A Chronicle of Karmic Retribution

A Dafa Pracitioner

PureInsight | November 29, 2012

[PureInsight.org] During the Qianlong Era of the Qing Dynasty (June of the fifty-seventh year), a pregnant woman was going to have a baby in a village in Andong county so a midwife was called to assist. The pregnant woman safely gave birth to a baby boy, and the midwife stopped to stay in the woman’s house overnight. The pregnant woman’s husband came inside soon after and was very happy holding the new born baby. He planned to buy offerings to worship the gods and fulfil his promise to them. He was devoutly grateful to the deities for protecting his wife and baby.

When the husband touched the pillow where he usually hid money, he couldn’t help turning pale with fright, asking, “Nobody knew that I hid four pieces of silver in my pillow. Why has it suddenly disappeared?” After speaking with his wife in detail, he was told that the midwife had slept there, so he assumed it was the midwife who had taken the money. He went to the midwife and asked for the money, promising to share half the money with her as a reward. He was badly in need of the other half to buy offerings to worship the gods and fulfil his promise.

However, when the midwife heard this, she flew into a rage and swore, “I came to assist your wife in childbirth and not only did you not remember to show gratitude and try to repay it, but you also maligned me as a thief who stole your money. It appears my good intentions were taken as ill intent! Now I swear that if you have wronged me, your son will have a sudden death; if I stole the money, I would rather be killed by god with a thunderbolt!” When the husband heard this, he could no longer doubt her, and instead began to suspect that it was his wife who took the money and blamed it on the midwife.

Three days later, it was time for the midwife to wash the baby (“child-washing,” also called “washing three,” was a sort of religious ritual which took place on every newborn baby’s third day.) On the day of “child-washing,” the midwife didn’t attend; she had asked her daughter to go in her place.

Nobody had expected the midwife’s vow to come true, but on the night of “washing three,” not long after her daughter’s departure, the baby died suddenly. The husband and wife were extremely sad as they buried the baby in a wooden box as his coffin. They cried aloud, “The midwife’s vow has now come true; it seems that our baby has died because of it, we have wronged the midwife and received retribution!” People’s earlier doubts about the midwife were also dispelled when they heard that.

Then, a few days later, the sky suddenly became covered with dark clouds and thunder and lightning struck. Immediately, a single sharp clap of thunder shook the air and the whole village was disturbed. People were speculating that it was splitting ghosts and monsters. At this time someone ran out of their house and found two dead bodies struck by lightning kneeling down on the ground, each holding two pieces of silver in their burned black hands. When everyone stepped forward to identify them, they recognized they were the midwife and her daughter. At that time people suddenly enlightened and knew for sure that the silver pieces were those that had been stolen.

Then a miracle followed. The people discovered the coffin where the couple had buried their baby had broken through the soil due to the shock and had been split into two parts. The baby was crying on the ground. People picked up the baby and carefully checked him over where they found a needle stuck into his bellybutton. They extracted it with great care, and except for a little bleeding, all was right soon after.

When the truth finally came out, people understood. The midwife refused to admit that she had stolen the silver, so she made a curse. In order to prove the truth of it, she and her daughter set a deadly trap. She asked her daughter to murder the baby with a needle when she was doing “child-washing” so people would no longer suspect her of stealing the money and prove their innocence. How sinister her intentions were! She had not expected that: “a bad intention in a dark room cannot escape the thunder-like eyes of gods.” She may have been able to deceive ordinary people but not gods in heaven and on earth. Those who are full of wickedness will definitely be punished by heaven, and any curses they make will turn on them. Who else could they blame? They had only themselves to blame and their greedy stealing. They swore against their conscience and entered a brutal deadly trap for killing the baby. The plots recoiled upon the plotters. A wicked woman subjected herself to the scourge of gods who fulfilled her own curse, and a vicious woman was struck by lightening for harming a newborn infant. The baby, who was not destined to die, was instead rescued by deities.

After reading this story, one cannot help sighing. Evil actions will bring retribution, and promises will come true! Heaven’s laws are immutable, so for those who have held a candle for the devil and persecuted Dafa disciples practicing “Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance,” and who joined the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) organizations and swore to fight for the evil party all their lives, if they do not reject the evil, choose good, and deny the oath they have sworn and withdraw from the CCP, when the CCP is destroyed by heaven, they will all be punished and be weeded out by heaven as well.

Which course should you follow? You can choose your own destiny. I sincerely hope that you will wisely choose a happy, safe, and bright future for you and your family.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/112925


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