Saving Sentient Beings Becomes Easier

PureInsight | November 17, 2014

[] “Have you heard of the news about quitting the CCP memberships?” This is often the question I ask people when I first meet them. I use this question to start the conversation. People will ask for more information about the “three quits” campaign, they also want to know why one will get protection once one has decided to quit one’s CCP membership. Nowadays, many people are very interested in this “three quits” campaign. My understanding is that it is very easy to start a conversation on “three quits” campaign. Once the conversation is started, we can either briefly talk about the campaign, or, we can give a very detailed explanation. We just need to be flexible, and act accordingly. Many people have sensed that the CCP is coming to its end soon. We just need to tell people that they will be protected once they get rid of their affiliations with the CCP. As long as we are firmly determined in our attempts to save more sentient beings, Master will bestow wisdom upon us. Saving sentient beings will thus become much easier.

I went to the local Farmer’s Market yesterday to buy certain items. While I was at the Market, I helped a few families to complete the “three quits” for their family members. I bought some nuts from two families, and I talked about the “three quits” campaign to both families. I started the conversation with the question, “Have you heard of the news about quitting the CCP memberships?” Both families showed great interest. In the end, 9 people from these two families had their CCP memberships removed. I went on to buy some mooncakes from another family. I used the same method and helped this mooncake family’s members quit their CCP memberships. When night fell, I approached a family that was selling hats. Again, I used the same way to help 4 family members to quit their CCP memberships. All these people expressed their deep gratitude towards Master. I was very much moved.

Another day has just begun. I start the day as usual, studying the Fa and practicing the exercises. I then join our local Fa study group to study more. When it’s time to send forth righteous thoughts, I will do it right away. I will go out to try to help clarify the truth about Falun Gong. I will try to save as many people as possible. I will then get back home and finish my housework. It seems that today is just the same as yesterday, in reality, today is completely different from yesterday. As far as a Fa-rectification Dafa practitioner is concerned, every day is a new day. We need to be diligent in our cultivations every day. Whenever we get outside, we need to focus on saving the people that we run into. As long as we have the heart to save sentient beings, those who have predestined relationships will definitely show up right before us, everything has been arranged properly by the Master. As long as we have the heart to save more people, we will always get more people saved. Saving sentient beings will become easier and easier. We will complete our mission of helping Master rectify the Fa with no regrets.

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