Understandings on Cultivation: Witnessing the Energy When We Cooperate With Each Other As a Whole

Haotian Wang

PureInsight | June 27, 2010

[PureInsight.org] While doing a Dafa project recently, several of us were in each other’s company the whole time. In the course of doing the project, sometimes there were conflicts and arguments. But each of us could look within as required by Master and cultivate ourselves. Therefore, the project went smoothly and steadily. We completed the project well and solved many problems.

Several days ago, during meditation, when I was in ding, I saw clearly that streams of energy flowed out of our bodies, and then the streams of energy merged together and kept revolving. When I looked carefully, the energy came out when we cooperated with each other well. Sometimes there were some dark materials nearby but none of them dared to get close to the energy. The stream of energy was a strong light beam, but it was gentle. When looking at it with my eyes, it was bright but not dazzling.

At that time, I was wondering how our different energy could merge together? I realized the energy manifested from selflessness. While doing the project, we each took self lighter and lighter. It was like I had you and you had me. There was no distinction about whether you should do this or he should do that. We were just one body.

The scene made me feel the pureness of the energy, which struck my human side. I witnessed the mighty power of cooperating with each other as a whole.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2010/5/3/65918.html


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