China Anti-Organ Harvesting Campaign in Germany

A Dafa Disciple in Germany

PureInsight | October 22, 2013

[] Falun Gong practitioners in Germany recently launched a campaign to stop the Communist Party-directed ongoing organ harvesting criminal acts in China.

In July of 2013, Germany’s Wagner Opera Festival started its 200-year anniversary celebrations. Many opera fans as well as tourists from all around the world joined in the celebrations. Many of these people were doctors and some of these doctors had already visited China to help with organ transplantations there. Falun Gong practitioners took this opportunity to expose the Chinese government’s organ harvesting practices to the people in Germany, and tried to collect petition signatures to stop illegal organ harvesting all together in China.

The petition to stop illegal organ harvesting in China was first initiated by an organization called “Anti-Organ Harvesting International Physicians Association.” The petition asks the German legislature to propose bills that will demand the Chinese government stop the persecution of Falun Gong immediately, that will request German doctors to stop training Chinese doctors in the area of organ transplantation, stop referring any patients to travel to China for organ transplants, stop visiting Chinese organ transplant hospitals to train people and to carry out any further studies on human bodies or experimental drugs there.

Falun Gong practitioners passed out petition letters to people on the street and told them about the acts of brutal live organ harvesting that are still taking place in China. Falun Gong practitioners presented evidence of such inhuman activities in China. Many people were shocked to learn of the news, and some people asked questions that Falun Gong practitioners patiently answered. Many doctors told Falun Gong practitioners after they had learned of the news that they would help spread the news and stop this most wicked criminal act on the planet.

One doctor watched Falun Gong practitioners collecting petition signatures for a while and then approached the practitioners asking for more information on the petition. After the doctor read over the petition letter, he immediately told the Falun Gong practitioners that they had come to the right place to collect signatures. The doctor said that many of the people walking around were doctors and those doctors were the very people that should be more than willing to sign the petition. The doctor signed his own signature and said that he would share this information to help stop the persecution of Falun Gong in China.

Another doctor approached and started to ask some technical questions, “Why would so many people agree to have their organs harvested? What did they say?” A Falun Gong practitioner told the doctor that those organ harvesting victims didn’t agree in the first place. The practitioner presented a report where a Chinese military physician witnessed some strange things on the more than 60,000 so-called organ donors’ contracts. In each and every of those contracts, the signatures all looked the same. So it was obvious that one person had signed all those contracts for the so-called donors without the donors’ own knowledge of the contracts. The doctor wanted to know more after hearing this. One Falun Gong practitioner shared further with the doctor, “In 2006, there was an article exposing the details of how live organ harvesting was performed in China. Whenever a patient needed an organ match from a potential donor, one Falun Gong practitioner that had been thrown into the forced labor camp would be released from the camp. As the Falun Gong practitioner was leaving the camp, people from behind would jump on him and beat him with bludgeons until the practitioner lost consciousness. The practitioner would then be transferred to some hospital and doctors would then start collecting the organs they needed from the practitioner. The organs were sold for huge profits. The furnace in the hospital would be used to cremate the Falun Gong practitioner’s body. A life would thus disappear from earth in this way.” After hearing this, the German doctor said he understood now, and he knew what to do next because he was also a doctor.

Two more doctors came over. “Why aren’t you making money in China? Why are you collecting petitions here in Germany? We’ve got enough problems here in this country; there is not much we can do for China.” One Falun Gong practitioner told the doctors that Germany had been training Chinese physicians in organ transplantation for more than 14 years. “Everyone knew the famous human body show that had been exhibiting around the world. That project was initiated by a German person, and this same person obtained the human bodies for the exhibition in China. Actually, there were two human body-processing factories in China that this German person launched with the help of former Chinese government official Bo Xilai and his wife. In the vicinity of these two factories, there were three forced labor camps. Many Falun Gong practitioners were illegally detained in those camps. Another former Chinese official named Wang Lijun published a medical thesis even though Wang didn’t have any medical background. In the thesis, Wang claimed that he had obtained the results from ‘more than a few thousand lives.’”

The Falun Gong practitioner continued: “In 2012, the 24th International Organ Transplant Conference was held in Berlin. Everyone was talking about the same topic during the conference: Germany didn’t have an organ bank; people should go to China for organ transplant operations because there were many organ banks in China. It was simply too tough to get an organ in Germany so doctors kept referring patients to go to China.” After hearing all these stories, the two doctors finally understood and said that they would go back and tell their colleagues about this issue. They said they would help stop the persecution in China, and that they would never want to directly or indirectly help the Chinese government with this inhuman live organ harvesting brutality.

Two senior ladies came to the Falun Gong practitioners and asked to sign the petition. One lady said, “We got this petition letter three days ago and read it last night. We couldn’t stop crying while reading it. It’s too brutal; how could they treat a female teacher like this? They took her organ without even giving her an anaesthesia shot. How can a human being do such a terrible thing?” The two ladies also said that they would spread the news among their friends and relatives. They also hoped that the more exposed this organ harvesting brutality was, the quicker it would end.

One couple approached and asked for three petition letters. The couple wanted to take the petition home and read it over. They promised that they would sign and then send the petition to the address listed on the letter. The couple said that they would also give the third letter to a friend of theirs. Right before leaving, the couple said: “This is an evil act; this is not a human act. You are asking for an end to this crime, and we all hope you will succeed.”

Another person came over and asked for five petition letters and said that he would pass the letters among his friends to help stop the persecution.

One high school teacher signed the petition and then asked, “The students in my school are on a break. Can you guys come over and give us a presentation on this topic? You can answer all the questions that the students might raise. Yes, this evil act must be exposed to more people so that it can be stopped. Let’s work together to stop this genocide, this live organ harvesting of good, young, healthy people. Many people around the world might have unknowingly helped this massacre to some extent, so it must be exposed.”

When Wagner’s great-granddaughter Eva Wagner was asked by Falun Gong practitioners to help spread the news about organ harvesting, she nodded and said she would tell her friends in the medical fields about this organ harvesting crime.

Two young people were riding on bikes. They passed the Falun Gong practitioners without stopping. After hearing Falun Gong practitioners’ call to tell their friends to help stop organ harvesting, the two young people turned around and signed the petition.

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