“European-Chinese” Resolution Condemned the CCP’s Persecution of Human Rights

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PureInsight | December 2, 2018

[PureInsight.org] The European Parliament recently passed the "European-Chinese Relations" resolution, expressing all aspects of the EU's concerns about the CCP's violations from the perspectives of human rights, academic freedom, religious freedom, and freedom of the press. In addition, the resolution also mentions the CCP’s evil behavior in harvesting organs of Falun Gong practitioners and stresses that the summit between Europe and China must achieve concrete human rights results.

In addition to strongly condemning the CCP’s persecution of human rights, the EU-China resolution also emphasizes that improving human rights and promoting the rule of law are the core of EU relations with China. It urges 28 member countries to adopt a consistent, more determined and transparent policy.

László Tőkés, the deputy chairman of the European Parliament, said, "European democracy cannot compromise with the communist dictatorship (in democracy, human rights are ruled by law). We must continue to stand up (for Uighurs, Tibetans, etc.) to defend their rights."

Reinhard Bütikofer, deputy head of the European Parliament’s delegation to China, said, “In fact, the CCP completely rejects the highest “sacred” principle advocated by us (Europe). I think we should make it clear that we require the CCP to pursue the "one EU" policy."

The resolution mentioned that the CCP persecuted human rights activists, lawyers, journalists, scholars, and CCP’s large-scale suppression of ethnic minorities and faith groups, and once again mentioned the EU's resolution in 2013 condemning the CCP's organ harvesting.

European parliamentarian Ana Gomes, who is from Portugal,said that the CCP’s internal crackdown in China includes persecution of human rights activists, trade union activists, minority groups, (Xinjiang) Uygur, (Tibet) Tibetans, Christianity, Falun Gong, etc. It is really unacceptable.

The resolution is also concerned about that the dialogue between EU and China on human rights has never been made public, the parliament has demanded that the independent voice of the Chinese people should be involved in the discussion; and that the summit meeting between Europe and China must achieve concrete human rights results.


In addition, the report also specifically mentions the pressure that CCP put on overseas Chinese students and scholars, including attempts to influence the curriculum of educational and academic institutions. The report pointed out that in the face of the systematic penetration of the CCP, the EU needs to strengthen self-protection.

Bastiaan Belder, the Dutch drafter of the resolution, said, “From a European perspective, concerns about the ruling Communist Party policy are increasing. So we talk about Tibet, Xinjiang, and all religions being forced to be “Chinese or Communist” way.”

Belder said that in response to the CCP's activities in the world, Europe urgently needs a comprehensive European strategy. Swedish scholar Tim Rühlig believes that the new report is "more critical and more consistent with the principle" than the 2015 report and is also skeptical about the CCP.


Translated from http://www.zhengjian.org/node/246804



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