising level of depth, conviction and understanding. Professors will help lead discussions on the subject of Falun Gong with their classes. Business leaders will protect the interests of their employees in China, etc. In addition, when we clarify the truth using rational wisdom, we will also inspire people’s right faith that the situation in China will improve.

On rare occasions, I think it may be useful to employ a slight element of emotional appeal when speaking to people, depending on the culture we are in. Perhaps this helps people to understand us better initially. However, we should recognize that human emotion itself is erratic and temporal. It isn’t lasting. Regarding human emotion, maybe you’ve heard someone exclaim, as though surprised, “I’m not sad anymore!” or “I’m not angry anymore!” or “Wait a minute, I was happy a moment ago. Now I’m not happy any more.” Maybe you’ve heard of people who laughed until they cried or cried for a while and then started laughing all of a sudden. People laugh out loud until they become quite sober and insecure all of a sudden. Doesn’t this illustrate that human emotion is like a cloud of mist? It soon shifts or evaporates. (In the Guanzhou lectures, Teacher mentions, “All matters of human beings are empty.”)

It is natural for people to have an instant emotional response to the horrible crimes committed by rogues in China and also to the extraordinariness of Dafa disciples. However, when people truly understand Falun Dafa with their own rational wisdom, they will genuinely respect us and thank us. I think we will continue to be impressed with their efforts to assist Fa rectification. At the same time, these future practitioners are already preparing their own journey of elevation through a rational understanding of the Fa.

This is just my present understanding. Please feel free to comment and correct this understanding based on the Fa.

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