An Incident Lets Me Save People

PureInsight | August 8, 2014

[] My wife and I went to a hospital to visit a lady who sprained her foot on Sunday. I was clarifying the truth to the people in the ward. When I talked about good and evil retribution and that they will come back to you, a young and chubby man called Li Yau Fu told me a true story.

One day, this young man rode a motorcycle with his wife to go shopping in town. On the way home, a nail punctured a tire, and the motorcycle could not go anymore. There was a motorcycle repair shop nearby. They went there to have the tire fixed. It did not take too long to have the tire fixed. Li Yau Fu took out a one hundred dollar bill to pay for the service fee. When the technician wanted to take the money, a customer said, "My bike chain is broken. Can you fix it?" The technician said, "Yes. I'll fix it for you right away." Then he squatted to fix the chain. The technician forgot about the service fee for the couple’s motorcycle tire. After a while, he saw that the couple had not left. He thought he had received the hundred dollars and did not yet give them change. Then the technician stood up and took out ninety-five dollars and said, “Here is the ninety-five dollars of change. You can go now.”

The couple did not spend any money, but they got the ninety-five dollars for nothing. They were very happy. They got into their motorcycle and fled. They could not control their emotions even though they were far from the store. Once Li Yau Fu was driving the motorcycle, he turned around to talk to his wife. He talked about the big biscuit falling from the sky. (He meant the extra ninety-five dollars.) As they were overjoyed, there was a big “bang” sound. The motorcycle ran into a farmer’s little donkey wagon. Li Yau Fu fractured his thigh and his wife fainted. They were sent to a hospital. Li said, “This is karma! I have spent three thousand dollars now, but I did not have the operation yet. Your talk about good and evil retribution is true. They will come back to you.”

Then I kept telling them that the Communist Party preaches Atheism, which does not let people believe in good and evil retribution. People only care about their own interests and will do anything for money. They do not have a conscience, and their human relations are ruined. This ultimately achieves the purpose of destroying the world. You can see that the Mainland China under the rule of the CCP is morally corrupted and has official corruption. High ranked officials are corrupt, and lower ranked officials are greedy. The corrupt officials do not eat poisonous rice and wasted cooking oil. People drink poison contaminated water. There are poisonous drinks. Children drink tainted milk. Chefs cook pork meat filled with water, and vegetables are grown with fertilizer and chemicals which make them grow bigger and faster. What we listen to are lies. What we see are fornicators. What we use is fake medicine. People think of swindling and extortion. There are prostitutes everywhere in the country. People are dishonest to others. They do not mention tolerance. Kind people are said to be weak and incompetent. This is all due to the evil Communist Party's atheism and all the negative consequences of atheism. The Chinese Communist Party is the bane of all suffering, and it is the source of all evils. You had better withdraw your membership from this evil party organization. You should choose to have a better future. Then the couple took the initiative to quit the Chinese Communist Party. All the people in the ward of the hospital quit the evil party organization too.

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