Dafa Disciples Should Not Confuse Karma Elimination With Illness

Yi Di Shui

PureInsight | October 26, 2009

[PureInsight.org] Ordinary people have all kinds of diseases such as the common cold, pneumonia, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, tuberculosis, SARS, influenza, and other strange diseases. This is how everyday people should be.

As Dafa practitioners, our Master has purified our bodies. We do not have any illnesses. But since we have reincarnated many times, we have accumulated a lot of karma. Therefore, we will have to eliminate karma in our cultivation.

Every Dafa practitioner will have to eliminate karma. Some practitioners might have to eliminate more karma and others might have to eliminate less karma. Some pieces of karma are big and some are small. Sometimes, the karma elimination period lasts longer and sometimes shorter. Some practitioners are able to pass the karma elimination test, but some practitioners cannot pass it.

I have practiced Dafa for more than ten years. My health is very good. Of course, I also went through karma elimination several times.

After eliminating karma, I realized that we as Dafa disciples must fundamentally change our human notions. Eliminating karma is what practitioners have to do and illnesses are what ordinary people will have. They are two different concepts. Dafa disciples should not compare eliminating karma with illness. If we compare karma elimination with illness, our xinxing (heart-nature) is on the same level as that of an ordinary person. You will have a deviation in your cultivation practice and you will fall. It will also extend the karma elimination period. During the karma elimination process, if Dafa disciples have strong righteous thoughts, Master will help us and we can easily pass these tribulations.

Two months ago, I did not have enough time to study the Fa and do the exercises because of being busy making money and attending to household affairs, which caused karma to come to me.

At the beginning of the karma elimination, I felt that my eyelids were very hot and my whole body was very uncomfortable. My throat was itchy and I had a cough and fever. I just wanted to lie in my bed after work. At that time, I thought that all these symptoms were the same as a cold. My thoughts were at the same level as ordinary people. I did not treat myself as a practitioner. I thought that I had gotten the illness from ordinary people.

Half a month passed, and my karma symptoms were getting worse. My throat became more and more painful and my cough became worse. My eyes were red and my throat was so painful that I was afraid to swallow. My tongue became swollen. My teeth always bit the base of my tongue, which caused me a great deal of pain. Every cough made my throat and upper jaw very painful. I could not sleep at night because of the pain. I thought that this kind of cold was a bacterial infection, which could be cured by antibiotics.

Because I treated the karma as a cold, my xinxing was at the same level as ordinary people, and so this karma elimination period lasted one month. I suffered a lot. Finally, I changed my human notions. With the help of our Master, I finally recovered.

I remembered another karma elimination experience. Because I had strong righteous thoughts and I did not treat the karma as an illness, I passed the karma test very quickly. It was one afternoon three years ago. All of a sudden, I felt very cold. I felt pain from every cell of my body. I could not get up from bed. I could not even endure the pain for one minute. At that time, I thought that I was eliminating karma. I asked for help from our Master. I could not read the Fa, so I just listened to Master’s lectures. Master said: “When disciples have ample righteous thoughts, Master has the power to turn back the tide” (Hong Yin Vol. II, “The Master-Disciple Bond”). With the help of Master, everything was fine the next day and I was able to go to work.

Translated From: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2009/6/23/60203.html


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