Rectify the ";Pursuit of Comfort";

A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | November 19, 2001

Master Li told us, 'Before the Fa-rectification, the old forces stuck in the lowest level of each of those tens of millions of remote cosmic systems were crammed into the Three Realms of the central cosmic system where we are. Seemingly, this was to prevent them from being left out of the Fa-rectification, and this was also to show that they took part in Fa-rectification. In reality, they were using Fa-rectification to reach their selfish ends. ' (From Master Li's article: 'The Effect of Righteous Thoughts')
How are these lowest-level sections that were crammed into the Three Realms by the selfish old forces manifestated? Right now, we are sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil beings in the Three Realms. We must know what the evils are. Some of the evils are easy to identify, both others are hard to recognize. Here we will discuss one that is hard to identify. I think that the “pursuit of comfort” is a kind of evil that was hidden very deeply and has penetrated through our universe up to a very high level.
This “pursuit of comfort” that permeates our universe dwells at all levels, from low to high. It not only harms those disciples who are seeking gains in the human world, making them unable to step away from humanness to rectify Dafa, but also provides obstacles for those disciples who have stepped away from humanness to validate Fa. It is mainly reflected in the state of the self-satisfaction. I have seen some disciples who did not have strong motivation to rectify Dafa. They are doing Dafa work slowly and in a leisurely way. Some disciples think that they can reach consummation because they have attended the Fa-rectification activities. They feel relaxed the way students do after passing an exam. They think that the only thing left is the cultivation level, so they do not really care. Even in the case of certain practitioners who are very diligent and hold themselves to a high standard, when their righteous thoughts are not strong enough, the “pursuit of comfort” can also take advantage of this weak spot.
From the Fa-rectification perspective, this “pursuit of comfort” reflects distortion at a high level. Some practitioners think, “Great! I have attended the Fa-rectification; I can enter the new cosmos now. I have saved myself.” Actually, this is still the selfish heart. This type of practitioner does not really want to assimilate with the Fa of the cosmos. This “pursuit of comfort” seriously obstructs the Fa-rectification disciples by using “exhaustion” at the low realm. Sometimes when the “pursuit of comfort” comes out, we do not face it with righteous thoughts because we have not recognized its real, evil, face. When we keep breaking through the different levels of the “pursuit of comfort,” we also break through the distortion of our cosmos at the microscopic level.
To rectify the evils at the Three Realms, we also need to rectify the “pursuit of comfort.” My dear cultivation practitioners, let’s strive forward and progress diligently.

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