Recognizing the Harm of Sentimentality, Lust and Desire

Ruo Xi

PureInsight | August 15, 2016

[] I thought that because I had cultivated for many years and experienced many tests of lust and desire, my attachment to lust and desire had been pretty much cultivated away cleanly. However, my recent xinxing tests with my husband (fellow practitioner) have made me rethink. Was my own dimensional field not clean enough, resulting in the lingering attachments to lust and desire being overindulged?

Upon calmly looking inwards, I found many loopholes that the old forces used to persecute us.

After marriage, my husband’s cultivation state has not been diligent. He often surfs the web for all kinds of websites and is attracted by photos and videos of beautiful women. Lust interferes with him severely, so he is constantly being manipulated by the lust demon.

Although I very seldom look at these things, I still have a hidden attachment to lust. For example, I often enjoy interacting with people I admire of the opposite sex or male practitioners. Sometimes while interacting with fellow practitioners, even though I control myself, my heart would stir, and I would subconsciously compare my husband to other male practitioners.

I once thought that I had been doing well enough by maintaining a distance between friends of the opposite sex. I would just “admire” them. Yet today after cultivating for many years, I realize that the so-called mutual “admiration” between people nowadays already has elements of sentimentality and lust.

Being in this corrupted society, sentimental and lustful temptations abound. In order to let go of lust, one must be constantly introspective, have a steadfast main consciousness, be calm and upright, not be stirred by the demon of sentimentality, and maintain a calm mind. This can prevent “sentimentality” giving rise to “lust,” “lust” giving rise to “desire,” and allow one to rectify those bad desires in a timely fashion.

The lack of spiritual belief for the people in today’s society has brought about an endless increase in desires, including a proliferation of sentimentality, lust, and desire. If this proliferation of sentimentality and desires is not restrained and continues in this manner, it will be like a small boat in a stormy sea facing constant danger.

Reading Master’s Fa in Zhuan Falun, “That desire and lust stuff are all just human attachments, and we should get rid of all of them”. I enlightened to the importance of cultivators eliminating the attachment to desires. Even though Dafa disciples’ cultivation is in the human world, one must be strict with oneself. Otherwise, the slightest desire will tie down that originally diligent heart to cultivate, making us unconsciously indulge in desires and forget our purpose for coming here.

Master told us in Zhuan Falun, “In the ordinary world there’s marital relations between husband and wife, and only with this can human beings procreate. This is how mankind goes forward. There’s emotion in society, so for ordinary people these things are just normal”. Marital relations in the ordinary world are for the purpose of procreation, while for cultivators the qi of blood and essence is used to cultivate longevity. Just speaking for myself, I sometimes do not want to wake up in the morning to do the exercises. My Fa-study and entire cultivation state would be severely interfered with and negatively influenced. It usually takes me two to three days to recover to a normal cultivation state. So I really cannot continue dragging my feet on this issue!

After finding the key to the problem, I wanted to write this and reveal them to completely eliminate them.

After truly recognizing the harm of sentimentality, lust, and desire, I think that lots of Fa-study and sending forth righteous thoughts to clean up my and my partner’s dimensional fields can eliminate the demons of sentimentality and lust, allowing us to have no distractions and boldly and vigorously forge ahead.

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