Our Main Consciousness Must Predominate – Lessons Learned from Mom’s Sickness Tribulation

A Dafa Disciple in U.S.A.

PureInsight | April 22, 2017

[PureInsight.org] About a year after my father passed away, my mother (fellow practitioner) decided to move to my place. It was in the summer when she spent much time dealing with the relocation. When all was done, I picked her up at the airport and was surprised to see her complexion was still very fair, like she was not running around under the baking sun at all. Her spirit was high in the first few days after she arrived. She participated in the small group study and was excited about coming to a new environment.

However, she sort of collapsed after a few days. She felt weak, began to have a fever, and lost much of her appetite. Worse still, she fell twice in the bathtub while taking showers. She had big bruises on the back of her head. I took a day off to take care of her, and asked other practitioners over to stay with her during the day for a couple of days. Her situation was not improving much after a week. One practitioner close to us felt the situation was serious, and she offered to take my mom to her home since I had to go to work during the day.

My mom ended up staying there for almost three full weeks.

The practitioner and another fellow practitioner who was staying in her place then helped my mom to read Fa while keeping up with her exercises. They also cooked nutritious meals and encouraged my mom to eat more. Their compassionate acts were very touching and provided great support to my mom and me as well, so that my work was not interrupted. I would drive to her place after work to study and exercise together and go home close to midnight. I also spent all my weekend at the practitioner’s place.

Despite all the efforts we put in, my mom’s situations did not improve much. She even lost some of her voice, and could not stand or walk steadily. I asked her, "Why are you suffering from what dad had struggled with in the last few years of his life?"

My observation of this similarity was initially a casual one until I was astounded by one incident. Mom was sitting on the couch flipping through an older version of Zhuan Falun (there was a short bio of Master and a photo of his family). All of a sudden, my mom murmured a comment, and she used a word that my dad typically used but most Chinese people don’t in verbal conversations. Then I saw the way she sat, and was scared even more – her posture was just like how my dad used to sit, like a man! My hair stood up on end! I asked my mom in a stern voice, "What did you just say?" She turned to me and said she didn’t say anything. I asked again, and she still said she didn’t say anything. I said you were talking in the same way dad used to; she did not seem to know what I was talking about.

I was concerned, yet more incredible things happened when we started to send forth righteous thoughts. My right side was facing my mom, but soon after we began SFRT, my right arm was dragged to point to her by an irresistible force. My arm stayed there for over 5 minutes. A powerful current flew to my palm pointing to her. My mom often appeared to doze off and her hand would fall while SFRT, but she rarely admitted that. She would insist that she was keeping a conscious mind even after I showed her photos I took of her. This time she looked about the same. However, what I saw in my mind was that she fell back on the couch completely asleep, with her head tilted to one side. Then something like my dad’s face was on the other side of her neck, looking much more awake than her. I realized that her consciousness was occupied and her body suppressed by that being.

I knew my dad would not do anything vicious. I only dreamed of him once after he passed away. He was walking into my living room and he wore the button-up short sleeve shirt he used to wear in his middle age and looking calm and peaceful. I was sitting by my desk, turned to look at him. Yet, everything vanished, when I just reached out my arm and called Dad! I then realized that he came to share that he had nothing to miss in this world.

But what on earth was happening to my mom? I told my mom and the other two practitioners what I saw during SFRT. At this time, my mom’s own main consciousness took over, we all felt that our main consciousness must predominate; otherwise human minds are simply too weak to resist the interference from the other dimensions.

Now that we understood the root of the problem, my mom’s "recovery" has since accelerated. Her state has largely returned to normal in a little over a week. All the physical issues that were similar to what my dad had for years manifesting in my mom in the past few weeks - such as her coarse voice and weak legs - all disappeared. What Master allowed us disciples to see and the power of the Fa appear to have come very gently; however, I learned that we disciples would not be able to recognize and benefit from these "messages" if disciples failed to have total faith in Master and in the Fa. And we cannot have a tiny bit of doubt. Even ordinary people say, "clasping Buddha’s feet in an emergency.” Disciples must strengthen their faith through studying the Fa more diligently and not rely on other human methods or tricks instead, when enduring hardships and tribulations.


Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/156544



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