Zhuan Falun Changed My Materialistic Philosophy

A Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | November 29, 2012

[PureInsight.org] I learned of Falun Dafa in the fall of 1998. The initial shock and happiness that I had experienced after I came to study and practice Dafa is still vivid in my mind.

Just like many other Chinese people, I had been brought up in an atheistic society. I had been indoctrinated by the Chinese Communist regime to believe in only materialism. I had studied Marxist theories so much that I even obtained a master’s degree in the field of so-called field of “materialism philosophy.” I had been very conceited and felt proud of myself in thinking that I had learned the ultimate truth of this material world. I would challenge and criticize any new theories or studies that didn’t seem to comply with my materialistic perspectives of the world.

Once, my parents came all the way from my hometown to the city where I lived and tried very hard to convert me into a Christian. I politely refused their advice by using the excuse that I was a communist party member and I was not supposed to believe in any religion. Looking back now, I realized that it must have been the Honorable Master Li’s arrangement. If I had become a Christian, it might have prevented me from practicing Falun Dafa in the first place.

As a matter of fact, I had already heard of Falun Dafa before. During the late 1980s and early 1990s, the whole Chinese nation was enthralled by a successive wave of qigong phenomenon. Many qigong masters appeared in public all of a sudden, and everyone was talking about qigong. I first heard about Falun Dafa from a qigong magazine around that time; however, I didn’t pay any special attention to it and treated it as just another type of qigong exercise. When I heard people talk about time-space theories from Falun Dafa, I rebutted them with my materialistic belief that “time is endless, space is boundless.” Then in August of 1998, my family brought Zhuan Falun to me, and out of curiosity, I mindlessly turned a few pages and tried to see what the book was about. The more I read the book, the more I became attracted to it. I finished it as soon as possible because I wanted to know everything in it. My entire worldview started to change while I read the book, and I had become a completely different person after finishing it!

I had always been curious about the theory of eternity, and I regarded myself as a smart guy who could easily grasp abstract theories or casual chats on all kinds of theories, yet none of this was able to move my conceited heart at all. However, after I finished reading Zhuan Falun my whole body was shocked; my mind went through a gigantic change, and it was simply incredible how I had elevated my perspective of everything around me. People even noticed that the way I walked was different from before, and I started to look at the world from a totally different perspective. My heart was filled with happiness, the hope for eternity lifted my spirits, and it was like I was wrapped in ecstasy. I immersed myself in reading all the Dafa books and materials and watching the nine-day lecture videos. I began to take lightly all the worldly material things around me.

As I gradually learned more and more about Dafa and cultivation, my understanding of Dafa was also becoming deeper and deeper. My initial surface cognition had turned into a more rational knowledge. I have become even more steady and determined in my beliefs in Falun Dafa since going through the devastating persecution carried out by the communist regime that started in 1999 I. Falun Dafa has already become an inseparable part of my life. Nothing in this whole universe can change my firm faith in Falun Dafa.

Prior to my learning Falun Dafa, I had thought that the universe was simply boundless with no beginning and no ending. As a matter of fact, now, I have realized such an understanding is merely based upon human’s shallow knowledge of this world from a molecular point of view. Such an understanding is nothing when compared to the views from higher realms made of much tinier particles.

Master’s explanation on Buddha Shakyamuni’s statement that the universe is “so big there is nothing outside of it, yet so small there is nothing inside of it” suddenly awakened me. The universe is boundless, yet it is also infinitesimal. All the higher level beings, such as gods and enlightened beings all exist in realms higher than this physical world that is made up of the superficial molecules. The tinier the particle, the more powerful and more intelligent those beings living in that realm are. There are as many layers of universes as there are different layers of particles, and every one such layer is a realm where numerous beings exist.

Such a theory is logically irrefutable, and its clarity is overwhelming. All my atheistic views had been shattered and collapsed like a castle built on sand when confronted by it; they were gone almost in a blink of an eye. As the saying goes: “A superb Dao is extremely simple and extremely easy.” Dafa had taught me to look at the world from a much higher vantage point of view.

From a simple and clear logic’s point of view, it can be deduced that this whole universe that is so immense, so precise, and so orderly, can only be controlled by higher beings with superior wisdom. There is no other way to explain the universe’s miraculous operation. Higher beings create and bless lower beings. Those heavenly beings all possess higher standards of mind-nature and more wisdom than those living in lower realms, such as human beings in this physical world. Even in this physical human world there are different people. Some are rich and powerful, some are poor and miserable. As a matter of fact, the fate of an individual human life is all predetermined by their previous life experiences. If a human being has accumulated tremendous amounts of virtue in their prior lifetimes by doing all kinds of good deeds, they will enjoy an easier life of abundance in this current life cycle. This is yet another manifestation of the Buddha’s teachings.

Atheism, on the contrary, breaks the human connection to higher realms; it ruins the environment where higher beings can yield their powers to protect human beings from harm. Human beings stand alone and become helpless as a result of atheism. Once human beings start to believe in evolution and think that humans came from animals, the belief in inheriting honorable, higher divine nature rooted inside a human life starts to be replaced by the believe in brutal, ruthless animal instinct. Survival of the strongest and the fittest has thus become a blind belief. Human beings are now talking about such theories without any scruples, not realizing that they are simply humiliating themselves by treating themselves just like animals. As people no longer believe in the process of a life’s reincarnation cycles and no longer believe that good deeds will bring rewards and bad deeds will incur punishment, human beings start to care only for material gains in this current life. In their pursuits of fame and self interest, people relentlessly take advantage of others. As a result, everyone has generated enormous amounts of karma that is beyond retribution. The whole human society is reaching the brink of catastrophe. It is very clear that atheism is not only a fallacy; it is also an extremely poisonous theory and has served to bury human being’s decency and wisdom bestowed by heaven, rendering human beings into clueless-like animals.

After I finished reading Zhuan Falun and began to live a cultivator’s life, I continued to pick up Master’s lectures around the world. Master’s teachings on the universe and on the origin of life made my understandings on higher beings even clearer. At the same time, stories from fellow practitioners who had their celestial eyes opened and thus witnessed the universe and lives on higher realms also reinforced my mind in cultivation.

In 2001, I began to experience the separation of my primordial soul from my body when in meditation. The experience was so real it helped further my understanding on the miracles of the universe, and it also validated Dafa.

My first such experience happened when the global sending forth of righteous thoughts began. I had just finished sending forth righteous thoughts at midnight that day and I was half asleep. I felt that my feet were floating in the air, and then, my whole body was rapidly rising into the sky. My body was driven by numerous Falun and I was rushing around a super bright universe. Deep into the universe, I shouted out from the bottom of my heart: “Zhuan Falun!” My voice was so loud and penetrating it seemed to echo throughout the whole universe. When my primordial soul returned to my body, I almost felt my bed vibrate. Later on, I had similar experiences. Sometimes I was riding on a celestial beast, sometimes I was lifted by deities who appeared like me in my youth; and yet sometimes, I was simply driven by an invisible power, flying in the sky.

The profound teachings in Zhuan Falun, the stories from fellow practitioners about their experiences in other dimensions, and the experiences that I had myself, have all contributed to my firm belief in Falun Dafa. All those atheistic indoctrinations that I had been brought up on have now vanished from my mind. I am determined to walk the divine path and return to my original home.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/112836


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