Flea Trouble Tested My Belief on Master and DaFa

Fu Ming

PureInsight | November 11, 2017

[PureInsight.org] I often read some miracle experience from fellow practitioners’ sharing articles about believing Master and Dafa. For me, I trusted them 100%. I could do well in some ways such as Karma and contradiction between people, etc. I could always pass the test by memorizing Master’s words. However, in small things, I didn’t have good solution often.

A few days ago, some fleas appeared in my office and specifically bit a female colleague. There were 7 people in the office; but only that female colleague was allergic to it. Her leg got dozens of bumps and festered. I was very frustrated because I was the head of the office and it was me who brought the flea here. Several stray cats stayed out of our office. My colleagues and I always fed them. Two months ago, a female cat put her new born baby to the interlayers of our heating system. My colleague asked me how to deal with them. I said, “They are so poor, just let them stay there.” One month later, the kittens came out with some fleas. I had to get some flea medicine to clean them up. Then my colleague adopted them. However, big trouble came back. Some fleas were left in the office and bit my colleagues. I sprayed the previous medicine to the heating interlayers, but no use. The next day, I put camphor balls there and the smell was huge. The fleas still bit her. She had to get some infusion treatment by avoiding fleas.

Since the second way failed; I woke up. My Dad fellow practitioner lived in rural area. The health condition was not that good. However, there was no fly or mosquito in the kitchen and restroom. He told me he sent more righteous thoughts to stop them coming. I admired him because I treated the flea in a human way first.

Since I couldn’t kill all fleas, I knelt before Master’s picture to recall my fault. First of all, I shouldn’t put that much time on stray cats. Secondly, I had no righteous thoughts when I found flea from the cats. I didn’t trust Master and Fa but dealt with it as ordinary person. Master, please helped me resolve it without bothering ordinary people.

In the afternoon, my manager told me that female colleague went to work at other department. I thanked Master in happy surprise. I also felt sorry that I had to trouble Master with such small thing!

It was a small thing with serious lesson. At such tense moment of saving people, we shouldn’t provoke unnecessary trouble!

Translated from http://www.zhengjian.org/node/238826


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