Clarifying the Truth on the Bus

A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | May 22, 2014

[] In recent years, practitioners in our area go to relatively far dark dens by bus to send forth righteous thoughts at certain times every week. Since it is also a project to help Master rectify the Fa, practitioners all actively joined. It is also a good opportunity for us to clarify the truth while sitting on the bus. We usually take the early bus, and there are many people going to work on the bus.

Once, a few practitioners and I went together. Just as I was getting seated on the bus, a girl sat next to me, so I tried to make conversation. “Are you working? It is pretty hard commuting every day. Where do you work?” The girl seemed to like talking. She replied, “Yeah. It is hard to find a job nowadays. There is no other way. It’s all for a living.” She continued, “Miss, you have such a good look. Are you a teacher?” I said, “I’m not a teacher. I worked in a factory. I’m already retired.” She asked, “How old are you?” I responded, “I’m already sixty-five years old.” She said surprisingly, “You don’t look like it at all. I thought you were forty or fifty years old. My mom is not yet fifty years old. She does not even look as young as you.” I used this opportunity to tell her, “I cultivate Falun Dafa. Falun Dafa is the great law of the universe and also a dual cultivation of nature and longevity. Not only does it improve your morality and make your body healthier and younger, but it also teaches people to be pure and kind by following Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance.” At this time, I gave her an amulet and said, “This is an amulet of life. You will receive good fortune if you treasure and believe it. Go back and tell your parents to write their nicknames on the one-yuan bill and spend it if they have joined the Party, the Youth League, or the Young Pioneer. It will protect their lives and safety. You will also become young and pretty if you sincerely say ‘Falun Dafa is great. Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance is great.’” She said, “Really?” I assured her, “Yes.” At the same time I told her a lot about the truth of Dafa. At last she happily quit the young pioneer of the evil CCP. At that time she reached her stop. I said to her, “Good-bye. Good luck to you!”

Next, another lady came to sit next to me. I started talking with her, “Are you working?” She responded, “I just retired. I’m going to the workplace to do something.” I said, “You are so young that you don’t look like you are retired. You definitely look like a department staff.” She was very happy to hear my compliment. Then I started to clarify the truth to her. When she heard it, her faced suddenly changed. She said with alert, “Falun Gong? There are many people telling me about it when I go to work every day. You spread it around everywhere. Is it going against the Communist Party? I don’t believe in that. I only believe in myself.” She then said some bad words. She spoke loudly as if to let everyone next to her hear. Master’s Fa appeared in my mind: “The old forces don't dare to oppose our clarifying the truth or saving sentient beings. What's key is to not let them take advantage of the gaps in your state of mind when you do things” (Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Boston). I immediately adjusted my mentality to not let her commit a crime towards Dafa. She is also a pitiable sentient being. I eliminated the evil beings controlling her. When I truly had the compassionate thought of saving her, I could feel that Master was strengthening my righteous thoughts. Then I said, “Because you are a good person and have great predestined relationships, so many people clarified the truth to you. Let me tell you, these are all definite truths. Falun Gong believes in Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance, but the evil CCP promotes Fakeness-Evilness-Struggle. All the movements it launched aimed to torture people. ‘Heavens will eliminate CCP.’ If you raised your hand and took the pledge to join the organizations of CCP, a mark of the beast would be stamped on your forehead, you would become a member of it and you would have to be buried with it. We are at a special historical period today. Only through listening to more truths will you be clear-minded and not be lost. The Gods are giving mankind a chance. Definitely do not miss it. Human life is precious. Who does not want a beautiful future?!” Her understanding side probably got it. She said, “Ah, I joined the Youth League, so quit it for me.” I made a nickname for her and helped her quit. At this time her face turned better. She said happily, “Older sister, I’m at my stop now.” I also smiled gladly and said, “Good luck.” These events are actually all part of our cultivation process. Everything is done by Master. We are just simply using our mouths. Since the bus reached the stop, I touched the lady standing next to me and said, “You can sit here.” She sat down happily. Actually, they came in line today to listen to the truth, so I could not miss it. I told her the truth at first. She probably heard some of what I said so she agreed very much. She actually waited there to quit the CCP. She happily quit from the organizations of the CCP at the end.

I think that every one of our practitioners has many stories like this. There are also countless miracles from Dafa. The fates of sentient beings are changing at the moment they are saved. However, when I was clarifying the truth, there were also a few who did not want to listen. There were even ones who swore. I was not frustrated by these situations. I would first adjust my mentality and then send a compassionate thought to them. They might have the chance of being saved again next time.

I am deeply aware that the time left for saving sentient being isn’t much. There are still so many people not saved. Therefore, I will treat every day as if it is the last day. Be upright and dignified and catch this time to save sentient beings. We should also study the Fa a lot, look inward when encountering problems, cultivate ourselves well and enlighten according to the Fa for every thought. Do not leave too many regrets for ourselves. Only in the Fa, wisdom and compassion can be produced and more sentient beings can be saved. Let us fulfill our pre-historical vows and go home with Master.

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