Marvelous Spectacle When the Fa Rectifies the Human World

Narrated by family member, recorded and polished by fellow practitioner

PureInsight | April 7, 2014

[] I live in Liao Ning with my wife who has been cultivating Dafa for more than 10 years. During her entire cultivation process, I saw the miraculous and supernormal aspects of Dafa. By cultivating Dafa, she became a very healthy person even after previously suffering from ailment all over her body. What’s more, she became a good person by behaving in accordance with the requirements of “truth, compassion and tolerance”. Although I did not practice Dafa, I feel that Dafa is supernormal because I saw the miraculous changes in my wife’s body and soul. I know Dafa is a Buddhist school with great virtue. As a result, in over ten years of persecution, I never held a bit of grudge against her firm persistence to cultivation, saving people by clarifying the truth without considering personal safety, being monitored or persecuted in labor camps. I knew she was behaving as a good person, disclosing the slander and rumors made by the CCP and saving people. What she did was not wrong, so I always supported everything she did. Maybe it was because I have a benevolent heart; Dafa Master displayed a miraculous dream for me.

Before dawn of June 28, 2013, I had a very clear dream. I dreamt I was cleaning the bed in the eastern room in my home (I lived in a village) when I suddenly heard a painful screaming in the other room. I went out to take a look and saw that all the windows over the west top of the kitchen range were broken and a few wolves had entered. They were ferocious. I picked up a stick and hit them and killed all the wolves in the room. I noticed there were a herd of wolves outside, so I ran outside and killed them too. Their mouths then slowly opened, exposing their teeth and I realized they were actually riffraff in police uniform.

I was puzzled as the sky gradually turned brighter and brighter from darkness. Then the earth lit up brightly. When I looked up I saw Dafa Master appearing in the sky, wearing a yellow cassock and carrying countless 卍, sitting cross legged on a big lotus, with one palm raised, looking solemn and peaceful. With colorful lights emitting from all over his body, Dafa Master lit up the universe brightly beyond the description of ordinary people’s words. Dafa Master slowly moved away to the far horizon and then stopped in the air. At this time I saw Dafa disciples filling the earth, tens of thousands of them, as far as the eye could reach. Under the light of tens of thousands of Buddha lights, they were jumping and hailing. It was really a huge crowd of people celebrating the coming of the Fa rectifying the human world, and I felt our place was in the middle of the event as Dafa disciples all over the world were also coming in a hurry too. Some of them had already arrived, others were still on their way, and still others had just set out. At that time Dafa Master spoke to numerous Dafa disciples on the earth with a usual voice, “You have suffered a lot”. The voice of Dafa Master wasn’t loud, but after the voice was sent out, I felt the whole universe was thundering, enough to wake the dead, and my ears were buzzing. Upon hearing Master’s amiable greeting, Dafa disciples could not help but burst into tears with happiness and excitement, crying and hugging each other, choked without being able to speak a word.

At this time the government gave every rehabilitated Dafa disciple money as compensation. My wife was also given 200,000 yuan. Dafa disciples felt that the money meant nothing. Can the pain caused by the persecution inflicted upon Dafa disciples be compensated by money? By now I saw Dafa Master press his hands together in front of the chest, slowly move them up to the front of his head, then draw a big half circle, with the palms facing up. With Master’s gestures, I saw thousands of Dafa disciples being picked up by a white cloud generated under their feet. All Dafa disciples floated up on the white clouds toward Dafa Master. What’s more, many family members, relatives, friends of Dafa disciples, and those who supported and safeguarded Dafa, were also floating up. My wife and I were also floating up hand in hand. In the air, I looked downward and saw many people on the earth jumping upward but could not get up. I saw the wife of a Dafa disciple jumping desperately toward her husband, but she failed in the end. By now I clearly sensed that these people who could not jump high enough were all against their family members cultivating Dafa. I knew this was the wife of the Dafa disciple who opposed her husband cultivating Dafa since the beginning of the persecution in 1999, and she pressured her husband to give up his faith.

When Dafa disciples floated to high space, they scattered the money that the government granted to them in the sky. When Dafa Master waved his long sleeve, the money flew into the hands of every person on the ground below, as if being targeted. Some of them were patients without money to pay for treatment, and some of them were hungry people. When everyone received the money they saw that the money had “Falun Dafa is good” printed on them. The crowd eulogized one after another Dafa disciples' favor. When some of the government officials heard that there were characters on the money, they immediately grabbed money from people's hands, but were unable to see anything. When they returned the money to people's hands, the characters reappeared very clearly.

Right then I woke up from the dream. When I recall those soul-stirring scenes, I feel excited. It was so solemn and sacred that it cannot be expressed with any language. In the past I always felt that what Dafa disciples' said were very confusing and very far from my understanding, but now I finally feel that what I dreamt will definitely come to the human world. Be sure to cherish and be kind towards Dafa disciples! I would like to advise those who once opposed Dafa and persecuted Dafa disciples to please wake up quickly. When the real scene appears in the human world, there will not be a bit of chance to regret or repent. Thank you Dafa Master for displaying this miraculous scene to me.

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