Experience of Collecting Signatures

A Dafa Disciple in Maryland

PureInsight | September 22, 2013

[PureInsight.org] There are no practitioners living in West Virginia, USA, so I always keep this area in my mind. Yesterday afternoon I made up my mind to go there to collect petition signatures. I realized that I would regret it if I still hesitated in going to clarify the truth there. I particularly edited a new petition letter and hoped that it would be suitable. This was my first time to travel to West Virginia. I started out after searching for some information on the internet. At mid-noon, I arrived in a small town in the center of Martinsburg. The streets were quiet. I drove around and saw no-one. I became anxious about how I could run into a crowd. I thought that I'd better go to the Martinsburg Mall.

After getting to the Martinsburg Mall, I found that there were only a few vehicles in the car park. But I also found that every vehicle had people in it. I did not think much but went ahead to collect signatures in the car park. Soon after, a security guard came out of his office. He politely told me that his manager wanted to know what I was doing here. He also advised me to watch my own safety as vehicles were coming and going. Afterwards, he picked up a petition letter and a special edition about the crime of live-organ harvesting in China and went to report to his manager. I continued to run around and chase people in the car park. I thought to myself that it was not bad as I was able to collect about 50 signatures today. But straightaway I realized that it was not a righteous thought. I immediately rectified my mind.

It was very hot in the car park. Since the security guard did not come out to check on me again, I went to a gate where it was cool. I thought that I could grab all the people coming in and out through this gate. It was so good that I did not need to collect signatures in the hot sun. Sometimes I became a bit discouraged while I was waiting for pedestrians. I was thinking about leaving but thought to myself that I should treasure this chance. Not all shopping canters would allow the collecting of signatures like this. I should stay until 9pm since it would close at that time. Later I found that it was inconvenient for me to have just a collecting board with me, which was not time effective. I fetched another one from my car and used both of them. The security car was driving around but did not pay attention to me.

At 8pm, I had used all of the 200 copies of the petition letter that I had brought with me. My son called me to ask me when I would return home. I recalled that most people I came across in the Mall of West Virginia were very supportive. The information they provided were very complete. During their break time, some shop assistants not only signed the petition letters but also encouraged other people to sign. Some parents signed the petition and also encouraged their children to sign. Some children were too young to sign but I still encouraged them without pushing. One of them had watched a TV report (on CNN) on this issue. Another one was reluctant to sign at the beginning, but returned to sign the petition after reading the special edition report. The person also promised to help out clarifying the truth. Some of them suggested petitioning in the city centre. I was deeply touched by one young mother, who not only signed herself and encouraged her mother-in-law to sign, but also signed on behalf of her parents, brothers, husband and children. Before she left, she picked up some of the petition letters for her friends. She also asked me about the deadline date. She told me that she could get about 300 signatures after school commenced. I would keep in touch with her.

But the most regretful thing for me was that I missed out an office staff who had been the first one greeting me. I did not realize to clarify the truth to her. I missed the chance and I don't know when the next chance will be. I believe all Dafa practitioners may experience this feeling.


Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/120206


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