Saving Predestined People, Honouring our Vows – A Shandong Excursion

A Harbin Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | December 8, 2013

[] During the past few days, fellow practitioner Sister Wen and I went with our families to our old home in Shandong - Jinan. On the first day, we went to Baotu Spring and Daming Lake. Using asking for directions as a premise, Sister Wen and I clarified the truth whenever we ran into predestined people. In a day, from the two of us working together to clarify the truth, 20-30 people made the three withdrawals from membership of CCP. They also all knew that Dafa is good.

Early morning on the second day, we went to Thousand Buddha Mountain. Before walking for long, we bumped into three older women. I first chatted with one of the older women. After chatting for a while on family matters, I delved into the main topic and clarified the truth to her about Falun Dafa. As it turned out, this older women was also a fellow practitioner. We were very moved – to be able to meet a fellow practitioner in our hometown really is all the more dear. At this time, Sister Wen was behind me clarifying the truth to the other two older women. These two older women also believed that Dafa is good and did the withdrawals. The Shandong fellow practitioner told the two of us that one of the two had been told the truth many times, yet refused to listen; perhaps she had a predestined relationship with Sister Wen and was waiting for this day. Afterwards, we parted ways with this Shandong practitioner.

After leaving Jinan, we returned to our rural hometown by the seaside. Being sea-loving people, the two of us decided to take a walk by the seaside. While walking on the path, we ran into a small dog. I said to the dog to remember that Dafa is good, that truthfulness, compassion, forbearance is good, and you will be saved. After saying these words we left. However, this small dog continued to follow us – we couldn’t even chase him away. Sister Wen said we should stop and follow the small dog to see what he means. When the small dog saw us return, he ran over to us to lead the road for us. He led us all the way to a rural courtyard. In this courtyard there were three dogs, one of which was tied up in a chain. From inside of the house, came the peasant younger sister. At this time, the small dog that was leading us ran in front of its owner. The younger sister said that the four dogs all belonged to her family. The chained up big dog was normally ferocious, but yet was very tame upon seeing us, even wagging its tail in a friendly manner. The two of us immediately understood: this family must have a predestined relationship with us and was waiting for us to come clarify the truth. Hence together, the two of us clarified the truth to her about Dafa. She was very approving and even did the three withdrawals. Soon after, she even called on her fellow townsmen working in the neighbouring fields. We also clarified the truth to them and they too agreed on the three withdrawals. Lastly, we told the three dogs to remember that Dafa is good, and that truthfulness, compassion, forbearance is good. The chained big dog seemed to understand what we had said, forcefully wagging its tail and shedding tears. The scene at the time really was very moving. Sister Wen and I were enlightened: that sentient beings really are waiting to be saved; we really felt that everything has a soul.

Later we arrived in Yantai. On that day, just as we made the high tide, a young guy who had came to Yantai for work said that he had been here for 3 months and this was the first time he had seen the high tide. Sister Wen and I both called out to the sea from the bottom of our hearts: Sea, we have witnessed your arrival. Please remember that Dafa is good; truthfulness, compassion, forbearance is good. As if it understood, the sea turned and responded to us with a powerful ocean spray. That scene was both spectacular and touching; Sister Wen was even shedding tears.

On this Shandong excursion, all along we felt that Master was right by our sides. Whether it was by car, boat, or on our way back, a plane that couldn’t land and had to circle in the air for an hour, Master protected us whenever danger occurred. This experience has taught us both: While taking great joy in rescuing predestined people, we also had the distress of being unable to pass xinxing tests. In remiss times, Master would then direct us in our dreams with his compassion, allowing us to see our insufficiencies and thus do well. On the surface we saved over 100 people on this Shandong excursion. But in actuality, everything had already been set up by Master; all we did was to move our lips and move our feet. We again thank Master for his compassionate salvation.

On this Shandong excursion, conflicts with our respective family members were exposed. The two of us also searched for our various attachments. It really was as painful as cutting out the heart. I found the attachment of my emotion towards my husband, showing off, and the attachment to ego. Looking back, I think all of these were good things. Without these conflicts, my attachments wouldn’t have been exposed, and I wouldn’t be able to raise my xinxing and improve myself on the Fa. At the same time, I also enlightened to the idea that if we believe in Master and the Fa, unconditionally look inward, and use Dafa to rectify our every thought, there will be no impassable tests and hardships. Sister Wen and I would again like to thank Master for his compassionate salvation. We will definitely study the Fa more, study the Fa well, cultivate ourselves, seize the moment to save more people, firmly walk the road of cultivation Master has arranged for us, and honour our vows.

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