Do Not Look for Excuses to Watch Everyday People’s TV

PureInsight | December 1, 2014

[] Cultivators are different from everyday people. Cultivators need to be free from everyday people’s comforts and attachments, and they must relinquish all kinds of everyday people’s desires, hobbies and enjoyment. This first includes giving up the lowest and most external vices such as smoking, drinking, gambling and indiscriminate sex, and then abstaining from every thought and behavior of wrongdoing. By upgrading xinxing, those things that need to be eliminated will emerge one after another. It is up to you to give them up. Holding any everyday person’s attachment in cultivation will directly affect your cultivating process. By not letting go human things for a long time, even a little attachment might lead to failure in your cultivation. Let’s talk about watching everyday people’s TV shows, the simplest attachment for practitioners.

Master warned us in Essentials For Further Advancement – “Melt Into the Fa”: “A person is like a container, and he is whatever he contains. All of what a person sees with the eyes and hears with the ears are: violence, lust, power struggles in literary works, struggles for profit in the practical world, money worship, other manifestations of demon-nature, and so on. With his head filled with these, this kind of person is truly a bad person, no matter what he appears to be. A person’s behavior is dictated by his thoughts. With a mind full of such things, what’s a person able to do? It is only because everyone’s mind is more or less contaminated to some extent that people cannot detect the problem that has surfaced. Incorrect social trends that are reflected in every aspect of society are imperceptibly changing people, poisoning mankind, and creating a large number of what people call ‘anti-tradition,’ ‘anti-upright,’ and ‘anti-moral’ human beings with demon-nature. This is what’s truly worrisome! Even though society’s economy has made progress, it will be ruined in these people’s hands since they do not have human ways of thinking.”

Master expresses this clearly in the Fa. One whose mind is always full of violence, lust, money, sentiments, power struggles, struggles for profit, war killing, fighting for money and fame, family quarrels, divorce, sexual promiscuity, unmarried cohabitation, political battles, and gossip from watching everyday society’s TV series will have these factors incorporated into the person’s thoughts. These factors are also live spiritual bodies and have vitality. They are the most corrupt things at the age of the Fa’s end and period of catastrophe. They are spiritual bodies of negative black karma. The more they are in one’s mind, the harder cultivation is. These corrupt factors will directly disturb one’s mind and lull a practitioner’s main spirit.

Dafa practitioners start by being good people, pouring out all dirty things they were once filled with, and refusing to accept new dirty matter. This is also a very important aspect of gradually becoming a good person. Achieving “don’t hit back when hit, don’t talk back when insulted” is another state of being a good person.

Now let’s analyze watching everyday people’s TV programs. There is a lot of bad stuff behind many TV series. Those who produce the TV series make them mostly in order to pursue fame and profit. You don’t know how many possessing creatures and evil spirits in other dimensions are behind them and control them. The more you watch, the more bad things fill your mind.

As cultivators, there are many negative effects from watching everyday people’s TV:

1) First you don’t meet the lowest standard of being a good person. A cultivator starts from being a good person. If you watch those negative things, that means you are pursuing bad things and transforming yourself into a bad person. Your mind had already been instilled with many negative things before you became a cultivator. Instead of hurrying up and purifying yourself, you still continue filling your mind with filthy things. Aren’t you doing the opposite of cultivation? Who will be happy? Evil demons and rotten spirits laugh and jump for joy. They use all their strength to allure you into watching.

2) Cultivators being attached to watching everyday people’s TV is one’s own choice. It is an issue of whether your mind is righteous or not. If you like being controlled by the hidden evil animal spirits and possessions, then just keep watching everyday people’s TV series. Ask yourself carefully, can you cultivate to divinity by comfortably lying on the sofa and watching everyday people’s TV? Can you return to your original, true self and return to your true home this way?

3) It is often said that drugs are addictive and can harm both oneself and the society. The harm from cultivators’ addiction to watching everyday people’s TV is worse than that of ordinary people’s addiction to drugs, and the harm to the cultivators is not easy noticeable. I have an everyday relative. In order to not affect her daughter’s studies, she made the whole family give up watching TV and directly cancelled TV cable ever since her daughter entered ninth grade. Nobody watched TV for four entire years. The cable was reconnected after her daughter was admitted to college. An ordinary person who just wanted her daughter to get into college did this. As Dafa disciples, the cosmos’ future hope, how should you choose to act? Now is the most critical final stage for saving sentient beings. If everyday people see a car accident, they would stop what they are doing and rescue the injured people. One never hears of someone rescuing injured people while watching TV.

4) Some veteran students are attached to watching weather forecasts. They grow neither crops nor vegetables. They start by watching the evening’s weather forecast, to gradually watching the evil party’s news, and then to watching both the weather forecast and evil party’s news every morning and evening. We all know that the evil party’s mouthpiece news feeds are full of lairs of evil demons, rotten ghosts, CCP evil spirits and possessions. If you watch the evil party’s things, aren’t you extolling the evil party? Aren’t you on their side? Aren’t those rotten ghosts entering your mind? One of the brain washing methods that the CCP’s Jiang evil group use to persecute people and Dafa disciples is to force them to watch news feeds, slowly making you addicted. As time goes by, if you don’t watch it, you crave it. You cannot calm down. You feel anxious. You are addicted to it. You seem to lack something if you don’t watch the evil party’s news feeds because you got addicted to it! Although using drugs can be addictive, watching the evil party’s news crave feeds is even more addictive. It is the most harmful. Everyday people do what they want, but if you practice Dafa, you should do things according to Dafa’s requirements. Genuinely and actually doing it is real cultivation. If what a cultivator does is worse than what an everyday person does, then it is really…

Master also said in Essentials For Further Advancement – “Melt Into the Fa”: “As a student, if his mind is filled with nothing but Dafa, this person is definitely a genuine cultivator. So you must have a clear understanding on the matter of studying the Fa. Reading the books more and studying the books more is the key to truly elevating yourself. To put it more simply, as long as you read Dafa, you are changing; as long as you read Dafa, you are elevating. The boundless content of Dafa plus the supplementary means—the exercises—will enable you to reach Consummation. Group reading or reading by yourself is the same.”

We know from Master’s Fa teaching that you are changing as long as you read Dafa’s books. You are getting better. On the other hand, you also change if you engage in everyday people’s things, whether it is internet novels, magazines, newspapers, TVs or movies, you are getting worse. You are changing in the wrong direction. Further down the road, you’ll walk towards the state of extermination. Cultivators themselves make all of these choices. It is also a long-term test of whether you can persevere. Of course it is a different case for things produced by Dafa and Dafa disciples. All those contents are beautiful, so it would be better for cultivators to watch everyday people’s things less, not to mention that many of those things are harmful to everyday people. Cultivators should be more sober and make rational choices.

The above is my personal understanding. Fellow cultivators, please kindly correct me if there is anything inappropriate.

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