Scenes I Saw With My Third Eye About a Recently Deceased Practitioner

A Dafa Disciple in China

PureInsight | January 18, 2014

[] A local fellow practitioner’s mother, Mrs. X, recently passed away. Mrs. X started practicing Falun Dafa about four years ago. At that time Mrs. X was having serious problems with sickness karma. After Mrs. X passed away, I saw some scenes with my third eye concerning this fellow practitioner.

In a celestial palace, many gods were discussing who should be arranged to descend to the earth and practice Falun Dafa. A deity named Jade Face who wore a white robe came into the palace and a god named Guangwan went to talk with Jade Face. Guangwan was an old force’s type of god who had crescent moon marks on their foreheads. With utter solemnity, Guangwan said to Jade Face: “We are going to make you descend to the earth at the Fa-ending period of time. You will only just start to practice Falun Dafa when you fall into a serious illness. We are going to block 80 percent of your wisdom when you become a human being.”

Jade Face asked: “If my wisdom is blocked, how can I learn of the Fa?”

Guangwan replied: “Rest assured, we are going to arrange for you to have some other diligent Falun Dafa practitioners close to you, and they will help you.”

Jade Face was relieved and accepted the arrangement. She left the palace right away. Another nearby god then said: “I don’t feel this is right. Aren’t we cheating Jade Face?” Some other gods also showed their concerns and doubts. One god couldn’t help but say: “Aren’t we mistreating these deities?”

Guangwan replied: “When a god descends to the human realm, he is just as good as dead. How can it be so easy for a dead being to be resurrected? After all, this is these deities’ own decision; they’ve accepted such a mission. It’s not that we are not treating them properly. I am only afraid that they might not treat themselves properly when the time comes. If they can achieve their cultivation consummation statuses, that will be utterly magnificent. However, if they can’t achieve consummation, I am afraid they have only themselves to blame. It will have nothing to do with us.”

Some gods nodded after hearing Guangwan’s remarks. But there were some other gods who didn’t participate in the arrangement for Jade Face. When these gods heard about it, they didn’t think it was proper.

Anyhow, Jade Face’s fate had been arranged by some gods who’d decided they had given her a completely perfect arrangement for her life on earth. Mrs. X was none other than the Jade Face deity.

After I saw those scenes I felt very frustrated. I realized that I had not done my best to help this fellow practitioner. Those other fellow practitioners who used to have a close relationship with Mrs. X had also missed their chances to help this fellow practitioner. These fellow practitioners claimed that they were either too busy, or they didn’t firmly believe in Dafa themselves.

I later learned that Mrs. X had extended her life on earth for more than two years as a result of her practice of Falun Dafa. During those two years some gods from the old forces kept complaining about Mrs. X to Master: “Look at her, she doesn’t behave like a Falun Dafa practitioner at all. She yells at people, she is full of human notions, and she can’t even bear any hardships. Even though she has seen your Fashen, she doesn’t firmly believe in the Fa; she simply can’t completely yield herself to the Lord. We just want to see whether she’s got any faith in Dafa and whether she can yield herself completely at the critical moment in her life—we just want to see this single thought from her. Now, look at her, she is always visiting the hospitals, getting shots here and there, she doesn’t think of you at all, and she would even blame her family if they don’t send her quickly enough to the hospital. She doesn’t qualify as a Dafa practitioner. Lord, you are showing the greatest mercy towards her. Let her go now.”

After some time the old forces again complained to Master: “Look at her, she’s already preparing herself for her funeral. She’s got her funeral clothing ready, and she’s told her family which cemetery she’d like to be buried at. Whenever she feels uncomfortable she says to herself that she wants to die right away, she can’t stand it anymore, and she’d better die soon. So, she is seeking death herself already. Let her go now Lord.”

Many gods from the old forces wanted to take Mrs. X’s life and they kept asking Master to let her go. But Master kept waiting for Mrs. X to become enlightened herself. Two years had passed, but still Mrs. X remained in the same cultivation state. Master also became anxious for her. The old forces claimed that Mrs. X didn’t have strong enough righteous thoughts and that she didn’t let go of her attachments and give herself to Master. Since she was seeking death herself, her wish was finally granted. It was such a regret that Mrs. X had missed the chance to become a Fa-rectification Dafa practitioner.

I’ve told this story to everyone because I want to say that we should be patient with our fellow practitioners who have been interfered with by sickness karma. We should overcome difficulties and develop strong righteous thoughts toward such practitioners. We should do our best to help such practitioners. At the same time, those fellow practitioners who are experiencing sickness karma should also tell themselves that no matter how hard the difficulties seem to be, they should still remain firm in their faith; they should hand their fates over to Master and let Master decide their futures. They should not just perform some lip service; they must genuinely let go of their attachments and let Master decide their fates. If they do so, they will surely pass through their tribulations. Master will arrange ways for such practitioners to succeed and the old forces will have to move aside to let such practitioners continue their Falun Dafa cultivation paths.

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