Don’t Allow ‘The Flower of Love and Feeling’ Blossom

PureInsight | December 8, 2014

[] From 1997, the year I obtained the Fa till now, more than 10 years have passed. Throughout these years of cultivating, the calm heart that originated within me has become even calmer. But, quite often I couldn’t hear what people were talking about when chatting with them face to face. Sometimes I needed to focus my mind so as to get the idea. I have had this state of mind for some time. However, several incidents happened recently that have affected my cultivation. I write them down to share with fellow practitioners and to alert those who may have experienced similar situations to me.

The flame jumped up and burned a big hole in the curtain

Quite often when reading fellow practitioners’ sharing articles about lust, it didn’t resonate with me because I had taken lust very lightly. I had easily passed the test of lust in a dream. Now, there are no more dreams of lust. Then, just a few days ago, I unexpectedly received a phone call from a friend A, who I hadn’t been in contact with for a long time. A was once a man I admired, but after a while we separated and went our own way. We hadn’t seen each other for over 20 years and over the years we exchanged phone calls once in a while. Even when calling, we only spoke briefly. That day he added me to his mobile IM Wechat and we chatted about domestic trivia until late into the night, arousing memories of things that happened a long time ago that we had forgotten. The next morning, I felt an unspeakable tiredness and my bones felt swollen. I noticed a long thread hanging from my daughter’s curtain and I tried to burn it with a lighter. The flame jumped up and burned a big hole in the curtain. I was alerted that Master was revealing something to me. How dangerous! A loophole had arisen from chatting!

Over the years, I have kept company with fellow practitioners and did not make friends with common people. I never talked about common people’s trivia with fellow practitioners. What we usually talked about were our projects of saving sentient beings, or searched inward for personal shortcomings in conflicts through the working environment. In sharing with fellow practitioners, my character improved gradually and I knew this kind of sharing was beneficial. But chatting with A about family trivia wasted my precious time which should have been put into Fa study. Instead, past feelings had stirred my calm heart. Yet, there was never a love affair. Could this be a form of an ugly trap set by the old forces to seduce and gradually erode me until my long time cultivation was ruined in a day? How dangerous! Thanks to Master’s revelation, I knelt before Master’s Buddha figure and promised Master that I would firmly go with Master until the last step! Master please rest assured.

Several years ago I had such a dream: I flew high over mountains and saw there were many golden lotus flowers on the top of the mountains. I continued to fly up higher and higher. Suddenly I saw a colorful and bright flower, deep purple, light pink and slightly white, blossoming like in slow motion films. It was dazzlingly beautiful. Then at the moment the flower blossomed, my body slowly descended and it just so happened that this flower was called “The flower of Love and Feeling”. As long as there was love and feeling in our hearts, we would descend. My body slipped through the cliffs and landed on a sandy beach, the endless sea was below my feet.

Say bye bye to Wechat

My mother is nearly 70 years old, a fashionable old lady. She went online and video chatted with friends and relatives. Later she opened Wechat and every day she would say I had lagged behind ten years. Since I neither went online nor used Wechat, when mother mentioned some certain star to me, or spoke about someone in a certain TV episode, I would say, “mother, don’t speak about that. I don’t know them.” Mother would become speechless.

I had two mobile phones, one was an old Tianyu mobile phone a fellow practitioner had given me, and another a Changhong mobile phone the driver bought for me. The value didn’t exceed 500 Yuan even by adding them together. Except for answering and making phone calls, I didn’t even send short messages. What is the point of using a smart phone? My husband gave me two mobile phones, one Apple, one Samsung, but I gave them to other people. It seemed everyone had a better mobile phone than me and I didn’t mind their teasing. Later, my husband gave me a Samsung 2014 and my brother said: “Sister, just use it. Smart phone is very convenient, it is like a computer. If you download a Wechat you can save phone call fees.” Brother installed Wechat for me and taught me how to use it. I was decorating the house and it was really convenient to contact the clients with Wechat. Gradually, Wechat encroached upon my life. Before that I spent time on material manufacturing. The housekeeper took care of the housework. Sometimes I only needed to look after the child. After the child goes to bed, it would be my time to study the Fa. I was quite focused when studying the Fa. Every night I studied until late into the night, going to bed when I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Now I have Wechat. Every day I would look at it several times even when eating or going to the toilet. I would look again before going to bed at night. What would you say to those common people’s matters, be it true or faked? Is there anything to do with? Once I was deaf to common people’s matters, I couldn’t hear what other people were saying to me. When in common people’s vehicles, I couldn’t let anything enter my mind even when the music was very loud. Now, a talkative housekeeper has come and talks all the time causing my head to buzz. What’s wrong with me? There must be something wrong with me. On reflection, it was the Wechat that asked for the trouble. It has made my human life which was originally far away gradually return, encircling me, interfering with my cultivation. This can be boiled down to my will not being firm.

I also recalled a dream long time ago. I made a date with two fellow practitioners to go to a certain place. When we reached there we would consummate together. I hurried there and found one fellow practitioner was already sitting on the ground waiting for me. I looked up into the sky standing beside the fellow practitioner. There was beautiful light flowing and circumventing like waves. Going round and round it turned into a lotus platform. The lotus platform descended to the side of my feet. I knew I would consummate if I sat on the lotus platform. Then I saw there was an abyss beside my feet too dark to see its bottom, while the lotus platform was suspended there waiting silently for me to step on it. Unfathomable abyss! A stroke of cold went through my heart. If I jumped onto the lotus platform and couldn’t stand steadily, I would be falling into the unfathomable abyss. Should I jump or not? I jumped down! When I stepped upon the lotus platform, it fell. Suddenly my heart fell down with it. Then, immediately after, the lotus platform flew up into the sky. I had achieved consummation! I was suddenly enlightened that as a cultivator, there would be a life or death test in the last minutes before consummation!

Fa rectification has been reaching its last stage, our cultivation isn’t finished. No matter how high we have reached in cultivation, we are still in human world. Human stuff can still interfere with us. A solid wall can collapse because of an ant hole. Don’t do anything that is trivial. Cultivation is serious! We must have extremely firm righteous thoughts and a steely will to follow Master until the last step!

My experience may be able to give fellow practitioners some enlightenment. Let’s encourage each other!

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