Look Upon the Eutelsat Incident With Righteous Thoughts

Tian Ming from Germany

PureInsight | February 15, 2010

[PureInsight.org] One week before the legal hearing for the Eutelsat incident, the European Falun Dafa Association organized an experience sharing conference regarding the incident. I summarized the meeting minutes below, and we would like to share with more practitioners by using the platform of the Minghui website.

We all already know the background of the incident: under pressure from the Chinese Communist Regime and in an attempt to gain business from the Chinese regime, on June 18, 2008, Eutelsat announced its suspension of NTDTV's broadcast into China due to serious technical errors. NTDTV has hired attorneys in Paris and brought forth a petition to the Commerce Court in Paris to appoint an expert to investigate Eutelsat SA’s termination of NTDTV’s broadcast over China. The first hearing was postponed. The next hearing was scheduled at 11AM on Thursday, November 5, 2009.

Practitioner A said the thoughts of Dafa disciples were the decisive factor in the results of the hearing. The principle, “The appearance stems from the mind,” is not limited to our physical body; it is a manifestation of our whole dimensional field—it all stems from the mind. He gave an example of selling Shen Yun tickets. At that time there were thirty thousand tickets to sell but we had only sold two thousand a month before the show. Practitioners had firm righteous thoughts and proposed selling tickets at shopping centers, and they did it. Some practitioners thought three ticket selling locations would be enough. Later, when they talked with the shopping center, the shopping center only allowed us to have three locations. After practitioners realized our thoughts laid restraints upon the shopping center, practitioners broke with their human notions. In the end, the shopping center allowed us to have more locations upon our request.

Practitioner B mentioned that at the last hearing the judge showed some dissatisfaction about us holding banners and distributing flyers. Practitioner B thought that was because the evil was scared to be disintegrated by our righteous thoughts and thus wanted to stop us by using an ordinary person’s mouth. We should have a clear understanding about the judge’s attitude, and we should not be swayed by ordinary people. For the next hearing we should arrive there earlier to send righteous thoughts. We went there late last time.

Practitioner C enlightened that the first hearing was postponed because Eutelsat presented a new stack of documents to the court very late in the evening on the day before the hearing. This situation was manipulated by rotten demons. We must use our righteous thoughts to disintegrate the evil elements manipulating Eutelsat.

Practitioner D observed that when we sent righteous thoughts outside the court during the first hearing, we didn’t concentrate. Some practitioners were even chatting with each other. This was a manifestation of interference and it was also a manifestation that our main consciousnesses did not predominate. They didn’t know what they went there for. If we didn’t have righteous thoughts, we couldn’t eliminate the rotten demons and dark minions manipulating Eutelsat.

Practitioner E acknowledged honestly that from the very beginning she didn’t have strong righteous regarding the Eutelsat incident. From the perspective of human logic, it was too difficult for Eutelsat to say “No” to the economic temptation from the CCP. Later, we clarified the truth successfully to parliamentarians during the European Parliament meeting by exposing this incident. The politicians also repositioned themselves. The practitioner thought that was all we could accomplish regarding this incident since people in China could still watch NTDTV via the Asia-Pacific satellite anyway. It wasn’t until the signal of that satellite was also blocked did she wake up completely. Master said in “Fa Teaching at the 2009 Washington DC International Fa Conference,” “At times when your human attachments are severe and there is interference from evil and bad factors, however, it will instead be the case that when you get stronger it becomes weaker, and when you get weaker it becomes stronger.” The evil blocked NTDTV’s signal in Europe, and we didn’t rectify it completely. Now the evil wanted to block more. Thus, first and foremost we need to rectify our own thoughts. We must attain the goal and resume the signal of NTDTV.

Practitioner F said that sending righteous thoughts was to use our supernormal abilities. In front of us ordinary people are weak. We should use our righteous thoughts and supernatural abilities to guide ordinary people as well as the judge’s thoughts. As Master said in Zhuan Falun, “Supernormal abilities are potential capabilities of the human body. With the development of our human society, the human mind has been attaching more importance to ‘reality’. Consequently, human inborn capabilities have gradually become atrophied.” The goal of our cultivation is to return to the origin, so we have developed supernormal abilities. This is also a manifestation of believing in Master and Dafa.

Practitioner G enlightened that the purpose of NTDTV was to save thousands upon thousands of Chinese people. Resuming the NTDTV broadcast signal over China is part of fulfilling our vows of saving people. Our responsibility is great.

Practitioner B added that after the hearing we still needed to maintain strong righteous thoughts to get a satisfactory outcome of the court appointing an expert to investigate Eutelsat SA’s termination of NTDTV’s broadcast over China.

In the end, all practitioners agreed to ask the Dafa practitioners all over the world to send righteous thoughts. This issue belongs to all practitioners, including those in China. All practitioners should send forth strong righteous thoughts together in order to resume NTDTV’s broadcast to China. We are all of one mind and of one heart. Master said in “Fa Teaching at the 2009 Washington DC International Fa Conference”: “So, as Dafa disciples go about validating the Fa and saving sentient beings, their attitude, state of mind, and manner of doing things are all critical, for such things can determine what changes take place in this world. A single person can determine the outcome of things within a certain expanse, and when we are talking about even more Dafa disciples—since there are so many Dafa disciples, even tens of millions—once they put their minds to something, it's something to reckon with.”

Originally published in Chinese on October 31, 2009

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2009/10/31/62323.html


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