Two Special Experiences

Chen Guang

PureInsight | August 23, 2010

[] One day, I went home with an elderly Chinese Medicine doctor. Sitting in the taxi cab and watching outside, we saw the blue sky with little white clouds floating by. “What a nice day!”, the elderly doctor said. Hearing those words, one thought came to my mind, “Will it rain?” After a quick calculation based on the theories of the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches (Tian Gan Di Zhi), I realized that rain was coming. I could not believe myself, “How could it rain on such a nice day?” Right at that moment, a breeze came by, followed by a drizzle. I was excited and shocked. Apparently, the ancient theories of the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches have higher meaning than modern science. I kept thinking, “Why was it that way?”

Several years later, I started to practice Falun Gong. One evening I went to the local group Fa study. When studying the Fa, I heard a heavy rain outside, accompanied by thunder and wind. When I got up to leave after the Fa study, a fellow practitioner brought me a raincoat. Stepping out of the door, I was met with strong wind mixed with heavy rain. Looking up in the sky, there were low and dark clouds everywhere, as if more rain would continue pouring down at any minute. Then I had one thought, “It will not rain for a while.” With that thought, both the wind and rain stopped immediately. I thus jumped onto my bike and left.

There was rain water everywhere. In some areas, a third of my bike tires were immersed in water. I had no choice but to stop at some places where the water was a little high. Then, I remembered a story when Master was introducing Falun Gong to practitioners in the early days. One day, when Master was teaching exercises to several disciples, dark clouds gathered in the sky and it was about to rain. Because it took half an hour for one disciple to go home, Master delayed the rain by half an hour. Therefore, it didn’t rain until the disciple had arrived home. Thinking about that, I pedaled on my bike and was on my way home. I knew that by having the rain immediately stop, Master was helping me.

It usually took me twenty minutes to ride that distance, but on that day, it took me nearly half an hour due to the rain water. When I was only several steps from home, the rain suddenly poured down and it continued for the whole night after that. From this, I deeply felt that Master’s Fashen are everywhere and that Master is caring for us all the time. Later, I also realized that when someone steps out from being an everyday person, Master will make all the corresponding arrangements. In the above story where I predicted rain based on the theories of the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches, wasn’t it Master using that to lead me onto the path of cultivation?

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