A Lama Who Knows Fortune Telling

A Falun Gong practitioner in Mainland China

PureInsight | July 18, 2018

[PureInsight.org] It’s not unusual for Lamas to know fortune telling. Since ancient times, practitioners always have some abilities to foresee the future. However, this particular lama said something very strange and really impressed me.

Mr. Cai is a Falun Gong practitioner who often travels for business. By chance, he met a lama on a train. The lama was very outgoing and talkative. Whoever asked him any questions, he would answer patiently. Sometimes the lama also did fortune telling. Hence, by just sitting there, he gathered a lot of people around himself. Unlike the fortunetellers who need a perpetual calendar as a tool, the lama directly predicted.  His predictions were normally very accurate. Therefore, Mr. Cai approached the lama as a hope to have a conversation with him.  

Because Mr. Cai practices Falun Gong, he hoped to ask the lama things related to Falun Gong. There were so many people around. Mr. Cai thought it was a good opportunity to clarify the truth to them. He therefore asked, “What do you think about the 2001 Tiananmen Square self-immolation incident?” When the lama heard his question, the lama raised his voice, “Back then a lot of people with super-normal abilities foresaw the persecution and the fact that Falun Gong would be framed”. So many people wanted to stop this. However, we found that there were some higher factors causing the incident and suppressing those people with super-normal abilities. Therefore the whole thing still happened. As for the higher factor, we had no idea what it was. Mr. Cai asked again, “Who set the fire on that day?”   Lama said, “It may be arranged by the higher level, but in the ordinary human world, Jiang Zemin set the fire”. He added, “Falun Gong is saving people. Whoever knows the truth of Falun Gong is saved.” While the lama was saying this, he was super loud. A lot of people in the train were listening silently. Nobody agreed and nobody objected. Mr. Cai was very happy. The lama helped him to clarify the truth!

After hearing the story of Mr. Cai, I am very impressed. Falun Gong practitioners often tell the truth of Falun Gong to non-practitioners. They do this everyday, every month, and every year. They have keptt on clarifying the truth for 19 years. However, many people still cannot believe it, and some even report Falun Gong practitioners to the police and put Falun Gong practitioners into jail. It is such a pity. Today, when I hear what the lama said, I realize that there are many people in the world who know the truth. Those people who know the truth also help with clarifying the truth under a different environment, which comforts us, as Falun Gong practitioners. For those who listen to the CCP’s lies, this adds to them a little bit more hope of being saved. Gods are compassionate. Gods always tell people the truth by different means. People should avoid being a part of CCP which has enormous sins, and therefore avoid the punishment from the gods. People who choose to believe in the good side will have a good future.

It really is that no matter whether you believe or not, the Lama knows fortune telling. Self-immolation is a sham. Even the Lama does not believe. The Chinese Communist Party has enormous sins. It will disintegrate because of disrespecting divine beings. 300 million people have quit CCP. I advise you to quit too and remove the mark of the beast!

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