Leung Chun-ying Condones Gang Activity – International Classical Chinese Dance Competition Suffers Another Breach of Contract

Hong Kong Police Selectively Choose to Condone Violence
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PureInsight | October 6, 2016

[PureInsight.org] The Asia-Pacific regional preliminary round of NTDTV’s seventh annual “International Classical Chinese Dance Competition” was originally scheduled for August 1 in Hong Kong’s Mongkok MacPherson Stadium. Once all preparation was ready, the organizers suddenly received a venue notice on July 26 informing them that the lease was canceled and that the competition would move to Taipei, Taiwan on August 1.

The organizers condemn the Hong Kong Youth Care Association and multiple peripheral CCP organizations for continued harassment and interference over multiple days outside the stadium, which intimidated public venues and ticketing officials. The police chose selective law enforcement and condoned these “professional demonstrators” causing interference. The root of the dance competition suppression is Leung Chun-ying and supporting CCP forces.

On July 26, three business days away from the competition, The Mangkok MacPherson Stadium’s Hong Kong Playground Association suddenly sent a message to NTDTV, the host of the seventh annual “International Classical Chinese Dance Competition,” saying that due to “security reasons,” they had to cancel the lease for the organizers to use the stadium.

On that day, notices were posted outside the MacPherson venue indicating that it would close on August 1 and not hold the “International Classical Chinese Dance Competition.”

The organizers deeply regret the Hong Kong Playground Association’s breach of contract. Hong Kong’s NTD Dance Competition project manager Wu Xue Er strongly condemned Leung Chun-ying’s gangster regime for condoning the Hong Kong Youth Care Association and peripheral CCP organizations to harass and interfere near the venue. The police and FEHD chose selective enforcement, confusing venues, nearby residents, and shops. NTDTV will conduct a more thorough investigation of the matter and hold relevant parties accountable.

Asia-Pacific Preliminary Round Staged in Taipei

Wu Xue Er said that for months the organizers invested manpower, resources, and lots of effort in preparing for the competition. This breach of contract has a significant influence, including the 1,246 tickets that had been sold. People who were ready to watch the games included political figures, cultural and artistic celebrities, foreign diplomats, members of arts organizations, and the public. The organizers put a lot of resources into advertisements and looking for sponsors. Furthermore, contestants from Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Mainland China, and Hong Kong had already prepared to come. Some had to cancel their plane tickets and hotel accommodations, resulting in considerable financial loss.

Even so, in order to safeguard the seriousness and importance of the competition, the organizers announced that day that the preliminary round of the competition would move to Taipei, Taiwan. Wu Xue Er said, “Fortunately the preliminary round could be relocated to Taipei, Taiwan. This also displays NTDTV’s promise and commitment to the contestants. The organizers will also make appropriate arrangements for refunds.

Condemning Leung Chun-ying’s Gangster Activity in Hong Kong

Last week, the Hong Kong Youth Care Association division of the CCP’s 610 office and at least eight other CCP espionage organizations, including the Concentric Hong Kong Alliance, Hong Kong Love Association, Hong Kong Public Opinion Association, etc. caused interference and harassment outside the MacPherson venues. Saturday and Sunday were the peaks. They hung large slanderous banners on stadium poles pressuring for venue cancellation. They also set up an exhibit to slander Falun Gong, covering both sides of the street. They also arranged for officers to gather outside the venue and play slanderous recordings on loudspeakers, causing a serious nuisance for ticket buyers, nearby residents, and shops.

The Hong Kong NTDTV organizers called the cops multiple times, but the situation remained the same. The venue also called the cops essentially every day, yet officers who arrived at the scene merely “advised” the gang members to leave rather than using law enforcement to protect the safety of the venue and the tranquility of nearby residential life. The police only disclosed information to the venue and ratified multiple “organizations” to gather outside the venue on August 1. The organizers had no knowledge of anything prior to the contract breach.

Police Choose Selective Enforcement and Condone Violence

As the secondhand man of Jiang Zemin’s CCP regime, Zeng Qinghong supported the underground chief executive’s rise to power. Leung Chun-ying has been using gang connivance and manipulating the police force, the Hong Kong Youth Care Association, and other organizations to suppress Falun Gong and related organizations. In 2012 when Leung just rose to power, the Asia-Pacific regional preliminary round of NTDTV’s fifth annual “International Classical Chinese Dance Competition” was to be held in the Caritas Service Center in Kowloon, Hong Kong on August 18. Leung Chun-ying condoned the Hong Kong Youth Care Association to cause a nuisance outside the competition location. Some members even fought with the police but were not arrested.

On January 17 this year, the popular tourist site BP International Hotel of Tsim Sha Tsui experienced a “bomb hoax” in an attempt to interfere with Falun Gong practitioners’ experience sharing conference. The Hong Kong Youth Care Association, the Concentric Hong Kong Alliance and other groups interfered on site. Even though the police subsequently arrested five suspects, the organizers have not received any news from police about developments in the case. The leader of the Hong Kong Youth Care Association showed himself once again outside the MacPherson venues to cause a nuisance.

Two International Competitions Suffer Breach of Contract

This time NTDTV tried to hold the “International Classical Chinese Dance Competition” Asia-Pacific preliminary round in Hong Kong once again but has suffered a breach of contract twice within a few months, an unusual event. NTDTV had previously rented the Heung Yee Kuk Theater Building to hold the Classical Chinese Dance Competition when Leung Chun-ying suddenly took back the venue for “election purposes,” forcing Heung Yee Kuk to breach the contract.

Prior to this, the newspaper revealed that this incident was a result of Leung Chun-ying and the director of the Liaison Office, Zhang Xiaoming, directly pressuring the DAB Executive Council and the first vice-chairman of Heung Yee Kuk, Cheung Hok-ming.

NTDTV Is Committed to Promoting Traditional Culture and Art

Ever since its creation, the New York based NTDTV has always had the mission of freely broadcasting true information and promoting traditional Chinese culture. It is the only global Chinese television network that is not influenced by the CCP’s media.

NTDTV’s “International Classical Chinese Dance Competition” seeks to restore and promote the pure truth, pure compassion, and pure beauty of the righteous classical Chinese dance, provide a stage where developing young dance professionals can reach success, and share this excellent traditional Chinese culture with the rest of the world, creating a new era for Chinese dance. Since the inaugural competition in 2007, it brings together hundreds of contestants from around the world to display their talents in this unique international Chinese dance competition.

The competition stipulates that preliminary round contestants must perform something from their repertoire as well as standard exercises. Movements and technique must be graceful and agile. In addition to compulsory movements that display classical Chinese dance fundamentals, one can choose a dance routine that displays one’s unique style according to one’s special skills.

Aside from classical Chinese dance, NTDTV’s Nine Competitions also include violin, vocal, photography, martial arts, Han couture design, piano, Chinese culinary, and painting, showing NTDTV’s intentions of reviving righteous Chinese culture. The competitions mark the beginning of a Chinese culture renaissance.

Can Dancing Make the CCP Collapse? – Why is the CCP Afraid of an International Dance Competition?

The eight or more peripheral CCP organizations that participated in sabotaging NTDTV’s “International Classical Chinese Dance Competition” did so under Leung Chun-ying, the chief executive cultivated by Jiang Zemin’s CCP regime, which happened around 2012 when Leung Chun-ying first came to power. Leung Chun-ying and others from Jiang’s regime manipulated people in Hong Kong, disrupted Hong Kong’s original policies, including suppressing Falun Gong, harassing Falun Gong practitioners’ peaceful protests in Hong Kong, Some organizations were involved in violent and criminal activities. They used the same Cultural Revolution-style approach to suppress the dance competition just as they suppress Falun Gong.

Leung Chun-ying implemented the policy against Falun Gong that Jiang Zemin used in China – “Ruin their reputation, ruin them financially, and destroy their physical bodies” – as well as other 610 policies in Hong Kong. As long as there are Falun Gong practitioners in an event, it is acceptable to bypass the law to suppress them. Police and government departments can turn a blind eye.

NTDTV faces the general public, adheres to independent unfiltered news reports, and promotes traditional Chinese culture as its mission. Because of its unfiltered reporting, NTDTV has been seen by the CCP as highly sensitive and must be strictly filtered for Falun Gong news and has been suppressed by the CCP. In reality, because NTDTV does not filter Falun Gong news, it has helped the world learn about the persecution happening in China today as well as the truth about China today.

As an independent media source, NTDTV held a pure artistic dance competition in Hong Kong, yet it still received unjust treatment. This is a warning that Hong Kong is moving towards the mainland, which is pushing the cosmopolitan city of Hong Kong towards the edge of danger because the same tactics can be used against any victim that the CCP so chooses.

One of NTDTV’s missions is to revive traditional Chinese culture. The moral principles and philosophies of five thousand years of traditional Chinese culture confirm the hideousness of the CCP’s ideology, letting Chinese people see how the CCP’s culture of “lies, evil, and struggle” poison later generations. This is the fundamental reason why the CCP fears NTDTV and the renaissance of traditional Chinese culture.

Translated from: http://news.zhengjian.org/node/33110

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