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Author: assorted according to a fellow practitioner’s dictation

PureInsight | December 23, 2013

[] The fellow practitioner started practicing Falun Dafa in 1997 and had made a great stride and striven forward diligently since then. He had gone to Beijing several times lodging appeals to defend Dafa’s legitimacy since evil Chinese communist party had started to crack down on Falun Gong on July 20, 1999.

He went alone to Tiananmen Square and judiciously got in touch with fellow practitioners coming from other provinces with poems from Hong Yin. Not only did he write six truth clarification banners, but he also brought along western fellow practitioners to help assist Master to rectify the Fa. The magical and magnificent scene, dozens of people doing wheel-holding exercise in front of the truth clarification banners for over half an hour, was exceedingly solemn and sacred, manifesting the mightiness of Master and the grandeur of Falun Dafa.

The fellow practitioner was abducted to the detention center because of verifying the Fa, but he clarified the truth soon after he was detained. Supervisory personnel then said to him, “You are such a great disciple of your Master!” The chief of the detention center was unaware of the truth and shouted at him, “No cultivation exercise is allowed!” upon seeing him practice. The head of the detention center inexplicably fell on the ground at once and came to realize the solemnity and sacrosanctness of Dafa. Holding a bowl of tea, he apologized to the fellow practitioner in earnest forty minutes later.

Couching refusal in detention center, the fellow practitioner was imprisoned in a labor camp by the vicious 610 Office. He expressed his uncooperative attitude and lodged a complaint to Discipline Committee, stating that a regulation of no fisticuffs was allowed in labor camps when seeing other practitioners being sandwiched and beaten severely. That resulted in having the captain who encouraged a drug addict inmate to beat a practitioner to be suspended and have to write a report on it to his superiors. The drug addict had to apologize and read a self-critical report to all Falun Gong disciples, which greatly frightened the evil.

The fellow practitioner had been through a variety of persecution, including electric board, electric baton, hoisting wrists with handcuffs, physical punishment, etc. During his persecution in the labor camp, he had to wake up at five in the morning, doing physical labor while exposing to strong sunlight. Adding to that, he was forced to watch evil Chinese Communist Party’s programs after returning to the camp at night and squat down till 2a.m. the next day, being awakened again at 5a.m. throughout his persecution, permitted a 2-hour break per day which had lasted nearly two years. To top it all off, a 10-month prolongation of incarceration was imposed on him because of anti-persecution. He, however, surmounted hardships with dignity and his beliefs of Master and the Fa, returning to the force of assisting Mater to rectify the Fa in 2002.

The fellow practitioner who wore a pendant carved with “Truthfulness, Benevolence, and Forbearance” clarified the truth to National Team Defense in an open and dignified manner. He stated that the Constitution was supreme and National Team Defense had violated Article 35 and Article 36, Freedom of belief, indicating that citizens are entitled to the right of disseminating the freedom of belief and the right of supervising officials’ any executive powers. He also addressed to them the course of nature that good is rewarded and evil is punished. The terrifying chief of National Team Defense instantly replied, “It wasn’t me who put you in the labor camp. If you find [Falun Gong] is good then you may practice it at home!” The fellow practitioner then immediately went to Municipal Committee Office, 610 Office, for truth clarification. He said that administrators couldn’t deliberately break the laws and reeducate him while he was being a good person. Constitution Article 41 avers that those who work for government authorities must compensate for the damages imposed on the populace and he added that good and evil always be returned and Gods did exit regardless of your disbelief. The cadre who had known of the truth arranged the fellow practitioner to work as a cadre in a civil administrative bureau as compensation. The public who witnessed the [wondrous phenomena] admired Falun Gong being tremendous and bringing positive influence on saving sentient beings, finding that a Falun Gong disciple being a cadre under stern opposition was magic.

In this critical time of saving sentient beings, the fellow practitioner spoke of the truth with surging crowds face to face in a loud and magnanimous fashion on the street. He told sentient beings the facts that vicious Chinese communist party persecutes Falun Gong, cracks down the good that cultivate Buddhahood and will pay back for bad deeds. He asked sentient beings to make three withdrawals from Chinese communist party and to not be buried with [the evil party] as it is going to hell. One person withdrew and so did the crowds whenever he clarified the truth to. Some of which even had tears in eyes expressing their gratitude with Heshi gesture!

In the course of evil Chinese communist party’s oppression on Dafa disciples, the malicious party caught three fellow practitioners respectively, persecuting and carrying out punishment on them in different periods of time. The practitioner wrote a letter of accusation in dignity and sent it to related bureaus with registered mails after learning of the news. With invincible righteous thoughts, he also clarified the truth as a family member of persecuted practitioners with an exclusive cell phone, stating the supremacy of the laws of ordinary people and asking abusers to take responsibilities. Three appeals terminated favorably, which was because of the fellow practitioner’s power of righteous thoughts. It later resulted in having the evil vanished, one of the policemen apologizes and the other who was willing to compensate apologize in public. There was another case of 610 Office personnel being arrogant, not admitting making errors. The fellow practitioner sent a registered mail to public security department, persistently stressing that the laws were supreme that entitled the public to file complaint and supervise legislative bureaus. If one couldn’t recall what the laws are about and neglected one’s duty of investigating inferiors’ delinquent behavior, the public could lodge appeals to a higher tier and found out who abolish the laws. It turned out that the chief of Provincial Public Security dealt this issue himself, holding a meeting, speaking for Dafa disciples, and scolding related personnel. The action had made a great deal of positive influence and displayed the supernormality of Falun Dafa.

Dafa disciples’ righteous thoughts are surely invulnerable, which are indeed “When disciples have ample righteous thoughts. Master has the power to turn back the tide.” (Hong Yin Volume II, The Master-Disciple Bond)

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