“Falun Gong Practitioners Are Living Bodhisattvas”

Zheng Xin, Dafa Disciple in Jiang Su Province

PureInsight | September 19, 2018

[PureInsight.org] It was October 28, 2017. I went to pick up a holiday gift at my former work unit with my husband. My husband wanted to take the subway but I insisted on taking the bus because it is a direct route. However, the bus was late and we had to take another route. A passenger offered me a seat. When I was moving to the seat, the bus driver braked suddenly. My head hit a metallic object and I fell to the ground in a coma. After a few seconds, I woke up. I signaled to my husband to help me stand up. He was afraid for me to stand up. I thought I was a Falun Gong practitioner, protected by Master. I could stand up without help. So I did it. People in the bus said, “This old lady must have done a lot of good things to accumulate such a big virtue. She could still stand up after such a heavy fall!” I told them I was a Falun Gong practitioner and protected by Master.

The people on the bus blamed the driver. They wanted me to file a claim with the driver’s manager. I said I was okay and I shouldn’t ask for money from him. But my husband insisted on going to the hospital with me.

Then, the bus security officer (on behalf of the manager) came. He checked the surveillance video and wanted to send me to the hospital. I said I didn’t want to go to the hospital because I had responsibility as well; plus I was okay. However, they insisted on sending me to the hospital. I asked for help from Master, “Don’t let them find problem because the practitioners shouldn’t have problem. Please bless me!”

CT examination found two large masses at the back of the head. The doctors wanted to hospitalize me. I insisted on going home and told them not to embarrass the driver because I have responsibility as well.

The driver was grateful and said, “All my family members rely on me to support them. It doesn’t matter how my manager deals with me. I really appreciate your compassion on behalf of my family. Falun gong practitioners are living Bodhisattvas.”

The security officer said: You are terrific, thinking of us from our perspective. Thank you very much, thank you Falun Gong!

The doctor also gave me a thumbs up: the people who practices Falun Gong are so good, so kind!

I told them if I didn’t practice Falun Gong, I wouldn’t do this. You should thank my Master because he told us what to do. Now it was time for them to withdraw from the Communist Party because they would have a bright future after that!

The driver said he wanted to withdraw from the Young Pioneer; the security officer said he wanted to withdraw from the Communist Youth League. The doctor hesitated for a while and then said he wanted to withdraw from CCP.

I said, “You are all saved. I wished you a bright future!” Everyone was happy.

When we left, they repeatedly said: “Please don’t hesitate to go to see a doctor if you have any emergency!”

I said, "Don’t worry, my Master will take care of me. Nothing will happen!" The doctor said, "Falun Gong practitioner is a living Bodhisattva."

The next morning at 3:30 am, I practiced the five sets of exercises. After twenty minutes of sending forth righteous thoughts, I felt so comfortable. It was so wonderful!


Translated from http://www.zhengjian.org/node/245173



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