280 Million People Have Renounced the Chinese Communist Party (CCP): To Be Traditional People

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PureInsight | September 30, 2017

[PureInsight.org] As of August 1 this year, Chinese people who have quit CCP organizations including the Communist Party, the Communist Youth League, and the Young Pioneers reached over 280 million. In their statement, they clarified to be traditional Chinese people with dignity. Lu Ge said in his statement, “I have been aware of the corruption scandal in the court for many years. I retired early to do some part-time jobs for life. Recently I heard about quitting the CCP and understood the importance of it. Now I declare to quit all CCP organizations and void my oath for them. I will be a traditional Chinese person with dignity, not a member of atheism.”

Ten people in Yunnan Province said in a statement that the history of the Communist Party has been a deceptive infighting history. It cut off the excellent culture of China and distorted the good universal value – kindness. The CCP has been an evil party with characteristics of greed, extreme selfishness, and no moral standard.

Guangdong Foshan citizen Shaotang Liang said he wanted to quit all CCP organizations, be away from evil, and embrace life. Victory will eventually belong to human nature.

Fulan Mao and other eight people said that they all knew the Communist Party was a cult. It did evil things including controlling people's thinking and their brains. Everyone who worked in the government was brainwashed with abnormal spirit. Some people looked insane because they saved CCP quotations such as following the party any time in their cellphones. Corruption was everywhere. Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption made them worry every day. Apparently, they were still acting and reciting the lines. They were so frightened because they were afraid of losing their jobs. The Communist Party was not only a cult but also a terrorist organization.

Ms. Yi Rong, chairman of the Global Communist Party Renouncement Service Center, said in an interview with the Epoch Times that the number of people who quit the Chinese Communist Party has exceeded 280 million and has been increasing steadily, indicating that people have a common aspiration to withdraw from the CCP.

Political commentator Xiaohui Zhou said that the CCP believes in materialism, atheism, and violent struggle, which was the core of Marxism-Leninism. To maintain its rule, it destroyed traditional culture including human relations, morality, spirits, and Buddha existence through media and education since 1949. Without faith constraints, the Chinese people began to indulge themselves infinitely. Social morality declined very fast, which was related to all the chaos in China.

Xiaohui Zhou said, “To restore the traditional Chinese culture, to achieve ‘rule by law, virtue cleansing people’s hearts,’ we must remove Marxism-Leninism from its root and get rid of the Communist Party so the Chinese culture and China can be revived.”

Yi Rong pointed out that history has proven that the Chinese Communist Party has systematically destroyed traditional Chinese culture and the ecological environment. It transformed the rich and beautiful land of China into the most dangerous place and a spiritual desert. As more and more people understood the truth, the number of people who quit the CCP will increase. Hundreds of millions of Chinese people are creating history by destroying the CCP with peaceful withdrawal.

Yi Rong calls on the Chinese people to renounce the CCP early to avoid being buried with the evil party when huge changes happen to China.


Translated from http://www.zhengjian.org/node/238712




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