Little Creatures

A Western Practitioner

PureInsight | July 30, 2001

Not long ago, in my mind's eye I began to perceive some figures that I believe are peoples' Main Consciousness. Because I have no one verify this, and as I may indeed perceive some other phenomena, I will refer to them as Little Creatures. Following is what it is that I perceive, for your consideration, comments, and corrections. If I am mistaken, please correct me.

This is a general description:
In my mind's eye I perceive what seems to be a small creature that looks human, only it is more like a cartoon or a caricature of the human with whom it is associated. If you have seen the movie "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", it is similar to one of the dwarfs.

The creatures I see are generally rather silly, or even "goofy", but they take themselves very seriously. Their actions are sometimes very similar to their human's actions or attitudes, sometimes not. Some of them gesture grandly with their arms, and seem to be making great pronouncements, that must to them to be very important. Often they appear to be bustling here and there on very important missions. What ever it is that they do, they are extremely self-absorbed. They are generally well meaning, however. It seems that in their ignorance of the truth, they are only doing what they are convinced is the right thing to do, acting the way they believe they should act. They pay little attention to other people or the world around them, judging from their actions.

I saw a man in a restaurant, and karma hung thick around him. His Little Creature's head hung to one side, and it seemed to me that it had been stunned. Its eyes were closed, and part of its head was caved in, though there was no blood or wound, more like it had just collapsed. There seemed to be some even smaller creatures (like worms) feeding on it. It was so pathetic, and I felt great sorrow for the little thing. I think that others who have so much karma are like that too.

Earlier I mentioned that these small creatures seem like dwarfs. There is something about them that leads me to think they have been stunted, like people who were badly under-nourished as children.

The little creatures associated with practitioners however, are rather golden and shining, and appear to be true humans, attractive and well formed. This leads me to believe that the nourishment these little creatures need in order to become true humans is found in the Fa that Master Li has given us.

Since I have begun perceiving these little creatures, my gratitude to Master Li is greatly increased, and I realize much more deeply that without Master Li's Dafa, ordinary people would indeed be doomed to remain trapped in the Three Realms, as they have in the past, for ever and ever.

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