New Understandings on Saving Sentient Beings in Our Family

A Dafa Practitioner in China

PureInsight | February 15, 2010

[] On July 20, 1999, many Falun Dafa practitioners went to Beijing to appeal to the government to stop persecuting Falun Dafa. My husband was afraid that I would go, so he also went there looking for me. At that time, he had already read Zhuan Falun once, but he still had doubts about Dafa. Later, he gave up practicing because of fear and spent time monitoring me. He didn’t allow me to have interactions with other Dafa practitioners or keep Dafa materials at home. He also beat me and swore at me. I felt very bad and kept looking within, but I still couldn’t figure out the reason. Through continual Fa study, I recently had new understandings and was able to improve myself.

First, I want to share my previous understanding of my husband. In the past, I always wanted him to practice along with me. I thought that if he studied the Fa, it would be easier for me and there would be nobody to stop me from doing the “Three Things” (study the Fa, send forth righteous thoughts, clarify the facts). However, the more I thought this way, the worse the situation became. Later, I found it was because my starting point was not right, since I was just thinking about myself and only wanted to change other people. A Dafa cultivator should have compassion, and through cultivation, become selfless. Therefore, I should be truly responsible to him and save him with compassion.

Several days ago, I had the thought that I had come from another dimension and my husband was also from that dimension. Back in that ancient history, we both had made vows to assist Teacher with Fa-rectification. Originally, it was not arranged for him to come with me. Once he knew the plan, however, he insisted on coming to protect me. At first, I did not agree since I was afraid he might get lost in the everyday society. However, many gods said, “There is a need for his assistance with Fa-rectification. You can allow him to go with you. After arriving inside the Three Realms, you will be able to help each other.” In this way, we came down here together.

Quite a long time has passed and many gods have become lost in everyday society. My husband and I have experienced many incarnations, and many conflicts between us have occurred. Apparently, he is lost here. Many of the local practitioners have talked with him about this and hoped that he could resume practicing, but he did not listen and there seemed to be no hope for him to return.

Then one day I realized that the starting point of my thinking was wrong. When seeing him, I had a new mindset, that is, of truly considering things from his perspective. For several days, I thought a lot about the predestined relationship between us. Then I told him about it in the form of a legend. At that time, I did not have any selfish thoughts and only compassion. He listened and did not say a word.

Since then, he has changed and is no longer angry when hearing things about Dafa.

From this I realized that in order to save people we need to have a righteous starting point. That is, we should be compassionate instead of selfish.

Fellow practitioners, please hurry to save your relatives. They are part of your family because of predestined relationships. If we are not able to do well, how can we face them and the other sentient beings in our world in the future. Let us all be diligent and save them.

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