Let the Inmates Loose

Wei Fu

PureInsight | November 11, 2015

[PureInsight.org] During the Shui Dynasty in ancient China, there was a government official called Wang Jiao who did something very dramatic that moved everyone.

Wang Jiao was asked by the Emperor to transfer around 70 inmates from some far away region back to the capital city of the nation. One of the inmates was named Li Can.

According to the law, those inmates had to wear shackles while walking en route to the capital city. Certain prison clerks accompanied those inmates day and night. When the inmates reached to a nearby region called Yun Yang, Wang Jiao felt very sorry for those prison clerks who had to walk along with those inmates. Wang Jiao then said to those inmates, “You have violated the laws and got yourselves into the present troubles, now you are also making those prison clerks suffer together with you. Aren’t you feeling ashamed of yourselves?”

The inmates apologized. Wang Jiao continued, “Now, even though you’ve all violated the laws, those shackles on your bodies are tormenting you right now. I’d like to dismantle those shackles and let you walk freely. I want to meet you at the capital city later on. Can you promise me you won’t escape?” All the inmates expressed their gratitude towards Wang Jiao and promised they won’t escape. Wang Jiao then released all the shackles from the inmates and negotiated a meeting deadline. He also asked those prison clerks to go home. Wang Jiao said to the inmates, “You have promised to arrive at the capital city before the deadline; I trust your words. Now, if you don’t show up as promised, I will receive the capital punishment myself.”

Wang Jiao then let those inmates loose and returned to the capital city by himself.

Those inmates were greatly moved. In the end, none of them escaped. Every one of those inmates arrived at the capital city on time.

When the Emperor heard of this news, he was extremely surprised and said many good words for Wang Jiao and those inmates. The Emperor then invited all the inmates with their families to the Royal Palace for a banquet. Afterwards, all the inmates were pardoned for their good credits.

The Emperor said, “When officials have no mercy towards the people, people will hoard wicked plans against the nation. As a result, law suits just keep popping up everywhere throughout the nation. If all the officials are as kind as Wang Jiao, and all the people are as creditworthy as Li Can (one of the inmates), there won’t be any need for punishments.”

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/147253



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