When People Do Bad Deeds

By Xiaokui li

PureInsight | July 30, 2001

My aunt lives in Mainland China, not far from where I live. Once, she told me a story about what happened many years ago after her husband had passed away. My aunt was grieving for her husband and, though she was unaware of what she was doing, she remembered staggering to a nearby river where a boat was just about to leave. On the boat, there were several people dressed in white. Among the people on the boat was her husband who waved to her. At the same time, she saw someone being held captive on the boat; this man was the general manager of her plant. Her manager was a very corrupt person, just like some of the Chinese officials nowadays who have done lots of bad deeds. As my aunt watched the boat leave with her husband, she realized that their relationship was over. She accepted this and recovered from her grief. Shortly afterwards, she asked her friends whether or not her plant manager had died. Someone quickly covered her mouth and asked her not to speak such nonsense. Several days later, however, the plant manager died.

Though this sounds like a story, it did in fact happen in another dimension. In actuality, people have bodies made of different particles in many dimensions. I believe that as my Aunt was grieving, her Yuanshen left her body and saw this scene—good is rewarded with good and evil receives retribution. Her husband and the other passengers were on the boat, but the manager who had done bad deeds was held captive on the boat. So if people do even worse deeds what happens is far worse than being held captive. Speaking of those wicked people who persecuted Falun Gong practitioners, what will happen to them in the future?

The net of Heaven has a wide mesh, but it lets nothing slip through. Good will be rewarded with good fortune and evil will receive retribution. All of the evil will finish in turmoil. The cases below depict this:

In the Changchun Heizuizi Womens Labor Camp, a police officer that persecuted Falun Gong practitioners received retribution in the form of breast cancer. This 48 year-old police officer worked in the Changchun Security Bureau in the Department of Legal Affairs and had illegally sentenced several Falun Gong disciples. She died in April 2001. Before she died, however, her heart, liver, lungs, gall bladder, and other organs all had problems and she suffered from these illnesses for several months. Before she died, she did awaken and tell one of the people who was caring for her that she may have been receiving retribution for sentencing Falun Gong practitioners to a labor camp.

One wicked policewoman from the Jilin Women's Labour Camp forced some people to buy a book slandering Falun Gong and Teacher Li for 20 Yuan. One night before her death she organized a discussion slandering Zhen-Shan-Ren [Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance]. Very few people contributed to the discussion, so she told them all to contribute the following night. As a result, she died between 4am and 6am the following morning.

The Cuizhenbu village's former Deputy Chief of Police publicly slandered Falun Gong practitioners over a loud speaker. Within a week he died in car crash and his body was unharmed except for his mouth.

How can the sudden death of all of these people be explained? Falun Dafa is the universal law. Therefore, it believes that good will be rewarded with good and evil will receive retribution—this is the truth of the universe. Whoever undermines Dafa will receive retribution. All of the aforementioned people didn't have illnesses before though they suddenly died. These examples show people the law of cause and effect and what happens to the people who help the evil to persecute Dafa: their bodies in other dimensions have already been disposed of. Then, the body made of the largest particles will naturally disintegrate and be eradicated. The boundless justice lets nothing through. When people always do bad deeds what awaits them is the complete destruction of body and soul. This suffering is truly terrible, since layer by layer their lives are eliminated. If one does bad deeds and harms people, in the end they must face this terrible end.

Those people who have supernormal powers or whose celestial eyes are open can see all of this clearly and this is not unknown to practitioners either. Everyday people are the ones who don't believe it. Wicked people especially don't believe this. Those who disbelieve pay a high price. Those who do bad deeds will receive retribution earlier or later. Those who ignore the bad deeds or go along with the wicked people are indirectly creating karma and doing bad deeds themselves. Sometime in the future, they will pay for everything they have done. When the karma is huge--bigger than a mountain--it cannot be repaid. So why not carefully think about your future life. The manager held captive on the boat was corrupt. But why was he corrupt? Wasn’t there some reason people would be willing to give him things? Don't those who help people do bad deeds create karma as well? Look at the people who persecute Falun Gong. Some of them beat practitioners directly or put pressure on Falun Gong practitioners due to their jobs or sentimentality. Some of them even ignore the violations against human nature. All of these manifestations help the evil. Teacher Li said, 'When this test concludes, all bad people will be destroyed by Gods. Those Dafa disciples who are able to come through the test will leave through Consummation. Those people who'll be left behind will have to eradicate sins by paying, with horrible suffering, for the sinful karma they owe from their entire past; only then will they be able to enter the next stage of history.' [Eliminate Evil, 30/11/2000].

Most everyday people, including the friends and family of Falun Gong practitioners, haven't realized this principle and are inadvertently creating huge karma. Those who are kind to Falun Gong practitioners and are building good relationships with Falun Gong practitioners will obtain good fortune in the future. 'Whoever supports Dafa or advocates for Dafa is establishing for himself his being's existence in the future and is laying a foundation for obtaining the Fa in the future.'[Speech by Master Li Hongzhi at the Western US Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference of Falun Dafa, (Speech made on October 21st, 2000; article published on November 2nd, 2000)].

Buddhist scriptures say that Buddha Sakyamuni's wife in the human world had a good relationship with him just because she made an offering of fruit as tribute to the Buddha. Nowadays there are many examples of people who build good relationships with Dafa and are already receiving good rewards. In the Sichuan province there was an old patient who suffered from a severe illness. In order not to go against his conscience, he refused the requirements placed on visitors to slander Dafa. Before he knew it, he had recovered from his illness! In another case, there was a severely ill patient from China who picked up a Falun Dafa banner on the floor and hung it from a tree. In the end, his illness disappeared by the time he returned home. This is follow the saying, 'Gods know good deeds; accumulating virtue removes severe illness.'

High level beings arrange all things in the human world. Although those people who do bad deeds can escape the police and the distorted human laws, they cannot escape their punishment in the future. The most serious violators will receive retribution in this lifetime. Dafa disciples oppose the pressure and step out to expose the evil and tell the truth to everyday people, stopping wicked people from doing bad deeds. All of this comes from the great compassion of cultivators who let people create less karma and escape catastrophe. At the same time ordinary people's compassionate thoughts are awakened and they are able to distinguish the good from the bad, thus avoiding unknowingly creating karma.

(Translated from http://www.zhengjian.org/sci/sci/home/newscontent.asp?ID=10622)

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