";Preserving the Good Part While Removing the Bad Part";

A Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | July 30, 2001

When I began practicing Falun Gong I thought of Zhuan Falun as just another common Qigong book. At that time, when I would come across the line “preserving the good part while removing the bad part” when reading Zhuan Falun, I felt its meaning was very simple and obvious. Now, however, my understanding has deepened. I have found the meaning of “Preserving the good part while removing the bad” to actually be very profound.

In the first place, one layer after another, the deviation of the old cosmos descended from top to bottom. So, is there still anything in the human world that is not deviated and is therefore good? Could there be anything in the human world that is qualified to enter the new universe? I believe that “to preserve something” is essentially to give it a chance to assimilate into the Fa, and to meet the standards of the new universe. Without assimilation into the Fa, it still won’t do, no matter how good it was in the old cosmos. In the future, everything will have to match the new standards.

For instance, look at Zhengjian Net (or PureInsight). The process by which Dafa practitioners are establishing Zhengjian is also connected with Fa rectification. For those who still feel that this or that aspect of human science is good, it’s only because they have not yet completely rectified their own deviations. When practitioners clearly recognize all deviations, all deviations will be rectified. All that should be eliminated will have been eliminated, and all that should be assimilated into the Fa will have assimilated. Then a new style of living for mankind will have been established.

However, it’s impossible for this to be done all at once, because recognizing all the deviations is a process. Just think about how Ci Bei (great benevolent compassion) is generated? When there is no Qing (sentiment), Ci Bei will come out, which is purer and nobler. How could a bottle filled with black substances float? When black substances are removed, the bottle will float. The lack of Ci Bei is due to strong Qing. The reason we can’t improve our level is because we still view everything with our own attachments, deviated thoughts and notions. The process of establishing Zhengjian is very easily contaminated with deviated thoughts. We should have noticed this problem. Many of these thoughts are just building blocks in the progress, and temporary understandings.

There is a famous Chinese saying, “Self-awareness, knowing one’s own strengths as well as shortcomings, is a very precious character trait for a person to have.”

Every time, before I wrote an article, I found how inadequately I had studied the Fa. Master said, “If they did not know it, they should be quiet.” I was always so cautious when I submitted articles to Zhengjian. Since one of the roles of Zhengjian Net is to spread the Fa, I was afraid that the things I wrote would be wrong. When I talked to a fellow practitioner about this fear of mine, he answered; “It’s fine if you mention that it’s just your own understanding.”

I also suggest that it’s good to publish some “small” articles on Zhengjian. In “Notice about Submitting Articles” published on March 20, it was said, “ practitioners can start from their own instinctive enlightenment on universe and life.” On one hand, if you cannot even clearly address some small topics, it would certainly be harder to understand and address big questions. On the other hand, big questions cannot be casually talked about. When our Master teaches the Fa, some practitioners often ask about something about the Fa itself, or something about the universe. These things should not be casually mentioned.

Let us go back to the point again, “Self-awareness is a precious character trait for a person to have.” A god knows everything below him, and knows nothing above him. That is the state of a god. There is no issue of which is good and which is bad.

The issue of “small articles” has touched a question that is not so small. In the future, I will surely be submitting a few more small articles.

(Translated on July 4,2001 from http://www.zhengjian.org/sci/sci/home/newscontent.asp?ID=10679)

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