A Short Story Of A Fellow Practitioner Named Kam

A Dafa disciple in Mainland China

PureInsight | November 12, 2012

[PureInsight.org] A practitioner named Kam was able to endure hardships well. He felt pain in his legs whenever he did the fifth exercise, but he decided to extend the exercise time to two full hours. This enabled him to break through the test of pain more quickly. When Kam began practicing Falun Gong he had a short temper, which brought more hardships upon him. After a while of enduring these hardships Kam enlightened that his temper must be caused by human notions. He therefore cultivated himself to have more mercy. After that, he walked on the path of cultivation more smoothly, bravely, and diligently.

1) Being persecuted due to having human notions

When the “Nine Commentaries” had just been released, Kam advised people to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Since Kam had a short temper, he scolded one of his friends who refused to quit the CCP. This friend then reported to the “610” office about Kam. When “610” officials came to Kam’s home, he bravely clarified the truth to them. When they left he decided to follow them and talk with them once again at their office. The local “610” leader did not want to talk with Kam at that time, so he left Kam sitting on the sofa at the office. After two or three hours of waiting Kam still had no opportunity to talk with the leader so he decided to go back home.

Soon the “610” officials came to ransack Kam’s house. They tried to run off with Kam’s copy of Master’s photo but Kam hastily stepped forward to take it back. The officials let go of Master’s photo and instead decided to abduct Kam and eventually sent him to a labor camp.

Once Kam was at the labor camp, one policeman who persecuted Dafa disciples very viciously wanted to set an example with Kam. But Kam talked back to this policeman without fear. In the evening, Kam could not sleep. He thought, “Why is this happening? I am not afraid of death. I do not have any human attachments related to this. Why was I sent to a place like this?” Various scenes were constantly on Kam’s mind, including the policeman’s vicious eyes. After a while, Kam understood the reason: “I lack compassion. I have been doing things with human notions, and I have treated the persecution and the victims with human notions. How can human notions disintegrate the evil and save sentient beings!? From now on, even though I face the most evil beings, I will not lose my compassion. Since gods should have the state of compassion, they do not have any human attachments of competition.”

The next day that vicious policeman saw Kam. Without hesitation the policeman smiled at him and respected him very much after that. When Kam left the labor camp, he walked Kam out the door and said, “You are the Falun Gong practitioner I most admire!”

2) Cultivating a strength that is unstoppable

After Kam returned home from the labor camp he returned to his job as a construction worker. It was a hard job with long hours, especially in summer, and he often worked until dark. Upon his return home after a day’s work, he would clean himself up and have dinner very quickly. Then he would study the Fa. He went to bed after sending forth righteous thoughts at 12:00 AM. He would then wake up at 3:30 AM in the morning to do all five exercises, and he did this consistently every day.

Because of Kam’s work, he mostly only clarified the truth to his co-workers or customers. Once or twice a week though he went out to hand out pamphlets and other materials to people in order to let more people understand the truth about Falun Gong. He did not want to bring trouble to fellow practitioners, so he printed the truth clarification materials himself. He studied the Fa at night while printing the materials. He always did things this way.

Once when Kam went to a neighboring village on his motorcycle to give out truth clarification materials he was mistaken as a thief and sent to the local police station. But Kam was not afraid. When the on-duty policeman was around, Kam clarified the truth to him. When the policeman was not around, Kam would send forth righteous thoughts. When it was dawn the policeman’s supervisor came. After listening to the on-duty policeman’s report the supervisor called his boss (it may have been someone from the “610” office) by telephone to ask for instructions on what to do with Kam. After he got off the telephone the policeman said to Kam, “You can go!” Kam answered, “Give me my motorcycle key.” The policeman gave Kam his key and said, “Don’t come back!” Kam replied, “I have a habit. Wherever people do not understand the truth, I will go there to give out truth clarification materials. You put me in this place, and that means that there are people here who do not understand the truth. Then I will come again."

This is my short story about Kam. As you can see from this example, excuses such as “Time is tight” and “I work all day until I am tired” are not good ones for not clarifying the truth well. The key factor is whether you have the attitude of a true cultivator and a compassionate heart to offer salvation to all sentient beings. If you have the Fa in your heart, no matter what circumstances you face you will not be held back. We are here for a purpose, one of validating the Fa and truly offering salvation to all sentient beings.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/111480

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