The Wicked Has Surpassed that of the Nazis “Harvested Alive: The Ten-Year Investigation” Global Premiere

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PureInsight | December 25, 2016

[] Ten years ago, the CCP’s live organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners for profit was exposed to the world for the first time. A group of people began to investigate the truth behind the unfathomable, gathering evidence from such areas as mainland hospitals, courts, and senior officials. Recently, a documentary of their findings over ten years was officially released.

On November 19, the production team for the documentary “Harvested Alive: The Ten-Year Investigation” held its global premiere in Houston. This documentary is the blueprint for the ten-year investigation of the CCP’s live organ harvesting and reveals the process and results of the investigation.

That day the film’s main creator came to the Houston Tracy Gee community center to meet with the audience and discussed the original intent of investigating the organ harvesting for the last ten years. The head of The International Coalition Against Human Trafficking, Wang Zhiyuan, said that this is something everyone should be aware of.

Wang Zhiyuan said, “It is because this event is too serious, too tragic, and encompasses a large scope. It is essentially a persecution against all Chinese citizens, everyone around the world, and the human race.”

The director Li Jun said that unlike previous live harvesting documentaries, this documentary uses Chinese people’s ways of thinking and expression, and 95% of the material comes from mainland China.

Li Jun, director and producer of “Harvested Alive: The Ten-Year Investigation”, said, “We use evidence from mainland China to tell people about this inhumane live organ harvesting happening in China. The second biggest difference is that about one-third of this film proves that live organ harvesting is not a single individual’s act, but it is a national crime, so there are investigations into the courts, the Politburo, the Secretary of Defense, and the current Politburo Standing Committee. The consolidated evidence allows people to see very clearly that this act is a national act. When it becomes a national act, it is no longer a problem of tens of thousands of people; it is a national crime.”

Audience member Mr. Zhang was shocked at the truth depicted in the documentary. He thinks many people do not believe that the live organ harvesting is happening because this event crosses the bottom line of humanity, and excessively tragic events are difficult to believe. Just like in World War II only when the Allies entered Auschwitz and found piles of unattended dead bodies did people believe that the Nazis had concentration camps to kill Jews.

Mr. Zhang said, “This is not limited to just Falun Gong practitioners. All vulnerable groups are now victims in China.”

In “Harvested Alive: The Ten-Year Investigation”, Wang Zhiyuan said, “Once someone is involved in the murderous machine, they are not just killing Falun Gong practitioners.”

“Harvested Alive: The Ten-Year Investigation” can now be seen on YouTube and Facebook. Visit the official website to learn more about the live organ harvesting.

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