Record of Reincarnation: The Rebirth of Yue-Lin Zheng

A Falun Dafa disciple

PureInsight | August 29, 2011

[] In the process of my cultivation, walls, doors, cars, animals, plants etc. say hello and talk with me. When I hand out truth clarification materials, a car or even a door sometimes asks for them. I could not help feeling that everything is alive, and it is really true!

In 2009, I saw there were many pots of flowers at a practitioner’s home, and my attention was drawn to a small pot of orchids. The practitioner pointed to a large pot of orchids and said to me, "This big pot of orchids has flowers blossoming all the time, but the small pot of orchids has only flowered once, and then it did not flower again." I saw the big pot of orchids showing off its gorgeous flowers. The small pot of orchids was not satisfied with its abilities, and was angry that it did not flower well. Moreover, even if the small pot of orchids had flowers, they were still small compared with that of the big pot of orchids. The big pot of orchids would laugh at this. The small pot of orchids was depressed, isolated and did not want to have flowers. The small pot of orchids knew I liked it, and it tried to wake itself up a little. It was like a grieving child looking at me. I did not want flowers, but I really wanted this small pot of orchids.

In 2010, the practitioner relocated, and wanted to leave the potted plants for the new tenant. I helped her move. The big pot of orchids on the windowsill said, "You take me!" The other potted plants said the same thing to me. I knew they did not want to stay with ordinary people. I did not like flowers, so I said nothing. However, I wanted to have the small pot of orchids. When I talked with the practitioner about this, she gave them to me.

Once when I was working at home, I accidentally looked at the small orchid and thought of what the big orchid had said. Suddenly I heard the small orchid say, "You can’t have the big orchid. It is awful and cunning and I hate it." I was shocked. There was conflict between the flowers. A few days later, I saw a very subtle flower wizard. A month later, I discovered the small orchid had been my maid when I was Sha-Yu Buddha in the heavens. She was called Yue-Lin Zheng. She had different relationships with me several times in the human world throughout history. In the Dharma-Ending Period, Dafa is spreading today. She did not have a human body, but she met me in this form. This also made me understand the reason I liked the small orchid very much when I first saw it.

Since then, I always forgot to water the flowers, but I reminded myself not to forget to water the small orchid.

Yue-Lin Zheng was envious of my daughter. Once my daughter was reciting the Fa, and the gods in the heavens were focused on my daughter's small room. They praised her. One fairy Ji-Ming said, "This child recited really well." Another fairy said, "Her mother is a little lazy." I looked inward and talked about this matter with my daughter. Yue-Lin Zheng heard about this. She felt happy for us, but was sad she did not have a human body to obtain Fa. It was like somewhere there was a very important wish that could not come true. She was upset and cried day and night. This made her flower veins hurt. It was just like people when they feel sad. The being who was in charge of flowers saw this and had sympathy for her. It reported to the flower court in heaven. The fairy of flowers appreciated Yue-Lin Zheng’s wish to obtain the Fa, but she could not do anything.

Yue-Lin Zheng’s grief was shocking to heaven, and the court in heaven sent god Er-Lang to investigate the case. After the god, Er-Lang identified the problem, he reported to the court in heaven. The court in heaven wondered why such a small flower’s sad energy had resonated in heaven. They investigated the reincarnation path of the flower, and discovered its whole story. In the Tang Dynasty, the flower was reincarnated as a general’s second wife. It was reincarnated as Tso-Feng Ning, the sister of big general Nam-Yu’s wife Tso-Fang Ning in the early stage of Ming Dynasty. In the early Qing Dynasty it was reincarnated as Emperor Kangxi's daughter, but she died of rash fever at the age of four. Yue-Lin Zheng discovered that she could obtain the Fa in the Dharma-Ending Period. Therefore, the court in heaven urgently called the God of Flora and the God of Reincarnation to arrange Yue-Lin Zheng’s reincarnation.

Yue-Lin Zheng’s extreme sadness finally resulted in shock to the flower’s veins, and in winter the flower died of cold on the balcony. I knelt down in front of the flower pot and felt lost. The pot laughed at me and said, “You are attached to love too much.” I also thought of this myself, and my attachment to love was indeed too much to the small orchid. How could people who practice be like this?

On the 12th of May this year, I discovered that the small orchid was reincarnated as a small girl. Her grandmother is a diligent Dafa disciple. Nowadays, it is very difficult to be reborn into a Dafa disciples’ home. The diligent and well-cultivated Dafa disciples get rid of the attachment to lust, and follow Master's requirements to do the three things. There exists a great predestined relationship when one is reincarnated into a diligent Dafa disciples’ home. Also, the drama is about to end, and time is fast moving forward. Yue-Lin Zheng was really fortunate, and this was also her wish for the Fa-rectification period. The flowers who understood in other dimensions knew that being a Dafa disciple was truly a blessing.

The small orchid had been bullied by the big orchid for eight years, and they also had a karmic relationship in history.

The small orchid had also been a Kenso lady in the Ming Dynasty called Caie Su. She was thirty years old when she was evicted from the palace. She married a wealthy fifty-year-old man named Chuang Wu. She was his second wife. She gave birth to a daughter named Feng Wu. Caie was generous, kind, educated and polite. She won her husband’s love. The first wife, Caipeng Wang, was very jealous of Caie. Caipeng’s two sons under their mother’s instigation also looked at the second wife unfavorably. They always gave Caie a hard time. After the second wife became pregnant, the fortune-teller said that the second wife had a male sign and would give birth to a boy. Chuang Wu heard that and was very happy. He told the kitchen to make more delicious dishes and deliver it to the second wife. This made the first wife more jealous. She said in mantra to the eldest son, Bin Wu and the second son, Fu Wu, "There will be one more person to share the family's wealth, and I am not sure how much of it you will have." Fu Wu was kind and honest. He was silent after he heard that. Bin Wu was aggressive, and feared that when the baby was born, he would have less of a share of the family’s wealth. Then he had a bad idea. He put poison in Caie’s food, an abortion drug which also contained a chronic poison.

The first wife showed up unexpectedly at Caie’s house, and her tone was not friendly. Caie gave the delicious food that was delivered to her to the first wife in a hurry. The first wife did not refuse and ate the food. Caie had no appetite, so she allowed the servants to send the rest of the food to the first wife’s house. The first wife was content and returned home.

At night, the first wife had stomach ache. Bin Wu came to see his mother and asked what she had eaten. The doctor pointed to those delicious foods and told her son. Bin Wu’s face color changed, and knelt down to his mother. The first wife understood and took her son's hand. She told her son to keep quiet, and did not go to confront with the second wife. To avoid exposing her son, the first wife asked the eldest son to quickly go back to his house. The first wife had severe abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea. She was angry and full of hatred. She suffered the whole night, and her body was battered. She died after two weeks. Caie was surprised to hear the news, and Chuang Wu investigated the case quietly. After he discovered what had happened, he thought, "This thing can not be disclosed. The family shame can not be known in public." Chuang Wu quietly gave the eldest son, Bin Wu money to go to friends who lived further away from home to do some business. Chuang Wu also bought one hundred acres of farmland in the neighboring counties, so that the second son, Fu Wu could run the business. Then he could concentrate on taking care of Caie and her son.

Caie usually cared for flowers. Caie thought that even though she did not kill the first wife, her death was due to her. Caie was sad and often felt uneasy. She frequently went to the temple to chant prayers and hoped there was a good place for the first wife.

Six months later, Caie had a dream. The first wife came to her and said, "Sister, I have a reincarnation. Bin Wu was my enemy in my past life, and the debt has been paid off already. You and I had been together for eight years. You were held in fond regard, and I was ignored. If we are destined to have relationships in the future, you should accompany me for eight years." Caie hurriedly agreed to it in the dream, and made an oath as required by the first wife. Then the first wife left. After awakening, the dream was very clear. Caie told her husband about it, and the husband sighed and said, "Then you will accompany her for eight years in the future."

In the Dharma-Ending period, the first wife and Caie were reborn as the big and small orchids. For eight years, the small orchid was taunted by the large orchid because they were bound by a karmic relationship.

The small orchid had been reincarnated into a ginkgo tree in history, and had lived for a hundred and twenty years. It had been reincarnated to a red cliff stone for three hundred years until it weathered away. It had been reincarnated to a heavenly being, and had lived for 500 years. It had been reincarnated into a hornbeam tree, and had lived for 500 years. It had been reincarnated to a king snake in Yunnan, and had lived for a hundred and twenty years. It had been reincarnated into a wild boar, and became the prey of a hunter. It had been reincarnated into a peacock as well as many other lives.

There are two reasons for writing down these incidents. The first is that I want to remind Dafa disciples to cherish every cultivation opportunity. It is hard to obtain a human body. After suffering numerous hardships, we can obtain Dafa, the greatest glory in the universe. The second is that I hope older fellow practitioners take good care of their children, and try to guide them to obtain the Fa. He or she or is not here to be your grandson, granddaughter, relative, etc. They came for cultivation practice. They came for Dafa. Please do not let them be disappointed that they chose to be reincarnated in your home and do not let them be disappointed in their hopes for you!

June 27, 2011

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