A Cultivator and Their Cultivation Environment

Jin Zhonggang

PureInsight | March 11, 2010

[PureInsight.org] The environment is very important in one's journey of life. A good environment nurtures positive habits, and an upright, optimistic person affects their surroundings as well, changing an inferior environment to a favorable one. Many people, including myself, often complain about undesirable environments. After a cultivator encounters an unfavorable environment, there are only two possibilities: one is for this cultivator to be contaminated by the environment and gradually become an everyday person; the other is for the environment to be changed by the cultivator into one that is sincere, kind and forgiving. This latter situation allows the surrounding people to be rectified as well. This requires the cultivator to continuously study Fa and constantly improve.

From the perspective of cultivation, the people in this world have karmic relationships with their environments. That is, it is arranged by Divine Beings and difficult to change. On the other hand, as cultivators constantly discipline themselves according to Master’s requirements and steadily upgrade their xinxing (mind-nature), they are creating better cultivation environments. The environment includes family, the workplace, and society. If cultivators consider every difficult situation as an opportunity to improve themselves, they will live a happy life with candor.

Speaking of my cultivation environment, it is indeed very interesting. A favorable family environment laid a good foundation for me to start practicing. Then, at my first job, I came to know a practitioner who cultivated very well. He helped me to remain determined in my cultivation and helped me step-by-step to begin Fa-rectification period cultivation. This continued until I left there and started to practice in a new environment. Master helped me along the way and prevented me from drifting as an everyday person.

Right now, I have a good environment: my work is relatively flexible and my living space is quiet. Every day, I get up and join the local group exercises. Sometimes when I’m lazy with the attachment to comfort, practitioners will wake me up and urge me to study the Fa. I am very grateful for that. I will do better to save more sentient beings.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2009/12/18/63179.html

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