Non-Filial Evil Woman Maltreating Others Receives Retribution

A Dafa Disciple in China

PureInsight | October 26, 2015

[] The following happened in Daguanzhuang in the Nanyang western suburbs of Henan province. It stirred up a lot of attention and led a lot of people to reflect.

This is what happened: On a summer afternoon in 1960, it suddenly began to thunderstorm. When the wife of a household saw the thunder and lightning hitting against the roof, shaking the dust on the roof beams, she became so frightened that she hid in the western bedroom. She sat on the bed, one hand clutching her son and one hand clutching her daughter, too afraid to let go. At the time, her son was around eight or nine years old, and her daughter was in her teens. Half an hour later, the rain and thunder stopped, so she let them go. As soon as her children stepped outside, a clap of thunder and a beam of red light entered through the window, striking the wife dead. She was thirty-seven years old at the time.

Her husband was driving in the Yellowstone Um Woodland. When he heard the news, he rushed home to plan the funeral. After planning everything, he heard something he could not believe - it turned out that this household had five people who spanned three generations. There was a blind elderly lady in her seventies living in the eastern cottage, and her son, daughter-in-law, grandson and granddaughter lived in the western cottage. The man worked in Woodland and came home once a month. The old lady was a virtuous person but always had to face her daughter-in-law’s unreasonable cursing and abuse. The old lady was not easily moved and always endured without retaliating. She thought that her family did not have it easy, so she never told her son about his wife’s treatment of her; for fear that he would become angry. When her son came back, he always checked whether his wife exercised filial piety. He believed that she did and was very happy about it.

Actually, not only did the wife curse the old lady, but she also gave her only leftovers to eat, even the leftovers of the children and the water used to wash dishes. She even made her drink the water she used to wash her feet, which was detestable. The grandchildren later said, “My mum always made my grandmother drink the water she used to wash her feet.” When the old lady became thirsty, she would shout from the eastern cottage, “Tell the children to bring me some water.” At the time, the evil wife would be washing her feet, so she would say to her children, “Go to the kitchen and bring over your grandmother’s drinking bowl.” She would pour half of the water she used to wash her feet into the bowl and tell her children to take it to the old lady. Several times the old lady did not drink the water, but the mother would tell her children to take more water and said, “Do not let her stay thirsty, lest she say that we are not filial.

When the husband heard about this, he became so mad that his lungs almost exploded! He got a spade to dig up the grave, but the old lady convinced him otherwise, “The person has already died. Just let it be!”

Was this a coincidence? Did the wife think that no one was watching her detestable acts? Gods’ eyes are like electricity. Good and evil will be repaid without the slightest deficit. How many people have been poisoned by the evil CCP’s atheism, materialism and belief in evolution over these years? Many young people have especially been poisoned.

Will they not receive retribution for the persecution against Falun Dafa practitioners? Is the downfall of Zhou Yongkang, Bo Xilai, Xu Caihou, Guo Boxiong, Li Dongsheng and Wang Lijun and other high ranking officials a coincidence? Their hands are soaked with the fresh blood of Falun Dafa practitioners. With so much blood, can the heavens permit it? Would gods permit it? Would the Fa permit it? I hope that those who are unrepentant and still doing evil will quickly awaken! There is not much time left!

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