Deny “Sickness Karma” Through Righteous Cultivation Practice

A Chinese Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | January 18, 2014

[] Dafa disciples have completed their personal cultivation period and are going through the Fa rectification period, which is drawing to an end. However, there are still some practitioners being interfered with by so-called big or small “sickness karma.” Rather than completely denying the so-called “sickness karma” which was arranged by the old forces, these practitioners negatively undertake “sickness karma elimination.” Isn’t it that these practitioners’ understandings on the Fa principle of sickness karma still stays at the level of the personal cultivation period? They have neither elevated their understanding of the Fa principles nor changed their thoughts at the root. They did not deny the “sickness karma” through righteous cultivation practice. Consequently, they are seriously persecuted by their “sickness karma.” Some of them even physically lost their precious bodies, which are used by practitioners to cultivate, rectify the Fa, and save sentient beings in the human realm.

We’ve come to understand from Fa study that Master has not arranged for us any big tribulations since July 20, 1999. Why are some practitioners are still seriously interfered with and persecuted by sickness karma and encountering huge tribulations?

Master teaches us in “Fa Teaching at the 2013 Greater New York Conference:” “In an evil environment, especially in China, there is a lot of evil in other dimensions and it persecutes you. Outside of China there are not that many evil factors, and the pressure is gone. Currently, whether it is karma elimination or interference from evil factors, it is all the work of the old forces. It’s all the same—they are just called different names. I am against all that the old forces do. I don’t accept any of it. And even less so should Dafa disciples be made to endure such suffering.”

Through constant Fa study, I’ve come to understand that the practitioners’ so-called sickness karma during righteous cultivation practice is organized by the old forces. We must stand on the basic point of righteous cultivation practice to deny the sickness karma. We must negate everything that Master has disapproved. What Master does not acknowledge, we must not acknowledge. Do not believe, based on the principles of personal cultivation, that it is simply eliminating sickness karma and thus are negatively enduring such suffering? Master has told us that practitioners have no illness at all. We must deny any so-called sickness karma by the old forces from every single thought and idea. Do not let “eliminating sickness karma” appear in our minds. As soon as we have any thoughts of “eliminating karma” in our minds, we have acknowledged it and accepted it. The old forces then latch on to it as an excuse to persecute us by destructively reinforcing the sickness karma. We must use righteous thoughts based on the Fa principles to repress any mind activity and idea of eliminating sickness karma. We must deny any sickness karma arranged by the old forces.

Master teaches us in Lecture 6 of Zhuan Falun: “Practitioners will not feel physically comfortable in their future cultivation, as their bodies will develop many kinds of gong, all of which are very powerful things moving around inside their bodies; they will make you feel uncomfortable one way or another. The reason for your discomfort is principally that you always fear catching some illness. In fact, the things that are developed in your body are quite powerful, and they are all gong, supernormal abilities, and many living beings. If they move around, you will feel physically itchy, painful, uncomfortable, etc. The extremes of the nervous system are particularly sensitive, and there will be all kinds of symptoms. As long as your body is not completely transformed by high-energy matters, you will feel this way. It should be seen as a good thing anyway.”

Do not think at all about eliminating sickness karma when a symptom appears. We must remember Master’s Fa principle, which will reinforce our righteous thoughts. We must think in our mind that this is a good thing. It is Master who is purifying our physical bodies, transforming our bodies into high-energy matter, and developing supernormal abilities for us. It is a process of our physical bodies and bodies in other dimensions (Benti) transforming into Godhood. Our understanding about eliminating sickness karma at the level of personal cultivation must be changed completely. Meanwhile, we must look into ourselves. We must find out any shortcomings in cultivation and attachments in our every single thought. We must rectify ourselves and cultivate well in Dafa to allow us to reach the different standards at different dimensions. We then are able to negate any sickness karma arranged by the old forces. Our bodies will transform toward the immortal body of Godhood and reach the standard of Godhood upon consummation.

I would like to briefly share two experiences that I had in the past:

The first one happened when I was washing dishes in the kitchen after dinner. I suddenly felt dizzy and was going to pass out and fall to the ground. But then a thought flashed in my mind: “This is a good thing. Master is reinforcing Gong for me.” The symptoms of dizziness then disappeared immediately.

The second experience was a loud “bang” sound in my right ear. My ear instantly went deaf as if a layer of material covered it. A thought naturally appeared in my mind: “The ability of clairaudience.” Then the hearing in my ear restored back to normal at once.

These are my current understandings and experiences at my own level. I hope they help practitioners negate sickness karma.

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