Remembering Master’s Care, Cultivating Even More Diligently

A Dafa Disciple in China

PureInsight | July 11, 2014

[] From June 12th to June 19th in the year of 1994, I attended Master’s lecture sessions held in Zhengzhou. I can still clearly remember three particular things that had happened to me during that period of time.

One day after dinner, I was on my way walking to the gym to attend Master’s lecture session. While I was passing a small restaurant, I suddenly felt that my heels were almost lifting in the air by themselves, my whole body was very light as if I was about to fly, however I didn’t leave the ground, the fronts of my toes were still touching the ground. As a result, I started to walk in a very strange way, half jumping and half walking. I felt very strange. There were many pedestrians in the street, I said to myself, “Well, I am learning Falun Gong, I shouldn’t behave in a weird way, I don’t want people to think badly of Falun Gong.” As soon as I had those thoughts in my mind, everything returned to normal. I began to walk as usual. When I got to the gym, Master’s lecture that day was about the Great Heavenly Circuit. I learnt from the Lecture that once one’s Great Heavenly Circuit was operating properly through cultivation practice, one would be able to float in the air. In most other cultivation practices, one usually would take a few decades to get one’s Great Heavenly Circuit operational, some people might even take an entire lifetime to get to that particular stage. I was very surprised that Master had already pushed me to this high level even though I had missed 3 lectures due to my other schedule conflicts. I felt that I was extremely lucky; I knew that I had met a great Master.

In the evening of June 19th of 1994, Master held a session where practitioners asked questions and Master gave them answers. After it finished, I took a train back to my school. When I arrived back at my dormitory, my roommates were still chatting with each other. When my roommates saw that I had come back, they were all excited, asking me all kinds of questions. One of my roommates said to me, “One night I woke up, I noticed that your bed was covered with some kind of red glow, I thought your bed had caught fire or something, I then took a closer look and saw that some roundish red object was spinning above your bed.” I was very happy to hear that, I knew that Master had cleaned my room. I had wondered before how Master would be able to clean up my room, since I was living in a dormitory with some other students. Master had used my roommate’s mouth to give me a hint.

One night after the lecture session was over; I had a dream where I was tested for lust. In my dream I saw an old lady, and I was about to go with her. Master showed up, but I could only see Master’s back; Master then turned around and called my name, I suddenly understood the test and woke up immediately from my dream. I felt very excited, Master knew my name!

There are still many more stories to tell. Every step that I have taken along my cultivation path has been protected by Master. If I did not have Master’s protection or the guidance of the Fa, I could not have walked so far. As I am sharing these experiences here, it makes me want to cultivate even more diligently. We should never forget or take for granted Master’s painstaking care and mercy. No matter what, we have to place strict demands on ourselves in order to do the “three things” well and save even more sentient beings!

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