Toothache All Night; What’s the Problem?

A Dafa Disciple in China

PureInsight | July 1, 2016

[] A fellow practitioner in our Fa study group told us that he planned to have his teeth removed after suffering with toothache all night. But his mom wanted us to help him dig out the reason behind his toothache. A fellow practitioner suggested asking for benevolent solutions. He tried, but still felt pain. Another fellow practitioner said, “Did you send righteous thoughts to eliminate it?” He said, “yes, but I still felt the pain.” Then I asked, “Do you have any loopholes?” He replied, “I was busy on an art tutorial online when it started; I’m not sure if I have any loopholes.”

Then his mom said, “I think those nudes are the problem. It’s publicizing pornography.” The fellow practitioner said, “No, it’s to master the basic drawing skill. You have to draw the skeleton and body first with exact scale and position. Then you can draw clothes. It’s very precious for the artist. How can you call it pornography?” Just then, I realized that this was indeed the problem. I asked him, “Do you feel pain in your wisdom teeth?” He said, “Yes.” I said, “The wisdom teeth represent feeling shame. Although you are very pure and do not do it to publicize pornography, once you post such drawings online, ordinary people will have different thoughts. These days, pornography is everywhere. We shouldn’t think of ourselves, but be strict and leave a right way for the future. Since you have a deviant factor, the old forces are trying to persecute your body, using this loophole.” Then, we exchanged understandings based on the Fa. Later he said, “I will correct these things immediately.”

He told the website why he was replacing the nude images. Right after that, his teeth stopped hurting. He said, “Our cultivation is so serious. We have to be on the right path at every step.”


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