The Other Realms Exist – Experiences after the Death of my Late Husband

A Dafa Disciple in U.S.A.

PureInsight | April 22, 2017

[] My late husband J died in his early forties several years ago after his cancer metastasized. I had just obtained the Fa when he was diagnosed, and was nowhere near being a true practitioner who cultivates righteously. All of his family, me included, had a lot of thoughts and clashes of minds and struggled with emotions during the last two years of his life. I knew practicing Dafa was the only way for him to survive. Well in reality, he jumped between Dafa cultivation and various medical treatment regimens several times, and eventually succumbed to the illnesses. Despite his lack of faith and persistence, the benevolent Master and the power of Dafa allowed him to not have to take any pain medication even though his cancer had metastasized to his entire lungs and liver and he died peacefully.

The moment I saw him take his last breath, the thought that emerged from my mind was "it’s so not worth it, everything, those stupid fights in life."

My mom (a practitioner), another practitioner in our local study group and I spent the night reading Zhuan Falun, after he died.

Incredible things began to happen starting the third morning after he passed away.

Around 8 a.m our neighbor, from the last building where we lived, called. She was sobbing and told me that she saw J when she opened the bathroom door in the morning. He was dressed in a white gown, looked sad, and said he needed help as he must go to a faraway place. But he couldn’t really start the journey. He asked her to tell me that I must help him, and I needed to get rid of all the stuff he used while he was sick, as these matters were wearing him down (his older brother asked me to keep everything untouched until he arrived). I therefore cleaned up the house immediately.

While his older brother and sister stayed in my house to sort things out, my neighbor said J wanted to talk to them. We set a time to meet and she came in one night. We sat in the living room, she would ask them the questions she received from J (there were moments of silence when J was communicating with her). I would then translate for her and then again for the responses from J’s brother and sister. The conversations went like this. It was just like how it was in the movie Ghost. Some may find it hard to believe, but my neighbor could not have made things up as much of what was talked was about very specific things in J’s family that even I had not had much clue. I no longer remember the details except an arrangement that was made in this "dialogue." My neighbor was asking whether there was a holiday for the dead in China, we all realized that it would be QingMing (April 5, Tomb-Sweeping Day). The arrangement was that on that day, J would return to the old house he spent his first few years to meet his family.

The house had long been demolished, but his family went there regardless on April 5 and stood by the creek nearby. It was raining pretty hard that day and they all held umbrellas. While they were throwing flower petals in the water, his sister noticed a bird fly by in front of them a couple of times. She thought it is strange how come a bird flying in the pouring rain. She sent a thought asking the bird to fly in front of them again if the bird was associated with J. The bird indeed flew in front of her one more time.

The last time I had "news" about J was about 4 months after his death, when I was watching Shen Yun for the eighth or ninth time that year. My neighbor went to see Shen Yun several times with me too, and sometimes we drove for hours. She found me during the intermission, and she looked happy. She said J told her that he had reached his destination. It is a warm and bright place, a lot of people are waiting there, men and women, young and old, all dressed in some kind of white gown. Some people were teasing him, so J, what did you play last life? He replied, a science genius. When others asked him whether he’d do it again, he replied not really.

I’ve only dreamt of him a handful of times. Once he told me that he found another wife, I was very surprised by how soon he moved on. Another time he told me, "I have very, very good news, but I’m not going to tell you."

I remained unmarried all these years. When asked by ordinary people, I simply say that I could not handle another death, as life is so unpredictable. Sometimes I’d joke that unless the man has a warranty stamped by God that he would not die before me. The fact of the matter is that I learned that love in the human realm is such a transient thing, while everything is predestined. A fellow practitioner who could see other dimensions once mentioned to me that J was a noble but very young being up there. He agreed to the old forces' arrangement that he would give up his life in exchange for obtaining the Fa. His life did change after he married me and he learned the Fa through me. Of course, my life changed too after our marriage, as I was planning to go to Africa and travel around the world. But I ended up staying in the U.S. because of him. I had a lot of guilt and regret that I did not cultivate well enough to help him break away from the arrangement of the old forces.


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