Master Is Beside Me

Beijing Dafa disciple, Xiaoqu

PureInsight | August 21, 2018

[] I am a Beijing Dafa disciple. I made a huge mistake during my cultivation process. After coming back to Dafa, I feel the goodness of Dafa and of “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance” from the bottom of my heart. I also feel the great compassion of our Master from my heart. During my cultivation process, I feel Master is beside me all the time. I want to share about my recent cultivation experiences.

During the evil 19th national congress of the Chinese communist party, a few people were walking on the streets. Streets were filled with neighborhood committees wearing red armbands and there were also people from the sub-district office. They were standing on streets to monitor the civilians. In the past Ms. Li who lives one floor above me also went out watching people, during the 19th evil national congress, I went to her apartment and told her, “Your whole family is good and all quit the CCP. We therefore cannot go out, wear the red armbands and treat civilians as enemies. We cannot do such thing just because of tiny personal gains. We do not want to lose our reputation forever by persecuting Dafa disciples. Is that right?” Ms. Li replied, “This time nobody in my office goes out to do such thing”.

During the evil congress meeting, almost all people on streets wore red armbands. I went outside to clarify the truth to them.  When they saw me, they immediately turned their heads to other directions, or dodged. After coming back home, I was pondering what I should do if I could not talk to them directly. I had to clarify the truth to them. I hence decided to go out and save people by singing the truth. I went downstairs and walked outside the yard, I sang Dafa songs such as “Humanity’s values have declined with time” easily without much efforts. My voice was high pitched and loud. I suddenly knew how to sing according to whatever methods I could think of. I was surprised, “Is this really my voice?” This was how Ning Yu sang the song. The voice was loud and melodious. People wearing red armbands outside all came to my yard to see who was singing. They were stunned when they saw me. I knew from my heart that it was sung by divine beings. I just opened my mouth. Master helped me. I knew Master was beside me. I kept singing while I was walking on the street. People outside all stopped, listened to the song and gave me the thumbs up.

Once I escorted my mother, who was in a wheelchair, to go out for truth clarification. I sang as I walked and came across a community housing. The security guard of the community asked me to go inside to sing. I asked him, “Did I sing well?” He said, “Regardless of your voice, the song you sang is resonating and touching my heart”. After I heard what he said, I knew it was because the lyrics of the song were from Hong Yin. It was Master’s Fa that touched his heart. Master is beside me. There was another time I went back after doing exercises outside. I sang while I was walking. A passerby told me, “Your voice is loud and goes very far without a microphone. It’s very powerful”.  I thought it was because I was singing divine songs that could save people. It was sung by divine beings under the assistance of Master.

One day someone stood in front of the door of my building. I asked, “Are you moving in?” He said that he was living on the third floor. After chatting, I knew that he went down to the countryside during the Great Culture Revolution. I then told him the truth and encouraged him to quit the CCP. At this time he asked me excitedly, “Are you the one who sang the song?”
I said, “Yes”. He said: “We are neighbors now. Please come to my apartment when you have time”. I said, “Sure”. He then went inside his apartment. When I was trying to unplug the charging cable of my moped in front of his apartment’s door, I overheard the conversation between him and his wife. His wife asked him, “Who were you talking with?” He replied, “It’s our neighbor who practices Falun Gong and sings very well”. After I heard their conversation, I realized that they actually knew what I sang was Dafa songs, which could save people. Thank Master. Master is beside me.

During my childhood, I was not allowed to sing due to my poor health. My voice was so terrible that my songs sounded like a crying baby. After I grew up, I still could not sing no matter how hard I tried to open my mouth.

In 2017, I came to the US to attend the Fa conference. I thought I needed to listen to Master very carefully in order not to leave out any words. At the same moment, Master was looking toward my direction and then started to cough. Master was coughing while he was teaching the Fa. After the Fa conference, I was astonished upon seeing my neck in a mirror at home. I saw a big hole there. I could reach the back of my neck through the hole. The hole was big enough to fill a big spoon of water. I then understood why Master was coughing during the lecture. Master took bad things away from my voice and eliminated Karma for me. My tears fell.

After I came back from the conference, I passed by a park one day and saw a person playing a harmonica. I approached him. He asked me, “Do you know how to play as well?” I said, “No, but I love singing”. He then said, “Well, you can sing, and I will accompany”. I said, “I do not like your lyrics”. He said, “Do you have scores?” I happened to bring songs in Hong Yin III on that day. He then played the harmonica and I sang. He played very well. I then rushed home and brought all Hong Yin III songs I have. I sang increasingly better under his good accompaniment. He asked me, “Did you bring your phone?” I said, “No.”  He said, “You should record us and send the songs to your friends. What you sang are all buddhas music. It’s very surprising that we were able to cooperate well on our first try. You sang very well.” I told him that I could not sing well without scores. He said, “My wife believes in Buddhism. You are the best singer in the park.” I know it was Master who recreated me. Thank Master! I once encouraged a middle school accordion teacher who looked down upon me to quit CCP in this park. After he heard my song, he came to me and told me that he did not expect me to sing that well. I know it is due to the assistance of Master. Master gives me everything.

Earlier this year before Chinese New Year (Normally in February), I thought we were allowed to do the exercises outside because Dafa book was allowed to be printed. I then started exercising outside the Department of the People’s Armed Force at the foot of a mountain. After sending forth righteous thoughts at noon, I went there whenever I was free. I did the five exercises until 2:30 pm. A lot of hikers rested around the area where I did the exercises because it was the beginning of many uphill roads. I thought doing the exercises outside was also a way to validate the Fa. I was able to clarify the truth and went back to study Fa with fellow practitioners afterwards.

One day I went to the same place and was about to do the exercises. I saw a Volvo and a car with a Gold cup as its logo. Some men who were about 30 years old got off the cars with walkie-talkies in hand.  I thought to myself, “Why there are so many spies?” I did not know what they planned to do so I ignored them. I am a Dafa practitioner and the most righteous. I turned on the speaker and closed my eyes. I felt very peaceful. After I finished the five exercises, the cars had left and all the men were gone. Another time after I finished the exercises, a person who knew the truth told me that the men in the two cars I saw were spies who prohibited civilians from petitioning. They persuaded petitioners at train stations to get on the cars and took them to the mountains. They took petitioners’ money away and beat them brutally. They left petitioners in the mountains and did not care if petitioners died or not. After hearing this, I realized that it was these spies who did those brutal things.

Recently I went out to clarify the truth and encountered two people who yelled at me, claiming to only believe in the communist party, and said bad words against Dafa. I told him to stop because there would be retributions. He said he did not believe. After coming back, I looked within. When the person said he would still believe in the communist party even if he died, I should not have said anything further. I had a competitive mentality. There was one time I was clarifying the truth to someone. A woman passed by and asked the person who was listening to me if he knew me. He said no. The woman then yelled at me and said some bad words. There was another time I clarified the truth to a young man. Another man sitting very far away suddenly yelled at me and said that he knew the volunteer director of Falun Dafa in my area, who was in his company. He also said some other bad things. I said, “I am talking to this young man, not you. Why do you feel angry? ” I then told the young man to choose his future himself and left. After coming back, I thought I must have a big problem. I looked within again and only found my competitive mentality but nothing else. Because I truly wanted to find my attachments, Master enlightened me. When I opened Master’s lecture from Touring North America to Teach the Fa, Master said, “It's hard to save people nowadays. You have to explain things to them by following the logic of their attachments. For the sake of saving them, don't create any obstacles for them”. Thanks to Master. Master is beside me and directly pointed out my attachments. Now I do not have a competitive mentality and other attachments when clarifying the truth. I adopted different approaches to clarify the truth. I feel very peaceful. Thanks to Master, I removed this attachment.

Thank Master. Thank fellow practitioners!

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