Don’t Leave Regrets

A Dafa disciple

PureInsight | February 15, 2014

[] I noticed that there were a number of fellow practitioners who claimed that they belonged to the next group of disciples, and who only studied the Fa without doing the exercises or making efforts to save people and regularly missed the established times for sending forth righteous thoughts. Some practitioners, who were unclear about the principles of the Fa, even agreed with them, claiming that they are the ones who came to assimilate to the Fa. In my opinion, these fellow practitioners are being irresponsible to themselves and their own cultivation, excusing themselves for not being able to be diligent. There is a difference between those who have obtained the Fa but failed to be diligent, and those who have identified with the Fa and will become the next group of disciples.

Master has long since summarized the next group of disciples in “Fa Teaching at the 2007 New York Fa Conference:” “If while Dafa disciples are being persecuted he has not followed the evil, has not been aggravating a situation that was bad to begin with, has not been involved in the persecution of Dafa disciples, and has meanwhile been able to identify with Dafa, then at the very least he will be allowed to remain for the next phase. In the next phase there are still going to be people cultivating. Of course, they won't have the honor and glory of Fa-Rectification Period Dafa Disciples, since this mighty virtue is immeasurable.”

We have experienced thousands of kalpas to fulfil our grand wish; those who claim themselves as the next group of disciples are actually harboring strong human attachments. They cannot let go of anything and only indulge their own attachments. Actually Master has always been protecting you and revealing things to you, but you are escaping responsibility instead of awakening. Master is unwilling to lose even one disciple; do you know how worried Master is for you? At the beginning when Master was spreading the Fa he wanted 200 million disciples, but the old forces only agreed to 100 million. We are each a grain of those 100 million Dafa disciples; our destiny set in the distant past. When descending with Master layer by layer, we all promised that the sober-minded must awaken the lost and help them find their way back home!

Every time when the song “Master’s Grace” was echoing in my ears, I couldn’t help but shed tears during the line, “We came for sentient beings, how can we fear the suffering when helping Master rectify the Fa.” Fellow practitioners, have you realized your scared oath? Master has removed our names from hell, borne almost all our karma for us, and bestowed us with unmatchable mighty virtue and eternal glory. If one cannot be diligent even under such a circumstance, can you be worthy of Master’s painstaking salvation? Can you be worthy of the thousands of years of arduous waiting you spent in tribulations? Have you heard the calls from your family members in your world? They are missing you and yearning for you to return!

When thinking of all that the Great Master has endured, when seeing so many sentient beings who haven’t been saved, do you still have the leisurely and carefree mood to feel the joys, sorrows, angers, and pleasures of human life? Can houses, money, positions and cars make you lost again? Is your heart going to be puzzled and numbed more by fame, interest, feelings, and hatred?

Fellow practitioners, wake up soon! The Fa ship of salvation has nearly reached the other shore— don’t leave regrets for yourself. Free of delusion and doubt, grasp tightly Master’s hand, do the three things well, and don’t let your pace of return slacken!

I welcome any corrections to my understandings from fellow practitioners.

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